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Data visualization

CNN ECOSPHERE. Network visualization. Software SNA. Mindmapping. Infographics & mindmap. KM 3.0: This time it's personal. UVa Knowledge Base - UVa-SHANTI Wiki Collaborations. Digital Technology, Methodologies & Applications for the UVa Academic Community The UVa Knowledge Base is a community-built guide for the use of digital technology in our research, learning, and engagement activities. The resources within include illustrated tutorials and use-case scenarios for academics. You can also contribute, just log in with your UVa computing ID, then add your own insights and experience. Innovative software solutions adapted for research, teaching, publication, and community engagement at UVa. We highly recommend this collection. When you're ready, our staff are too - find the answers quickly, ask basic or technical questions, request consultations, suggest new ideas.

Dive into the forums to find your answers today, or perhaps add to the discussions with your own questions, responses and thoughts. Take a guided tour around the various information technologies available to you with a growing collection of case studies and tutorials. UnCloud — It's not that kind. Control your own cloud. The proliferation of social networking and current developments in service-based platforms (what has become known as 'cloud computing') provide explicit examples of the privatization and commodification of social production. What becomes clear is that our experience of the web is bound to inherent paradoxes that are reflected in its technical organization. One of the foundations for its critique relies on the recognition of the ways in which the energies of peer production and social exchange have been expropriated from the commons by the market. unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information.

Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The person running the application can decide what information is shown in any web address. Project by: Rui Guerra and David Jonas. Download unCloud for Mac OS X. Co-commision by: and. KnowledgeBoard. KMtrend - home.

Architettura dell'informazione. Understanding Information Architecture by Peter Morville on Prezi. Sirius-Beta. BowTie. The Bowtie Model Our studies in narrative dynamics are characterized by three large ideas: • Interpretation is situated. You build a narrative by a sequence of disclosures. The meaning in the reader or viewers’ minds is constructed in a partnership with the artist. It is done brick by brick and the nature of the bricks is determined in large part by the sequence in which they are placed. There are complex laws and conventions we have in our contract between artist and consumer in this. • Interpretation is dynamic.

. • Interpretation depends not only on the situation of what has been presented in the story so far, but what is in the experience of the viewer, the collected situations and situations-of-situations that are brought to the contract. We deal with these realities in our cognitive modeling, both in terms of the internal formalisms and the display of the relative dynamics. The slides cover a lot of ground. Part One is below on this page. ATPO-Screen. IKT Software. SGDBSimple Graph Database optimised for fast graph traversing Email Social Network SearchEmail Social Network Search explores new approach for searching email archives as knowledge repository gSemSearchGraph based Semantic Search is used for entity relation discovery in unstructured text. It is based on Email Social Network SearchOnteaPattern based annotation platform. Originally started within NAZOU project as Ontology based Text Annotation using Regular Expression Patterns Tools chain for scalable information processing Hadoop scalable information processing with plug-ins for parsing and information extraction Tools we currently not continue to develop.

RDB2OntoTool for Relational Data to Ontology Individuals Mapping ACoMAAcoma process email communication on server side and attach relevant knowledge to email messages. Tools chained in NAZOU project Tools developed in NAZOU project chained in architecture. Collect and Connect Great Ideas. Findings - Explore.


Internet delle cose. From Memex to PKM. Intelligenza collettiva. Tools PKM.