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Culture in the classroom

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Cultural Identity of the Lost Boys - National Geographic Society. 1.

Cultural Identity of the Lost Boys - National Geographic Society

Preteach or review vocabulary. Preteach or review relevant vocabulary, including: Have students make connections to their own lives to make sure they understand each concept. Ask: What words would you use to describe American culture? Students may respond with examples of cultural markers, such as music, food, fashion, language, or slang. 2. 3. 4. What markers are representative of American culture?

5. Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different? Culture as an Iceberg. Most people identify the culture of a place based on certain general categories, such as food, art or literature of that specific region.

Culture as an Iceberg

However, there are many more aspects that define a society which often go unnoticed, for example, tempo of work, relationship to animals or concept of cleanliness. In order to help people understand this, AFS first created, in 1984, a powerful visual that uses the metaphor of culture as an iceberg, where a small portion is visible above the surface; but majority extends unseen, deep below the waterline. The Iceberg Graphic has been reprinted in countless outside publications and is used around the world today for educational purposes. A helpful metaphor to explain the effects of culture, beliefs and values on human behaviour is the iceberg.

Typically, icebergs are something like seven-eighths below the surface. Julian Germain: Photographs of classroom portraits around the world. Behold is Slate's brand-new photo blog.

Julian Germain: Photographs of classroom portraits around the world.

Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @beholdphotos and Tumblr. Learn what this space is all about here. Julian Germain/Prestel. From classroom portraits 2004-2012,byJulian Germainwith a foreword by Dr. Leonid Ilyushin. Photographer Julian Germain’s portraits of school classrooms make for an intriguing archive of what early 21st-century education looks like around the world. Julian Germain/Prestel. Germain did not set out to create an archive of school classrooms but began this project after he first took his daughter to school in 2004. When different projects took him to Argentina and Brazil, he made classroom portraits on the side, and as travel increased, so did his body of work.

For the most part, Germain had an easy time gaining access to schools, whether with the help of a parent or teacher or through a cultural, arts, or educational organization that had a link with the school. In general I was there for a whole lesson. Classrooms around the world. Many of us in the Matador community have lived, taught and studied abroad.

Classrooms around the world

Here are some snapshots of students and classrooms from around the globe. Feature photo: MaryAnne Oxendale. Photos show the views from people’s windows around the world. What do you see when you look out your window?

Photos show the views from people’s windows around the world

A new photo project, “The View From Here,” shows what 41 people in 27 different countries see when they do this, from Ringgold, Virginia, to Kolkata, India. The project, by a company called Somfy Systems, used freelance photography websites like Fiverr and Upwork to contact photographers around the world. Somfy asked the photographers to take two pictures of the view from their window, one in the morning and one in the evening, and write a short description of what they see and how it makes them feel.

It’s a simple project, but it offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people behind the camera and how ways of life vary around the world. (You can click on the photo to see a larger image.) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates "The View From Here" "I’m on the 26th floor of a 50 story building - not too high and not too low: just right. "From here I can look over the whole city. Lecce, Italy "I can see directly into a neighboring apartment. Institut culturel de Google.

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Institut culturel de Google

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