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International trade

Organizations. Farm Product Price Index (FPPI) Status: Active Frequency: Monthly Record number: The Farm Product Price Index (FPPI) is a monthly series that is published every quarter.

Farm Product Price Index (FPPI)

Ited Nations Statistics Division. New York, 1 June 2016 - The chair of the Statistical Commission, Ms.

ited Nations Statistics Division

Wasmalia Bivar of Brazil, addressed the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on 1 June during its Coordination and Management Meeting. Ms.

Market Analysis

Econometrics. World Trade Organization - Home page. Distance learning gateway. Training modules back to top Each of the training modules below offers users the possibility of taking the course over a number of sessions.

Distance learning gateway

Follow the simple registration procedure to begin a course. Information on your progress will be stored in your browser using a cookie. (Note — your browser must be set through the options menu to accept cookies. Agriculture.