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Happy Diwali: 5 Easy to Make Diwali Snack Recipes. Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the right snack and stuff you and your guests’ tummy with delicious treats that will bring happiness into their life.

Happy Diwali: 5 Easy to Make Diwali Snack Recipes

Here are 5 easy to make snacks you can magically create in your kitchen this celebration of Diwali. 1. Samosas (Baked instead of Fried) This ancient treat can be cooked in under an hour which makes it the perfect triangular snack for you and your family. Note: These savory pastry pockets can be stuffed with spices like coriander, pepper, and caraway seeds. Ingredients 2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 medium onion, chopped 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon curry powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 cup canned garbanzo beans or chickpeas, rinsed, drained and mashed 1 cup frozen peas, thawed 2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro 1 package (16 ounces, 14×9-inch sheet size) frozen phyllo dough, thawed Cooking spray Mint chutney, optionalDirectionsa. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Over to you… 8 Smart Kitchen Storage Tips for Your New Home – Patricio Pantheleon. Can’t seem to find your kitchen tools.

8 Smart Kitchen Storage Tips for Your New Home – Patricio Pantheleon

Always having a hard time visiting the kitchen. Too much clutter everywhere. Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment For Women. Hair thinning and hair loss isn’t a problem exclusive for men in the Philippines and beyond.

Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment For Women

Women also suffer from it and it is uncommon. Lancaster New City Cavite. Lancaster New City Cavite. Lancaster New City Cavite. Alexandra Alexandra House Model (2-Storey Single Attached House)Floor Area : 100 sq.m.

Lancaster New City Cavite

Lot Area : 120 s... View More Briana Briana has 4 Bedrooms, 3 Toilets & Bath, living room, dining area, kitchen, and provision for 2 Car ... View More Adelle Adelle has 4 Bedrooms, 2 Toilets & Bath, living room, dining area, kitchen, and provision for a Car ... 5 Whimsical Wedding Venues in the Philippines for your Disney Inspired Wedding Theme – Soon-to-be Bride. As a kid, seeing a love like happily ever after is something you want for yourself and with enthusiasm, you’ve jumped into the pool of tale as old as time.

5 Whimsical Wedding Venues in the Philippines for your Disney Inspired Wedding Theme – Soon-to-be Bride

And as you welcome a new chapter in your life you want your childhood memories to come alive in your wedding. To spark an idea in your upcoming wedding, a few mentions of whimsical Disney inspired wedding themes are as follows: Customized Fashion Jewelry at Affordable Prices. 3 Reasons Why Jewelry Sales Increase – Cloud Thought Things. 7 Shades of Blue Color Matching Theme for the Wedding – iLifeStyle Beauty Manila. A ceremonial union of two people should reflect in the decoration and choosing blue as your wedding theme is a color that transcends loyalty, wisdom, and sensitivity.

7 Shades of Blue Color Matching Theme for the Wedding – iLifeStyle Beauty Manila

Still not convinced with blue? Here’s list of shades of blue matched well with other palette and see the beauty of blue in your wedding. 1. Dusty Blue and Peach The calming shades of these three colors are what I’m here for making it the first to my list. 2. Royal feel in the making. 3. The softness of powder blue gives off that innocent, pure union that matches well with any pastel trends everywhere. 4.

8 Cost-Efficient & Time-Saving Tips Every Kiddie Party Planner Should Remember - Beauty and Styles. Organizing a birthday party can be time-consuming.

8 Cost-Efficient & Time-Saving Tips Every Kiddie Party Planner Should Remember - Beauty and Styles

As a busy mom or dad, you must split your time efficiently juggling with work and being a kiddie party planner. Not to mention, birthday parties can break the bank if you’re not careful with your spending. So how can you save time and money when planning a birthday party? These tips should show you how. Send online invitations. Microblading Eyebrows: What it is and Why Undergo Such (Infographic) - Styling Life with Beauty. Hey ladies and even gents, here’s a take on defining microblading eyebrows thru imagery with bonus tip on where you could avail services around Manila.

Microblading Eyebrows: What it is and Why Undergo Such (Infographic) - Styling Life with Beauty

Microblading Eyebrows A technique that dates back to the Egyptian era and has now a technological update where a dedicated tool is used to draw in hairlike finish to your eyebrow area. Before undergoing this procedure, here are things to know: Semi-permanent make up The tattoo only lasts for 1-3 years. Professional Event Organizer in the Philippines. Paid Leaves in the Philippines: Types and Holidays to be Included in the Payroll System. With the Philippines having more than 7,000 islands it is no wonder that the celebrated holidays are also plenty and knowing these important dates and including them in your payroll system would enable you to provide accurate calculations with the production of payroll.

Paid Leaves in the Philippines: Types and Holidays to be Included in the Payroll System

Save the important dates and here are the holidays celebrated in the Philippines: In total, there are 17 paid national and public holidays. Any work rendered on a holiday must automatically be paid double the normal wage. Aside from that employees are also entitled to significant number of leave with pay. Here’s a statement by Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Labor and Employment Secretary which requires companies to do so, 5 Best Desktop Gaming PCs for Beginners 2018 Edition. Online games are no longer games for kids as it is a good source of enhancement skill for it includes strategizing, camaraderie, and communication.

5 Best Desktop Gaming PCs for Beginners 2018 Edition

Through online games, people from other parts of the world are connected without the awkwardness of their status. And having a reliable gaming PC cure does enable you to experience the thrills of gaming without interruption. To have a no interruption gaming experience, installing an uninterruptible power supply surely does help when the power is out. If you happen to be a beginner in this but has the buck to spare, here is the list of desktop gaming PCs you could start with or better yet stick with for a long time.

Asus “ROG” 5 Benefits of Integrating Customer Relationship Management Software in the Business. A business is not a business without customers and giving the right services and care to your most valuable asset creates room for progress in the organization. Customers, not only bring in revenue but invaluable feedbacks as well which can later help on how to further improve your offered services/ products. The way you treat your customers say a lot about how well your company is doing because, without good service, the business is far from success. And building a good relationship towards customers is not an easy job as the collection of data shall abide by the rules of gathering information in a certain country as this is private information.

Lead Generation: Definition, Samples, and How it can Help your Business – Leading Generation In Marketing. I remember that time when I was having my breakfast and tea while in the UK and all of a sudden I got a call from some company asking if I’m interested on some of their services. Then I just ended up declining and hanging up. And those emails that offered products and whatnot which I considered irritating?

What am I getting at? Nothing much, except I want to tell you that is what lead generation companies do. What’s Lead Generation anyway? Lead generation is a way to garner a customer’s interest or enquiry into products and services. Ceramic vs Porcelain Floor Tiles: Usage, Durability, Price. When it comes to choosing a tile for home or even for businesses, the easiest options to go with will automatically be ceramic tiles and porcelain. Among other floor tile types, these two are best known to be the ones that are durable, commercially ubiquitous, easy on the purse yet still stylish.

These two tiles fair decently against their other counterparts like wood and stone tiles, but how well do they match up against each other? Managing Mold & Mildew for Home & Domestic Bathrooms – StylelyLiving. If you think that bathroom tiles are the cleanest surfaces in your house because you bathe yourselves in the bathroom, which in turn also cleans out the tiles, you’re wrong. Yes, it could be that where you go to wash away the dirt and the oils on you after a long and busy day, but long after you leave, germs, bacteria, and fungi may start to take hold.

They then spread out, thus, creating the black-ish, green-ish formations between your tiles where grout is—the thing we call mold & mildew. Prevention Mitigation is better than cure so while we’re on the topic, let’s start with how to not let it happen or at least, minimize the likelihood that mold & mildew might accrue. 2018 Color Trend Combinations to Spark up Your Wedding. 2018 color trends are in and your wedding’s in for a treat!

Picking a wedding color palette is a major facet of wedding planning. You can choose your location and theme based on this. 3 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Groom to The Wedding Library’s Bridal Fair   5 Must-Read Books About Your Favourite Watch Models - Generalize Views. Construction Services to See Bigger Demand in the Philippines this 2018. There is a big incoming demand for construction materials like cement, bars, and unglazed ceramic tiles with the upcoming surge of numerous construction projects in and out of Metro Manila both on a commercial scale as well as in real estate development. When we think of offices, we think of high walls, full glass windows, glossy tiled floors and carpeted interiors which is to say that with the expected turnover of at least 4 office spaces in all over the country (PPC One Estate, Antel Global Corporate Center, Aspire Corporate Plaza in Metro Manila, Skynora Corporation in Davao) as well as a number of commercial centers for retail (AboitizLand in Batangas, SM Center Pulilan in Bulacan) and leisure (Base Line Prestige in Cebu, Manila Prince Argyl Hotel in Manila), there is also the necessary rise in demand for construction and heavy machinery supplies & services.

Also, for 2018, the outlook on housing is just as promising. Tips & How-Tos When Hiring a Wedding Planner in the Philippines. The Wedding Library: Weddings and Debuts Bridal Fair, Philippines. A Recipe for How to Grow Hair Faster: Spinach Frittata – Detective Lifestyle. Gold Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her this Season ~ People Places Christmas. Make sure to start preparing for the holidays early because not only is it just around the corner, it’s also going to be hectic.

Talk to your jewellery wholesaler in the UK because, this year, it’s going to be gold. Residential Condominiums. 5 Outdoor Themes That’ll Perfectly Match Your Tiles This New Year – Home DIYS. We’re halfway through the year and it’s almost time to welcome the new one. Wedding Trends That You Should Give a Rest This 2018 – Charming State of Shapes. Weddings and Debuts Bridal Fair, Philippines. GET CORPORATE WITH FLOOR CENTER’S LATEST INKJET TILE. How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally with Coconut Milk – StylelyLiving. Costume Trends to watch out for this Halloween – Cloud Thought Things. 5 Reasons Why Tonipet Gaba Trusts Svenson PH’s FUE Hair Transplant. 3 Tile Design Concepts for your Wall - House Management Depot. Facts to Images: 5 Natural Wonders to Visit in UK. 6 Advantages of Booking at Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels – Information Sharer. Japan Summer Sonic Festival - eGetinnz Blog. How to Naturally Stop Hair Loss with Bananas - Beauty and Styles.

5 Awesome Backyard Water Concepts for your Home – Cloud Thought Things. How to Prevent Hair Fall & Stop Hair Loss. How to Naturally Prevent Hair Fall with Eggs – Charming State of Shapes. How to Ace Job Interviews with Maritime Agencies in the Philippines. New York Visit Starter Pack Part 1 - eGetinnz Blog. The Importance of Jewellery during Ancient Times – Information Sharer. The Endless storage possibilities for your Condo Home in Green Hills San Juan – Home DIYS. The Latest Floor Tiles this 2017 – Home DIYS. How Customers Buy Gold Jewellery. Fashion 101: Earrings trend over the Years – General Blogging. 8 Facts to blow your mind about Uninterruptible Power Supplies – Information Sharer. 11 Ways to Keep Your Home in Paranaque Eco-Friendly - House Management Depot.

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Uninterruptible Power Supplies – General Blogging. 5 Valuable Tips to Attract Jewellery Retailers - Beauty and Styles. Summer-Proofing: Preparing Your House for the Summer. Fashion 101: Mixing and Matching Jewelleries Straight from your Supplier – General Blogging. 4 Budget-Friendly Food Hubs around Wack Wack Golf Country Club – Information Sharer. 5 Tips on How to Save for Your Dream Home – Property Input. 5 Trends That Will Change the Accounting Landscape in 2017. Staying Relevant through Time: FASAB’s Role in the Industry of Accounting. Managerial And Financial Accounting: Fuel Up Your Business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sharp Smart TV in 2017. Enjoy Philippines with Pueblo de Oro – Information Sharer. Entrepreneurship 101: The Shipping Strategy. Facts to Images: 3 Inside and Out Computer Maintenance. 7 Financial Risks Every Business Should Know. 12 Awesome Destinations to Explore in the Philippines.

5 Types of Power Problems You Should be Aware of. Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: Which Forwarding Service Suit Your Needs? – Information Sharer. The Rising Demands of Outsourcing in this Swift-Paced Era. Why Cloud Computing is the new basic to Financial Industry. Cloud Adoption within the Financial Industry. How Risk Management Service Contributes to the Growth of Business Process Industry. WordsWise - eTwinning Project. FIGHTING FRAUD: Best Online Banking Practices for Enterprises.

Photo Ideas for the PPAP Photo Contest. Holidays / Days out. What Makes Your Shipping Costs High? – Information Sharer. 6 Key Questions To Ask When You’re Choosing the Right Logistics Service Provider in the Philippines. This Thing. 4 Philippine Tourist Spots to Visit with a Catamaran. Accounting Outsourced: 3 Things to look out For – Infographical Compilation.