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Web 2.0 Tools.

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Web 2.0 Tools and Applications - Go2web20. E-learning and Web 2.0 tools for schools. iPiccy - Online Picture Editor. Skype. JeopardyLabs - Online Jeopardy Template. Chrome Web Store Extensions for Teachers. Some of you might have noticed that EdReach is focused on sharing tools this week.

Chrome Web Store Extensions for Teachers

My first choice was sharing all the resources I use from the BBC. They have great activities for my social studies and language arts class, but it is a very specific tool that might not be pertinent to most. I finally decided to share some of the tools I use within the Chrome web browser. Google is the creator of Chrome and they make it very easy to integrate tools within their browser.Extensions.

Google Apps

Social Networking. 30+ Holiday Apps for Creativity & Learning. Quick List Of Mobile Apps For Administrators. Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes. Updated 01/2014 As mobile learning becomes more and more prevalent, we must find effective ways to leverage mobile tools in the classroom.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes

As always, the tool must fit the need. Mobile learning can create both the tool and the need. With safe and specific structures, mobile learning tools can harness the excitement of technology with the purpose of effective instruction. Using QR codes for instruction is one example of this. A Quick Tutorial QR stands for Quick Response. 1. Have students use QR to create resumes that link to other content such as their professional website or portfolio. 2. You can create QR for linking students to examples of quality work, whether it's PowerPoint or slideshare for a class presentation, or people speaking a foreign language specific to your current lesson. 3.

Integrate QR with a PBL or Service Learning project where students can create the codes that will link to the content they create.

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Home. Beautiful Curves. Wikis and Blogs. The Best Web Apps for Web Designers and Developers of 2011. As a designer and general lover of software and technology, I am always looking for new ways to make my life easier.

The Best Web Apps for Web Designers and Developers of 2011

When it comes to design and blogging, its no different. Lately, I have noticed that all these great programs can be resource hogs. They take up so much space and some of them I may only use three or four times a year. With that in mind, I am always on the look out for web applications that will do the same thing or better than what desktop apps can do. Over the last year, I have found many great web apps and I use some of them everyday or whenever I can.

DropBox Dropbox is an easy to use tool for backing up your files, videos, and music. SpiderScribe is a brainstorming tool that helps you in your design process by using mind mapping. Subtle Patterns Subtle Patterns is a collection of high quality patterns you can use for background and they are free. Dochub dochub is a new to me resource for checking CSS, HTML, JavaScript and DOM elements and definitions. 10 Tools for Getting the Most from Dropbox. This has also been posted at my Web 2.0 blog - Edtechtoolbox - some of these tools are cross platform. 1.

10 Tools for Getting the Most from Dropbox

Dropbox Copy This is a simple application that adds the copy button menu option letting you transfer files to dropbox and also copies the URL in your clipboard so that you can share faster. 2. DropItToMe This is a password protected online application created to help you set up a process for transferring files using Dropbox. 3. This is a photo sharing application available for both iPhone and Android users. 4.

A service hosted by Jotforms. 5. If you’re a big fan of the audio note-to-self but you’d like more flexibility than the iPhone’s default Voice Memos app, DropVox may be for you. 6. This is an advanced backup tool designed to help you save your important emails and conversations from your email account. Video Slideshow Maker with Music. Comparing 12 Free Screencasting Tools. Combing through the basic functions and features of a list of tools I’ve become aware of, to select some for further testing.

Comparing 12 Free Screencasting Tools

Over the course of the week, the list of Screencasting tools that have been recommended to me, or that I’ve otherwise learned of, has grown to a dozen. I have a goal of trying identify a free tool or set of tools to use to create stand alone tutorials by combining screen images and screen motion with audio. I would also like to have some editing capabilities, so I could combine multiple captures and rearrange the order of these pieces if needed, and to be able to re-record audio annotation if possible. I would also like to have screen annotation capabilities, at least for the screen captures. Photo editor online - edit image. Explore thousands of images from DK’s picture library - Free Clip Art - DK Books. Send to Kindle. PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software.

Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus.