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How many hours of minimum wage work it takes to earn a beer - Quartz. This article has been corrected.

How many hours of minimum wage work it takes to earn a beer - Quartz

Throwing back a cold one can be a costly affair—especially if you’re living off the minimum wage in a country like Georgia or Bangladesh. How do we know that? Because we made a Beer Index. Google’s Driver-less Car and Morality. Google’s driver-less cars are already street-legal in three states, California, Florida, and Nevada, and some day similar devices may not just be possible but mandatory.

Google’s Driver-less Car and Morality

Eventually (though not yet) automated vehicles will be able to drive better, and more safely than you can; no drinking, no distraction, better reflexes, and better awareness (via networking) of other vehicles. Within two or three decades the difference between automated driving and human driving will be so great you may not be legally allowed to drive your own car, and even if you are allowed, it would be immoral of you to drive, because the risk of you hurting yourself or another person will be far greater than if you allowed a machine to do the work. That moment will be significant not just because it will signal the end of one more human niche, but because it will signal the beginning of another: the era in which it will no longer be optional for machines to have ethical systems.

Ethics of Machines

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