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Frabjous Puzzle Sculpture from the Museum of Mathematics. MOMath, the Museum of Mathematics, sent me their new puzzle Frabjous – a design by George W.

Frabjous Puzzle Sculpture from the Museum of Mathematics

Hart. I had to wait for Daughter to be in bed before digging in – the box states, “Recommended for ages 16+.” K12 Math Must-Have Games. Do you have any Pre-K and/or K12 kids in your family?

K12 Math Must-Have Games

I spend the day at Teacher Heaven on the Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas yesterday and found some great math games! I was there for the day to demonstrate math games and manipulatives and generally help parents and teachers of K12 kiddos with math goodies. Meagan, Shantrelle and the crew had chosen a couple of math games to start me off. I also went and browsed the rest of the math section for others. By the end of the day, my table was jam-packed with math games! Product Review: Brainetics Disc 1. Mike Byster and his crew were kind enough to send me a copy of their program Brainetics a few months ago.

Product Review: Brainetics Disc 1

Because it’s not on the iPhone, it’s taken me a little while to focus on it. But it was worth it! Brainetics Number Fun gave me some cool party tricks. Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game. My sister-in-law showed me the Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game by Think Fun this weekend.

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game

She “assigned” one of the harder cards in the deck to me (sometimes it sucks to be known as the math mom) and assured me that I could do it. The Set-up You set up the 6×6 game board with the plastic vehicles just like the game card shows. SatDef. Count 10 Read 10: Random Number Game. Learning math isn’t just about being taught math.

Count 10 Read 10: Random Number Game

It’s about fun, discovery and experimentation. In the Count 10, Read 10! Program, parents get to spend 10 minutes a night playing math with their children. Topology and Geometry. Mathematics with an iPad. Brain Game: Math Square #97.