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Merce Cunningham

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Home - Merce Cunningham Trust. 100 Treasures - Merce Cunningham. Pictured: Merce Cunningham in his work Antic Meet (1958).

100 Treasures - Merce Cunningham

Images of Cunningham as a dancer "show a body capable of extending itself beyond the predictable and beyond the confines of any one dance technique," Michelle Potter writes. Merce Cunningham. "Merce Cunningham" - Page 1. Merce Cunningham. Cunningham recibió su primera formación formal en danza y teatro en la Cornish School (actualmente, la Cornish College of the Arts) en Seattle.

Merce Cunningham

Desde 1937 hasta 1943, fue solista en la compañía de Martha Graham. Presentó su primer concierto solista en Nueva York con John Cage en abril de 1944. Creó la Merce Cunningham Dance Company en el Black Mountain College en el verano de 1953. Desde esa época, Cunningham coreografió cerca de 200 obras para su compañía. En 1973 coreografió Un jour ou deux para el ballet de la Ópera de París, con música de Cage y decorados de Jasper Johns. El interés de Cunningham en la tecnología contemporánea le llevó a trabajar con el programa para computadora «DanceForms», que usó para realizar todas sus danzas desde Trackers (1991). En octubre de 2005 Cunningham recibió el Praemium Imperiale en Tokio. Bibliografía[editar] Bremser, M. Referencias[editar] Enlaces externos[editar] Merce Cunningham - Wikipedia. Mercier Philip "Merce" Cunningham (April 16, 1919 – July 26, 2009) was an American dancer and choreographer who was at the forefront of American modern dance for more than 50 years.

Merce Cunningham - Wikipedia

He is also notable for his frequent collaborations with artists of other disciplines, including musicians John Cage, David Tudor, Brian Eno, Radiohead, artists Robert Rauschenberg, Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Jasper Johns, and costume designer Rei Kawakubo. Works that he produced with these artists had a profound impact on avant-garde art beyond the world of dance.

In 2009, the Cunningham Dance Foundation announced the Legacy Plan, a precedent-setting plan for the continuation of Cunningham's work and the celebration and preservation of his artistic legacy.[3] Cunningham earned some of the highest honors bestowed in the arts, including the National Medal of Arts and the MacArthur Fellowship. Biography[edit] NYPL Catalog. Search results - NYPL Digital Collections.

Search results for Merce Cunningham. Photo, Print, Drawing [ Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham in Letter to the World] photograph | 1 photograph: b&w, 8 in. x 10 in. | scene: "Dear March, come in" (General).

Search results for Merce Cunningham

Reproduced with permission of Janet Morgan/The Barbara Morgan Archive. For further information e-mail (Copyright Notice). Reproduced with permission of Katherine Duke. (Copyright Notice). Photograph (Form). Article Letter to the World (Ballet choreographed by Martha Graham) Article. Traces of Merce – Pacific Northwest Features. After hearing news of the passing of the great dancer and choreographer over the summer, I felt compelled to look through some of the holdings in Special Collections in search of some tangible material documenting Merce Cunningham’s connection with Washington State, which yielded some surprising results.

Traces of Merce – Pacific Northwest Features

Born in Centralia, Washington in 1919, Merce Cunningham famously studied dance at Seattle’s Cornish School from 1937-1939, before being plucked by Martha Graham for her company in New York City. Cunningham remained with Graham’s troupe through 1945. Dance and Politics on JSTOR. Dance Chronicle Description: To serious students and lovers of dance, Dance Chronicle is indispensable for keeping up with this rapidly changing field.

Dance and Politics on JSTOR

It covers a wide variety of topics, including dance and music, theater, film, literature, painting, and aesthetics. Offering the best from both established dance historians and the new generation of dance scholars, Dance Chronicle is an ideal source for those who love dance, both past and present. Dance Chronicle has featured unique articles on the Bedaya-Serimpi dances of Java and the dancing choirboys of Seville Cathedral. La estética del collage en la propuesta dancística de Merce Cunningham. La estética del collage en la propuesta dancística de Merce Cunningham Edgar Vite Tiscareño.

La estética del collage en la propuesta dancística de Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham Dance Capsules (Prod,1.0.0104/Primary Server) Merce Cunningham. Electronic Arts Intermix: Merce Cunningham. A seminal figure of the twentieth-century avant-garde, American choreographer Merce Cunningham (1919-2009) engaged the boundaries of dance for more than seventy years.

Electronic Arts Intermix: Merce Cunningham

Emerging from and expanding upon traditions of theater, classical ballet and modern dance, Cunningham radically rearticulated the semiotics of the dancing body and created a distinctive language that survives him. A Lifetime of Dance. By David Vaughan The title of Charles Atlas’ new documentary on Merce Cunningham may be taken quite literally: his mother described his dancing down the aisle of the church the family attended in Centralia, Washington, at the age of four.

A Lifetime of Dance

At 82, Cunningham is still making new work for the dance company he formed at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, in the summer of 1953. He has rarely stopped dancing, certainly not since as a teenager he took classes in tap and ballroom dancing from a local teacher. Even today, in spite of the physical limitations imposed by age, he still demonstrates to his company the movements he wants them to perform in class or in a new dance, and at the end of rehearsal every day he demands five minutes alone in the studio when he works by himself. As he has often said, his fascination with movement is as strong today as it was when he started. Cunningham, Merce (1919-2009) -

Merce Cunningham was an American choreographer and was, before his death in July 2009, probably the most famous living choreographer in the world.

Cunningham, Merce (1919-2009) -

His work in the field of contemporary dance spanned more than half a century, during which time he and his Merce Cunningham Dance Company toured the globe, challenging and entrancing millions of viewers. His most prominent artistic associate was composer John Cage (1912-1992), with whom he shared his domestic life and with whom he collaborated for decades. He is noted for having continually expanded the boundaries of contemporary dance, including developing experimental methods of making dances using the element of chance, and developing innovative computer software for creating and teaching choreography. At age 90, Merce Cunningham continued to create dance, inspiring generations of other dancers and choreographers.

A Centralia Childhood. Search. Results 1 - 20 of 333 Merce Cunningham Merce Cunningham gave up a prominent place in the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1945 to produce abstract dances which he composed with the accent ... Artist ARTSEDGE: Merce Cunningham Quote of the Day. Merce Cunningham, Visionary Choreographer, Dies at 90. Mr. Cunningham ranks among the foremost figures of artistic modernism and among the few who have transformed the nature and status of dance theater, visionaries like Isadora Duncan, Serge Diaghilev, Martha Graham and George Balanchine. In his works, independence was central: dancers were often alone even in duets or ensembles, and music and design would act as environments, sometimes hostile ones. Merce Cunningham. Merce Cunningham, who has died aged 90, was one of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century, and the greatest American-born one. As a choreographer, he never abandoned the voyage of discovery that he embarked on at the beginning of his career.

Like his life partner and frequent collaborator, the composer John Cage, he remained intransigent to the last. He continued to lead his dance company, founded in 1953, until his death, and presented a new work, Nearly Ninety, last April, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, to mark his 90th birthday. In spite of what was often seen as his iconoclasm, his work was essentially classical in its formal qualities, its rigour, and its purity. Both Cunningham and Cage used chance processes, though in very different ways: Cage carried them through to the actual performance of his music, while Cunningham used them only in the creation of the choreography itself. Throughout his career he continued to make those explorations. Muere Merce Cunningham, explorador del movimiento. Acababa de cumplir 90 años. Pero su cuerpo, atrapado desde hacía dos en una silla de ruedas, -¿puede haber algo más duro para un bailarín que la inmovilidad? - decidió que su lucha incondicional contra la vejez y sus achaques ya no eran necesarios.

Ars sonora - Merce Cunningham / Takehisa Kosugi - 21/11/09, Ars sonora.


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