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Io9.gizmodo. Michio Kaku. Long listening interview: Sci-fi. The Future of the Human Race. User Rating: Details Parent Category: Advanced News Lessons Category: Science and Technology Written by Chris Cotter The following hypothesis on the future of the human race sounds more like a sci-fi potboiler than scientific theory. Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry proposes that we will one day evolve into two separate and distinct species.

Over the coming millennium, we will see some small changes. That's the good news. Further down this dark road, in the year 100,000, the genetically healthy will only breed with one another to produce a beautiful and intelligent ruling class. Preview some of the lesson material: Brainstorm: Brainstorm with a partner(s) words and ideas associated with "science fiction" for 2 minutes. Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the blank with the correct word. post-Comprehension: Talk about the following questions in pairs/groups. What do you think life will be like in the 31st century? Google Search: Type "science fiction" into Google. Download the lesson: Breaking News English ESL Lesson on Artificial Intelligence.

Computers 'to match man by 2029' A leading US scientist has predicted that computers will be as intelligent as humans by 2029. Futurologist Dr Ray Kurzweil told the American Association for the Advancement of Science that in the near future, machine intelligence will overtake the power of the human brain. He said that within two decades computers will be able to think quicker than humans.

Dr Kurzweil painted a picture of us having tiny robots called nanobots implanted in our brain to boost our intelligence and health. Dr Kurzweil was one of 18 top intellectuals asked by the US National Academy of Engineering to identify our greatest technological challenges. 1. 2. Have a chat about the topics you liked. 3. 4. _____ to live to be 125 _____ to play an instrument like a concert performer _____ to speak a new language fluently _____ to play computer games like the world’s best player _____ to be happy all day, every day _____ to look very young for all of your life 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

ESL Conversation Questions - Future. What kind of neighborhood will you live in when you get older? What will cities be like 50 years from now? Think about how these will change (make two or three predictions for each): Transportation Pollution Crime Advertising Buildings Work Shopping Nightlife When will you graduate? How will you use English in the future? Will humans ever meet aliens? What kind sci-fi movie will the future be like? Do you think houses will be more environmentally friendly in the future? Where will we get our energy when we run out of oil? How will India and China affect the environment in the future?

What will happen if we keep polluting the environment? Will the climate keep changing or go back to normal? Will science find a solution to the environmental problems we have? What will you do this weekend? Do you want to get married? Will you have children? What will life be like when you are 40? Will computers ever take over the world? Will we be able to add machines to our body to improve it in the future? The Future Conversation Qs.