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Findings: discover, organize, and share your highlights

Findings: discover, organize, and share your highlights

Current Trends in the Digital Publishing World Hi, my name is D’vorah Lansky and I am excited to share this blog post, on the topic of Digital Publishing, with you. I’d like to thank Kathleen for hosting me during this virtual tour, in honor of Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, where we feature 20 world-renowned book marketing experts. Today I’ll be talking about current trends in the Digital Publishing world. Even authors who have a print version of their book will benefit greatly by also having their book available in digital format.

How Educators Are Using Learnist Digital Tools By Jennifer Roland In the weeks since Learnist launched, educators have been finding ways to put it to use. You are a member of the sex class and the only way out is feminist revolt, by Jonah Lehrer This woman wants to standardize “discovery attribution” across the entire Internet. What is discovery attribution? Well, according to cross-disciplinary-interestingness-blogger Maria Popova, bloggers and Tweetists and the like are curators of information.

Find Meetup groups near you Explore Meetup Find events hosted by local groups where you can meet new people, try something new, or just do more of what you love. Get started Photo: The Front Range Mountain Bikers Meetup Group Tablets Are Destroying Stories by Micah Baldwin I spend the majority of my day with creators, authors and publishers. The ability of storytellers to see a world that could exist and share it with words and pictures is amazing. When I am not chatting with storytellers, I am talking about how to distribute their stories digitally. Easy right? Just put it on iBooks or Kindle or NOOK. Done.

Learn, Learner, What Is It? A Corkboard For Your Thoughts. is a new educational service provided by the good people over at Grockit. Not content with cornering the market on test preparation, Grockit is also looking to shape how people teach and communicate the full range of interesting stuff in the world. Jonah Lehrer Resigns From The New Yorker After Making Up Dylan Quotes for His Book Nina SubinJonah Lehrer A publishing industry that is notoriously ill-equipped to root out fraud. A magazine whose famed fact-checking department is geared toward print, not the Web. And a lucrative lecture circuit that rewards snappy, semi-scientific pronouncements, smoothly delivered to a corporate audience. Information Collection and Use We collect and use your information to provide our Services and improve them over time. Information Sharing and Disclosure We do not disclose your private information. is a web service allowing users to install an artificial intelligence (bot) on their Facebook and/or Twitter account. Kindle Direct Publishing: Help Professional translation services are available to publishers who are interested in translating their KDP work into other languages, further widening their global audience. Finding a Translator for Your Desired Language This site lists several associations in Europe that may help you find freelancers to translate your work. You may need to use an online translation site or browser plugin to navigate the freelancers' websites, since they're generally displayed in their native language. Some Things to Consider