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The Ultimate Reading List for Blockchain, Token and Cryptocurrency Sources. How blockchain will revolutionise far more than money. The impact of record-keeping on the course of history cannot be overstated. For example, the act of preserving Judaism and Christianity in written form enabled both to outlive the plethora of other contemporary religions, which were preserved only orally. William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book, compiled in 1086, was still being used to settle land disputes as late as the 1960s. Today there is a new system of digital record-keeping. Its impact could be equally large.

It is called the blockchain. Imagine an enormous digital record. All the information in the record is permanent – it cannot be changed – and each of the computers keeps a copy of the record to ensure this. New information is added to the record every few minutes, but it can be added only when all the computers signal their approval, which they do as soon as they have satisfactory proof that the information to be added is correct. Get Aeon straight to your inbox Many struggle to understand what is so special about Bitcoin. How blockchain can help fight cyberattacks. Imagine a computing platform that would have no single point of failure and would be resilient to the cyberattacks that are making the headlines these days.

How blockchain can help fight cyberattacks

This is the promise behind blockchain, the distributed ledger that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and challenges the traditional server/client paradigm. In 2009, Bitcoin became the first real application of blockchain, a secure decentralized monetary exchange platform that removed the need for central brokers. More recently, blockchain has proven its worth in other fields. Blockchain is the culmination of decades of research and breakthroughs in cryptography and security, and it offers a totally different approach to storing information and performing functions, which makes it especially suitable for environments with high security requirements and mutually unknown actors.

One of the main characteristics of the blockchain is its immutability. Preventing Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Ethereum for Newcomers. Fundamentally, currencies allow us to transfer value from one entity to another.

Ethereum for Newcomers

Currencies are highly liquid and are readily and universally capable of being exchanged for goods or services. Bartering is another means of transferring value (e.g. exchanging ten sheep for one cow, or exchanging an Android for an iPhone with someone from Craigslist). Bartering is not as universal and not as liquid. You may have to wait a long period for the value transfer to complete, you may have to put in more effort to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and you may need to trust the person you’re dealing with to a high degree. Currencies are very useful in that they are portable, universal and offer a secure method to perform transactions. Electronic Money. "La révolution Blockchain" : entre fantasme et réalité. Bitcoin Academic Research - Google Sheets. SSRN-id2580664. Feu vert gouvernemental aux Blockchains électriques.

Kpmg blockchain consensus mechanism. Blockchain Security is Multi-Layered, Here are the 6 Most Important Levels. – Le blog de Cyril Grunspan. Arsia Mons – Architecte du changementDossier Blockchain - Partie 1 : Pour faire confiance à la Blockchain, il faut d'abord la comprendre... - Arsia Mons - Architecte du changement. Wall Street is pumped about blockchain — here's a definitive list of every project out there - Interview de Vitalik Buterin, créateur d’Ethereum et Président de la Fondation (partie 2 sur 2)

Interview de Vitalik Buterin, créateur d’Ethereum et Président de la Fondation (partie 1 sur 2) Vitalik Buterin est l’esprit à l’origine d’Ethereum.

Interview de Vitalik Buterin, créateur d’Ethereum et Président de la Fondation (partie 1 sur 2)

The Latest Blockchain Trials and Projects: The Race for Adoption in On. The race has been on for a while actually, but the speed has been surging with every other week.

The Latest Blockchain Trials and Projects: The Race for Adoption in On

Since the end of May when we last looked at the latest blockchain pilots and the latest open-source blockchain projects, a lot has happened. A range of new players has launched blockchain trials to find the best application case and bank on blockchain application. ATB Financial, SAP and Ripple send the first real-time international blockchain payment from Canada to Germany ATB Financial, the largest Alberta-based financial institution, has collaborated with SAP, financial technology startup Ripple Labs and ReiseBank AG in Germany to send the first real international blockchain payment from Canada to Germany, as reported by SAP. ATB successfully transferred CA$1,000 (EUR 667) to ReiseBank using a network built on SAP technology and Ripple’s network of enterprise blockchain solutions. Open innovation, co-création : pourquoi la blockchain est une petite révolution. The DCS Triangle — The BigchainDB Blog. The DCS Triangle Introduction In this post, I introduce the DCS (Decentralized-Consistent-Scale) triangle as a way to compare tradeoffs among some of today’s popular decentralized systems, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, and BigchainDB.

The DCS Triangle — The BigchainDB Blog

Each system has its own complementary uses. This is an engineering statement of technology today, not of fundamental boundaries like in the CAP theorem. As engineering progress is made, I envision systems that are fully DCS. The DCS Triangle — The BigchainDB Blog. The DCS Triangle Introduction In this post, I introduce the DCS (Decentralized-Consistent-Scale) triangle as a way to compare tradeoffs among some of today’s popular decentralized systems, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, and BigchainDB.

The DCS Triangle — The BigchainDB Blog

Each system has its own complementary uses. This is an engineering statement of technology today, not of fundamental boundaries like in the CAP theorem. As engineering progress is made, I envision systems that are fully DCS. Hillary Clinton and the Blockchain. Last week Hillary Clinton announced her policy goals for technology and innovation.

Hillary Clinton and the Blockchain

While her continued support of computer science and STEM education, increasing open data or fighting for net neutrality wasn’t a surprise, a more unexpected announcement sits halfway through the document: “public service blockchain applications.” As the first person to have launched a “code sprint” out of the White House and fight to use words like “hacking” on the White House blog, I can tell you that getting words like “blockchain” into an announcement was challenging.

The other important thing to note is she said “application,” not “regulation.” When governments start to depend on a technology, I believe they are less likely to aggressively regulate it because — they are just as dependent on its success, as consumers and businesses. Governments and elected officials around the world, regardless of politics, must understand the potential impact of blockchain-based applications. La Blockchain pose de sérieux problèmes de confiance, de droit... et de sécurité. L’annonce d’un grand chambardement.

La Blockchain pose de sérieux problèmes de confiance, de droit... et de sécurité

#Blockchain? It's complicated - Chris Skinner's blog. We had a great debate at the Financial Services Club last night between digital money sage Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion, and all things bitcoin master Jon Matonis.

#Blockchain? It's complicated - Chris Skinner's blog

The debate was about whether blockchain is faster and cheaper, and it was clear from the start that this was going to be difficult as the question Dave raised is: faster and cheaper than what? I’ll talk more about the debate in further posts but, to begin with, it is clear that there are raging arguments taking place in the corridors of banks about this technology.

The best blockchain research papers, Q2 2016 - Chris Skinner's blog. I’ve published a few summaries of the best of blockchain research earlier this year (February and March).

The best blockchain research papers, Q2 2016 - Chris Skinner's blog

There’s been a load more since, but Brave New Coin has curated a nice summary of all those that came out in the last quarter. As they publish my content sometimes, here is their list (click on the titles to see the reports): Blockchain And The Law: Practical Implications Of A Revolutionary Technology For Financial Markets And Beyond April 2016 | DLA Piper. Un système transparent. The future of blockchain in 8 charts - Canadian writers and researchers, Alex and Don Tapscott, authors of the new book Blockchain Revolution, explain that blockchain goes way beyond the second coming of the internet.

The pair, like so many others, stumbled across blockchain via the bitcoin association, quickly realising the genie is out of the bottle. For beginners, blockchain is essentially a database, a giant network, known as a distributed ledger, which records ownership and value, and allows anyone with access to view and take part. A network is updated and verified through consensus of all the parties involved. When something is added it cannot be altered and, if it looks valid to everyone, the update is approved. “The first generation brought us the internet of information. Join us as we break down the future of blockhain in eight charts. Blockchain, a distributed ledger, is an asset database that can be shared across a network of multiple sites, geographies or institutions.

The Latest Blockchain Pilots Across Industries. For a long time in the blockchain space, we have seen a wide range of financial and non-financial applications as well as an array of promising companies leveraging the distributed ledger technology. Blockchain certainly doesn’t suffer from the lack of attention from banks and entrepreneurs, which explains the pace of adoption and experimentation. In the quest to adopt blockchain technology, a range of entities moved from theory to practice and launched blockchain-powered pilots in partnerships with other blockchain enthusiasts. Let’s look at some of the latest experimentations with blockchain technology: Start Network and ConsenSys Start Network and ConsenSys have launched an innovative pilot project to test blockchain technology to enable Start Network member NGOs to make more efficient and transparent decisions about funding for crisis response.

Georgian Ministry of Justice and BitFury. Kpmg blockchain consensus mechanism. Ethereum/TheDAO hack simplified. The news in the Bitcoin world is the Ethereum/DAO hack. I thought I'd write up a simplified explanation. The DAO, Ethereum, et l'attaque de juin 2016. Comme d'habitude lorsqu'un gros problème de cybersécurité est publié, on trouve du grand n'importe quoi dans les médias ou sur les rézosocios. Blockchain. The Biggest Crowdfunding Project Ever—the DAO—Is Kind of a Mess. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a venture capital firm, like Andreessen Horowitz or Kleiner Perkins. It chooses new ideas and businesses to invest in. But the DAO isn’t run by rich white Silicon Valley dudes.

It’s run by a network of machines that operate according to the same basic principles that drive the bitcoin digital currency. If you put money into the DAO, these machines let you vote on which new ideas it should invest in. The more money you put in, the more votes you get. By the time the deadline for investing in the DAO arrived late last month, about 10,000 people had anonymously poured more than $168 million into this new online creation. Just one problem: So far, all the pitches are suggestions for changing the DAO. A few hours before the investing deadline, a group of computer scientists described what they believe are fundamental flaws in the DAO, both security holes and flaws that discourage participants from voting honestly. St – Golem. Proposal in brief The Golem Project’s objective is to revolutionize the way the Internet is organized by introducing an open, prosumer market for computing power. In the short run, this will support computationally-intensive projects such as CGI rendering, scientific and engineering computing, machine learning, as well as so-called big data analysis.

In the long run, Golem will be one of the key components of Web 3.0, the decentralized Web, by providing compute-on-demand for a wide variety of common services. About the proposal Golem is a software layer enabling a marketplace of direct transactions between the supply and demand of computing power, without centralizing the supply side. The first and very illustrative use case of this technology is CGI rendering.

Note de position Blockchain CroissancePlus PMEFinance DEF 28 mars 2016. Grâce à la blockchain, il veut contraindre les laboratoires médicaux à la transparence. Stephan Tual ( : "Nous avons collecté 150 millions de dollars en 2 semaines sur Ethereum" Pour financer son projet, un spécialiste français d’Ethereum a créé un outil de collecte de fonds sur la blockchain qui a dépassé ses attentes. How blockchain could shake up stock markets. Prettywar-stl/ Flickr Wall Street is buzzing about blockchain. Nasdaq CEO Bob Greifeld has said his company needs to be a "rapid applier" of the technology.

JPMorgan earlier this year launched a trial project with the blockchain startup led by its former executive, Blythe Masters. Voici le premier fonds d’investissement décentralisé et sans patron. Au début du mois de mai, la société allemande a lancé un projet de crowdfunding : la DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). En moins d’un mois, le projet a explosé les records de participation. La "Blockchain", continent numérique des nouvelles utopies. « Et le mur de Berlin n'a pas / n'a pas de fin / Non le mur de Berlin, / t'en as un, j'en ai un / Il coupe la terre en deux,/ comme une grosse pomme/ Il coupe ta tête en deux,/ comme la première pomme, un peu / Il coupe ta tête en deux / Et te fais femme ou homme, / si tu veux / Il serpente entre deux terres / Et te fais faire toutes les guerres, / toutes les guerres » Cette chanson de Téléphone, les actuels dirigeants français ont dû la scander lors des fêtes de leur jeunesse.

Bitcoin and Ethereum: How Smart Contracts Work. BlockChainTraining and Workshops - Veredictum: BlockChain For Business. Bitcoin / Blockchain. Association écosystème blockchain France. La "Blockchain", une nouvelle façon d'échanger entre les hommes. 5 ways digital currencies will change the world. Dapps. Pourquoi il faudra 10 ans à la blockchain pour percer dans la finance. BaaS. Charles Ʀeid Douthat's blockchain ID - registered via BlockChain Management. Autres solutions. Un réseau d'énergie solaire basé sur la blockchain. Que nous veut la blockchain ? — Open EdTech. Bitcoin, Schmitcoin. The Real Breakthrough is the Blockchain Behind It.

How blockchain will revolutionise far more than money. Blockchain : l'Ethereum va-t-elle détrôner le Bitcoin ? Decentralized Prediction Market. Garrick Hileman: State of Blockchain, Consensus 2015. Blockchain Platform for Smart Contracts and DAOs. Blockchain Club: We track, organize and share the best resources in blockchain technology. Ethereum casino. Ujo Music. For Blockchain VCs, the Time for Ethereum Investments Has Come. How will blockchain technology transform financial services? Bitfury. Le Coin Coin - Media Fr Bitcoin, Blockchain et cryptomonnaies. What is blockchain? Synereo - The Decentralized and Distributed Social Network. #Blockchain : La blockchain peut-elle renverser le management traditionnel ? - Maddyness. « La blockchain est aussi révolutionnaire que l'arrivée d'Internet » - Point de vue influenceur. Blockchain: les investisseurs ont-ils mordu à l’hameçon en 2015? +matthieudubrulle on Onename. +matthieudubrulle on Onename. Bitcoin Block Explorer.

Le Bitcoin ne devrait pas changer le monde, mais la blockchain pourrait bien s’en charger. Nasdaq's Adena Freedman sees opportunity for blockchain technology in financial markets. Ethereum/research. Validating your ICO Generated Passphrases — Lisk Academy.

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Validating your ICO Generated Passphrases — Lisk Academy. Major actors. DECENTRALIZED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND THE RISE OF LEX CRYPTOGRAPHIA. Lisk - Decentralized Application Platform. Blockchains and the Emergence of a Lex Cryptographia. Smart Contracts (1) - Where The BlockChain Truly Comes To Life... Blockchains and DAOs as the Modern Leviathan. BitCorps. Concierge. La "Blockchain", continent numérique des nouvelles utopies. Bitcoin : crise de croissance et querelle de chapelle.