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Collaborative Initiatives

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Quake-Catcher Network. Ordinary Laptops Act as Earthquake Detectors. Most people use their laptops for work and Web browsing.

Ordinary Laptops Act as Earthquake Detectors

Now you can add one more task to that list: earthquake detection. From the recent early-morning 4.4-magnitude jostle in Los Angeles to February's magnitude 8.8 disaster in Chile, ordinary laptops are increasingly acting as miniature seismic stations. ReCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books. Country clean-up project "Lets Do It 2008" / Teeme Ära 2008. For Citizen Scientists. Citizen Scientists have helped to answer serious scientific questions, provide vital data to the astronomical community, and have discovered thousands of objects including nebulas, supernovas, and gamma ray bursts.

For Citizen Scientists

NASA supports several resources which may be of interest to amateur and professional scientists alike. PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS Ancient Earth, Alien Earth Ancient Earth Alien Earth If you could visit the early Earth, you would find it a vastly different, inhospitable, and alien place. Yet, it was in this environment that life on this planet began and evolved. What do we know about the ancient Earth and how can that guide our search for habitable planets orbiting other stars? Loans that change lives.