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Probiotics and "Science by Product Release" When heavy publicity turns early scientific findings into massive public debacles—see: Life, arsenic—we spend a lot of time talking about the problems inherent in doing science by press release.

Probiotics and "Science by Product Release"

Essentially, an early finding might be pretty damn intriguing. But an early finding doesn't mean much until it's been picked apart by other scientists, and held up to criticism and verification. The process of science is glacially slow, while the news cycle moves like a waterfall. ‪Fleet Commander‬‏ Le street art s’expose sur la toile.

Graphisme & interactivité blog par Geoffrey Dorne. Actualité > Faut-il tuer les dromadaires pour lutter contre le réchauffement ? Les dromadaires sont-ils en partie responsables du réchauffement climatique ?

Actualité > Faut-il tuer les dromadaires pour lutter contre le réchauffement ?

© Halans, Flickr, CC by nc-sa 2.0. La decouverte de la bacterie E.Coli - une vidéo Comédie et Humour. 11 Animal Wonders of Evolution. Giant schools of swarming squid surround fishing photographer. Xeni Jardin at 9:06 am Tue, Jul 5, 2011.

Giant schools of swarming squid surround fishing photographer

Fur‬‏ BLOG.RONCONCOCACOLA.COM. What an Astronaut's Camera Sees. Scorpions, Spiders and Sharks: Electron-Microscope Images. The scanning electron microscope has become one of the most powerful scientific visualization tools available, giving us incredible close-up views of anything from volcanic ash to snowflakes to bacteria.The microscope works by scanning a focused beam of electrons across an object.

Scorpions, Spiders and Sharks: Electron-Microscope Images

The electrons interact with the atoms at the surface of the object, revealing the texture and structure with a depth of field that makes for a great three-dimensional sense of the target. Some of the most intriguing images are those of insects and other animals.On this day in 1940, the first transmission (stationary) electron microscope, predecessor to the scanning electron microscope, was demonstrated in the United States. Ant Rafts Repel Water Like Gore-Tex. In the first serious study of the physics of fire-ant rafts, researchers have described how the insects form floating, waterproof islands.

Ant Rafts Repel Water Like Gore-Tex

In nature, the rafts allow fire ants to survive epic rainstorms in their native Brazil. In the lab, they could help inspire designs for small, swarming robots that might someday be used to explore inaccessible areas or even clean up oil spills. “The ant raft, up to this point, has been little more than just categorized and documented,” said mechanical engineer Nathan Mlot of the Georgia Institute of Technology, lead author of a paper in the April 25 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter. Spider Attack: Clever, Scary Arachnid Hunting Strategies. Stabbing, crushing, spitting and seducing are some of the more unusual, gruesome and clever ways spiders catch and kill their prey.Though these predators are best known for ensnaring their food in sticky webs and paralyzing them with venom, this is only one of many ways the world's 40,000 or so known spider species catch a meal.Spiders are found everywhere from rain forests to deserts, and can even be found in tide pools along the coast.

Spider Attack: Clever, Scary Arachnid Hunting Strategies

What they eat, and how they capture it, is just as varied as where they live. Spiders catch and consume insects, other spiders and even small animals including snakes and birds.Here are some of our favorite attack strategies.Above:Fishing Spider This widely distributed group of spiders lives near water and fishes for aquatic insects, small fish and frogs. Fishing spiders wait near water, typically with their front legs resting on the surface to detect the vibrations of potential prey. Christophe Hondelatte prend perpette. Pause en musique. Affaire DSK : jusqu'à la nausée. A moins de vivre sur une île déserte coupée de tout média, depuis deux semaines nous prenons tous notre petit-déjeuner avec DSK.

Affaire DSK : jusqu'à la nausée

Ensuite, nous partons bosser, DSK marchant à nos côtés. Arrivés au boulot, DSK se tient derrière nous et nous passons une matinée studieuse en sa compagnie, avant de l'emmener déjeuner. Le soir venu, nous le ramenons à la maison et l'invitons à partager notre dîner. Et quand nous nous couchons, nous lui faisons bien évidemment une petite place dans notre lit. Gulf spill endangers rare batfish. Gulf spill endangers rare batfish The bottom-dwelling pancake batfish is likely to feel the oil's impact. The oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico has put two newly-discovered bottom-dwelling species of fish into danger, researchers say.

The two newly-named species, Halieutichthys intermedius and H. bispinosus, are a type of fish called pancake batfish which have round, flat bodies with giant heads and mouths they can thrust forward. Du Street Art au Paintball ? The Rhythm of Spacetime. Le motion designer Dilshan Arukatti basé à Paris nous montre tout son talent dans cette vidéo réalisée pour The Bullit Agency, spécialisée dans le booking de DJs reconnus.

The Rhythm of Spacetime

Mettant en scène le rythme de l’espace-temps sur notre planète, la vidéo est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Lumi Animation. Voici ce court film d’animation narrant les aventures de l’être « Lumi » aux yeux lumineux, évoluant avec crainte dans un monde inconnu.

Lumi Animation

Produit par le studio BigBoom, ce court-métrage réussi et attendrissant est à découvrir en images dans la suite de l’article. La construction lego la plus complexe au monde. PQR - "Plan Cul Régulier" - Captain Brackmard featuring Simone. Ce site est édité par : WWF France Fondation dont le siège social est 1 carrefour de longchamp, 75016 paris.

La scène culte de Dune, version bonbon. Pour les geek, les fans du jeu vidéo DUNE et surtout les amateurs de bonbons en tout genre, nous avons dégoté un joli travail de reproduction de la scène du ver géant, en version bonbon! Sachez que le ver géant fait un peu plus de 60 cm! Spider attacks an ant (with surprise ending) Zoologger: Genetic superpowers of the common shrew - life - 28 April 2011. Zoologger is our weekly column highlighting extraordinary animals – and occasionally other organisms – from around the world Species: Sorex araneus Habitat: throughout northern Europe and northern Asia, thumbing its pointy nose at convention At first glance the common shrew is unremarkable.

Between 5 and 8 centimetres long, it looks like a mouse with a pointed nose, or perhaps a miniature mole. If you saw it scurry through a field, you would barely give it a second glance. Les Beastie Boys: Hip Hop sans date de rédemption. MIT Researchers Use Viruses To Build More Efficient Solar Panels. Teams of viruses can help build better solar panels by ensuring nanoscale components behave properly, according to a new study. MIT researchers say their virus-assisted breakthrough could improve solar panels' energy conversion efficiency by one-third.

Scientists already knew that carbon nanotubes, rolled-up sheets of graphene, could improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. Ideally, the nanotubes would gather more electrons that are kicked up from the surface of a PV cell, allowing a greater number of electrons to be used to produce a current. But there are complications — carbon nanotubes come in two varieties, functioning either as semiconductors or wires, and they each behave differently.

They also tend to clump together, which makes them less effective at gathering up their own electrons. M13 has peptides that bind to the carbon nanotubes, keeping them in place, MIT News explains. Les princesses existent-elles ? - Le blog de La Coquinerie. Mardi 26 avril 2011 2 26 /04 /Avr /2011 08:00 En passant chez Manu jeudi, je me suis régalée en lisant son article « Le Prince Charmant est une grosse arnaque ». Et les princesses, arnaque ou pas ? J’avais découvert il y a quelques temps le site de Dina Goldstein qui a réalisé une série de photo en imaginant ce que les princesses de nos dessins animés sont devenues. Kinball discovery. ODBuzz : Quand le Livre de Poche parodie l'iPad ... Indian Break Dance 1987г. I'd Hit It: Peacock Spider's Mating Dance.

Seen here looking like something straight out of a sci-fi video game boss battle, a peacock spider struts that azz for a female with the hopes of makin' sweet, eight-legged love to her booty back body segment. Allegedly this is the first time the mating ritual of the peacock spider has ever been caught on film, which is surprising considered the renewed interest in the Spiderman franchise. The video's kind of long though, so you may want to skip to after the 2:45 mark for the real fun to begin. It's pretty steamy to say the least. I got aroused to say a little more. I just stuck my penis in a cobweb with the hopes of attracting a mate to say too much. Forums Freenews / Convertir .ts freebox en divx. Le Site a Dan. Scientist imam: Muslims need to talk about evolution - life - 19 April 2011.

We need devout Muslim scientists to speak out, says Usama Hasan, who has had death threats for saying evolution is compatible with the Koran What did you say about evolution that upset people in your community? My trouble started three years ago when I wrote an article saying that we needed to move beyond the simplistic idea held by many Muslims that God created Adam from clay and then breathed life into him. This literal interpretation of the Koran is still the dominant position. T’as vu le breakdance version Bollywood? Raw Milk Pants. Be Wiz'U Génération T.E.X.T.O. BILLAIN-HORUS. Les politiques se bousculent pour défendre Skyrock.