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Of Interest to Me. Pikes Peak Climb Dance Short Film. The Best App Is the One You Don't Have to Use. Apps are reaching an inflection point.

The Best App Is the One You Don't Have to Use

Now that zillions of apps are available to serve every imaginable purpose, there are two ways for them to keep us interested. They can either melt into the background and do their jobs with minimum fuss, or they can force us to pay attention to them. Which option sounds better in the long run? This is a story of two apps. One has evolved from an inconvenience to a convenience, the other has done the opposite. Greplin: The Business of Friction I loved Greplin. I didn’t need Greplin often. You could pay Greplin to unlock the ability to connect to some services, but you could also do it by inviting friends to Greplin. Now, a free app has to get you to launch it all the time if the publisher has any hope of turning it into a business; frequent use brings the opportunity to display lots and lots of ads. Paying for Convenience Contrast Greplin’s trajectory with that of Square. To drive more usage, Square did the opposite of Cue. The Long Run.

MST3K: The Shorts. During its run, Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffed on over 50 short films.

MST3K: The Shorts

Almost all of them are now on YouTube or Google Video. See the list (shamelessly cribbed from ) inside for links. Alphabetical list with episode information shamelessly cribbed from here, then chopped and channeled. (It was actually missing a couple.) AAlphabet Antics: 308, Gamera vs. BBody Care & Grooming: 510, The Painted Hills DDate with Your Family, A: 602, Invasion U.S.A. (1952)Day at the Fair, A: 608, Codename: DiamondheadDays of Our Years, The: 623, The Amazing Transparent ManDesign for Dreaming: 524, 12 to the Moon GGeneral Hospital (Parts 1, 2 and 3 in sequence here and here): 413, Manhunt in Space; 415, The Beatniks; and 417, Crash of the Moons HHere Comes the Circus: 422, The Day the Earth FrozeHired! JJohnny at the Fair: 419, The Rebel SetJunior Rodeo Daredevils: 407, The Killer ShrewsJuvenile Delinquency?

KKeeping Clean and Neat: 613, The Sinister Urge LLast Clear Chance: 520, Radar Secret Service MMr. Top 10 Myths About Evolution – with Downloadable PDF. Email If you have been looking for a simple, easy to follow quick guide to evolution… we’ve got it.

Top 10 Myths About Evolution – with Downloadable PDF

Our friends at the Skeptics Society gave us permission to reprint this. Below is the text. Learn it. Share it. Original Text: 1 If Humans Came From Apes, Why Aren’t Apes Evolving Into Humans? Humans, apes, and monkeys are only distant evolutionary “cousins.” 2 There Are Too Many Gaps in the Fossil Record for Evolution to Be True In fact, there are lots of intermediate fossils. 3 If Evolution Happened Gradually Over Millions of Years Why Doesn’t the Fossil Record Show Gradual Change? Sudden changes in the fossil record are not missing evidence of gradualism; they are extant evidence of punctuation. 4 No One Has Ever Seen Evolution Happen Evolution is a historical science confirmed by the fact that so many independent lines of evidence converge to this single conclusion. 5 Science Claims That Evolution Happens by Random Chance Natural selection is not “random” nor does it operate by “chance.”