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Brno regrets transfer of Germans in May 1945. City pays respect to those who died during ‘death march’ to Austria Brno, May 19 (ČTK) — Brno, the second-largest Czech city, sincerely regrets the excesses accompanying the transfer of Germans in May 1945 after World War II, when thousands died during a march from Brno to Austria, municipal representatives said today.

Brno regrets transfer of Germans in May 1945

This is why the Brno officials today approved the draft Declaration of Reconciliation and Joint Future that is to pay respect to all victims. "We wish all wrongs of the past could be forgiven and would not burden us," Brno Mayor Petr Vokřál (ANO) said. Germans had to leave Brno after World War II. Italian Navy rescues asylum seekers from Mediterranean.

Czechs, Slovaks reject quotas for immigrants. Sobotka, Fico say countries should be free to choose for themselves the number of people eligible for asylum Valtice, south Moravia, May 12 (ČTK) — The Czech Republic and Slovakia reject the introduction of compulsory quotas for refugees now discussed in the European Union, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told journalists after a joint government meeting today.

Czechs, Slovaks reject quotas for immigrants

The European Commission may propose the system of distribution of asylum seekers in EU countries according to a quota system Wednesday. "I basically refuse any policy of quotas," Fico said. End of Italian navy operation to rescue asylum seekers at sea likely to result in more deaths, human rights groups warn. Updated The end of a controversial Italian navy operation that is rescuing thousands of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean is likely to result in many more deaths at sea, according to human rights groups.

End of Italian navy operation to rescue asylum seekers at sea likely to result in more deaths, human rights groups warn

Operation Mare Nostrum has picked up more than 140,000 asylum seekers at sea since October last year, but is due to finish in two weeks. It will be replaced by a European border protection force that will have a third of the budget of the current operation. The new force, Operation Triton, will stay close to the European coastline and has a purely surveillance role, rather than search and rescue far out to sea, as the Italians have been doing.

Amnesty International says it is "deeply alarmed" by the move. 25 Facebook Pages. Depending on who you ask, Facebook has improved our lives exponentially, especially the lives of foreigners in Prague who seek information and insight into life in the Czech Republic.

25 Facebook Pages

I've rounded up some of the most practical and funniest pages that I think expats might enjoy (and you don't need to know a lot of Czech to use them as many are visual or offer a translation option)! Czech IdiomsThis page is very new and thus not very well followed, but I find it very useful for it’s always good to be ironic, sarcastic, or simply pragmatic in a certain language! Follow for your daily dose of on-the-go Czech language instruction. Časopis dTest (dTest Magazine)When a producer or a service provider wants to put the consumer on the rack, dTest is here to protect you. They claim to be the only independent testing provider on the Czech and Slovak market. Photo by dTest Photo by Photo by Česko pije vodovodu. The Worst 15 Hollywood Movies Shot in Prague, Prague - Czech Republic.

Last year, I gave you The 15 Best Hollywood Movies Shot in Prague, which included Amadeus, Mission: Impossible, and Casino Royale.

The Worst 15 Hollywood Movies Shot in Prague, Prague - Czech Republic

If you haven’t seen some of those films – and there are some lesser-known items on that list – I highly recommend checking them out. (Note: the excellent Snowpiercer, which I caught at last year’s Karlovy Vary fest, would crack that article’s top ten.) Here, however, are some movies I don’t recommend seeing. For conventional reasons, anyway; many of the below films are still good for some Czech sightseeing. There have been a lot of Prague-shot mediocrities over the past 25 years, but these are the worst. There’s one thing that most of the films listed below have in common: money. 15 Czech Life Hacks, Prague - Czech Republic. Life hacks are everywhere.

15 Czech Life Hacks, Prague - Czech Republic

Various websites have inventive uses for using bread packet tags to identify electrical appliance cables or fixing a scratched CD with a banana. I’m sure plenty of you have some life hacks of your own. Since living here, I’ve encountered a few tips which could be classed as hacks – novel uses of everyday items. The Unwritten Rules of Prague, Prague - Czech Republic. In any cosmopolitan city, it's the little things that separate the locals from the tourists.

The Unwritten Rules of Prague, Prague - Czech Republic

These unwritten rules for living in Prague will help even the newest expat blend in with the crowd in no time. 1. Reservations are essential. 5 Czech Language Myths – Debunked!, Prague - Czech Republic. The Havels: musicians without borders. Couple has been playing and living an alternative style for 30 years Like a living ad for inner peace, the Czech musical couple the Havels talks about their spiritual journeys to India, nostalgic memories of the era of communism, and artists’ lives without children.

The Havels: musicians without borders

Their mystical, authentic, mantra-like music will echo in Prague’s Jindřišská Tower on May 19. The HavelsWhen: May 19 at 8 p.m.Where: Jindřišská TowerTickets: 150 Kč If you would meet Irena Havlová and Vojtěch Havel, chatting silently in a tearoom, you would never guess their lively nature. 25 Things Never to Say to a Czech, Prague - Czech Republic. This article originally appeared in Czech on the Čilichili blog, and was provided by our site sponsor Vodafone.

25 Things Never to Say to a Czech, Prague - Czech Republic

We Czechs may not know much about our own country but don’t even try to tell us otherwise. For you foreigners who are on the way to party in Prague, make sure you do not utter the following statements around anyone who is from the Czech Republic. Otherwise they might beat you with their socks (although they will probably have to pull them out of their sandals first). Generation Czech, Prague - Czech Republic. The Velvet Revolution is unquestionably one of the most significant moments in Czech history.

Generation Czech, Prague - Czech Republic

Twenty-five years on, we asked a group of Czech millenials – the first generation to grow up since the fall of Communism and therefore with no direct experience of life under socialism – one key question: “What does it mean to you to be Czech?” We received a broad range of answers but all agree on one thing: deciding what it means to be Czech in a globalised world is no easy task… David Koranda, 3rd year MA Anglophone Studies, Charles University. Opinion: EU refugee policy - egoistic naysayers.

The rejection came before the EU Commission even presented its proposal. The thought that they would eventually have to take in more refugees immediately threw a whole row of countries into a panic, even though it is clear that the so-called Dublin System in use right now is broken. In that system, a refugee has to apply for asylum in the country where he or she first steps onto EU soil. Due to the geography of Mediterranean refugee routes, that generally means Greece, Italy and Malta. So, in theory, a few countries in the south of Europe have to take care of almost all of the asylum applications in the EU.

Rightly, they have tried to defend themselves against this burden, while northern countries have seen no need to change existing rules. Bad treatment as a deterrent.