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Beyond the penis: Vaginas shaped evolutionary history. PORTLAND, OREGON—For decades, biologists have marveled at the diversity of penises across the animal kingdom—straight, forked, spiraled, spiny.

Beyond the penis: Vaginas shaped evolutionary history

But in anatomy, as in other fields, females are getting more credit. A symposium during the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology held here last week was ostensibly about the male organ. But the complexity of some female genitalia and their role in shaping phallic diversity stole the show. “Everyone feels females are the understudied sex,” says Teri Orr, a reproductive evolutionary ecologist at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Researchers studying whales, snakes, and other animals are finding that female sex organs have some of the same baroque complexity seen in males. How sea turtles keep their legs warm. Whales synchronize their songs across oceans, and there’s sheet music to prove it. Communicating with symbols is rare among animals.

Whales synchronize their songs across oceans, and there’s sheet music to prove it.

A famous example is the honeybee, which represents complex information with its waggle dance, indicating where pollen can be found. Elephant Culture. How can we not appreciate the intelligence, empathy, and wisdom of elephants? Dog Brain Center Processes Emotions of Human Voice. Dogs and humans have lived together for up to 30,000 years and know each other very well.

Dog Brain Center Processes Emotions of Human Voice

Their vocalizations are, therefore, familiar to each other. They are also, both familiar with the same sounds in their shared environment. Dogs know when we are upset and when we are ready to play. It is, therefore, not completely surprising that a dog brain center processes emotions of human voice. What is interesting is that it is the same brain center in both humans and dogs. A recent study conducted by Attila Andics of Hungary’s Eötvös Loránd University showed that both dogs and humans are sensitive to the same emotional sounds in a similar brain region—the non primary auditory region in the most anterior region near the temporal pole (Brodmann area 38). What was surprising is that both dogs and humans used a similar brain region for understanding the emotional content of spoken sounds. Dogs and humans use similar parameters to tell emotions. Human and Animal Brains.

Grasshopper. Grasshoppers have had a long relationship with humans.


Swarms of locusts have had dramatic effects that have changed the course of history, and even in smaller numbers grasshoppers can be serious pests. They are eaten as food and also feature in art, symbolism and literature. Characteristics[edit] The thorax and abdomen are segmented and have a rigid cuticle made up of overlapping plates composed of chitin. The three fused thoracic segments bear three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings. The abdomen has eleven segments, the first of which is fused to the thorax and contains the auditory organ and tympanum. Those species that make easily heard noises usually do so by rubbing a row of pegs on the hind femurs against the edges of the forewings (stridulation).

Phylogeny and evolution[edit] The phylogeny of the Caelifera based on mitochondrial RNA of 32 taxa in six out of seven superfamilies is shown as a cladogram. Fossil grasshoppers at the Royal Ontario Museum Diversity and range[edit] PatagonianToad. Description: Spotted this PatagonianToad along the hiking trail to Lago Torre, El Chalten, Argentina.


It was small--about 4-5 cm long. Top cock: Roosters crow in pecking order. Roosters crow in order of seniority—the top cock announcing daybreak while juniors patiently wait their turn, said a study Thursday which revealed a long-guarded secret of chickendom.

Top cock: Roosters crow in pecking order

We are all familiar with that first pre-dawn "cock-a-doodle-doo", quickly followed by others within hearing distance. But how do cockerels decide who goes first? They pull rank, according to a set of experiments with captive birds reported in the journal Scientific Reports. "The top-ranking rooster always started to crow first, followed by its subordinates, in descending order of social rank," wrote the Japanese authors of the study. Comment comprendre ce que votre chat essaie de dire. « Explication sur les comportements de votre chat » Les humains ont vraiment de la chance.

Comment comprendre ce que votre chat essaie de dire

Nous avons la capacité complexe de communiquer de manière verbale et physique, ce qui peut faciliter la transition d’un message. D’autre part, les chats ont développé un système de communication complexe avec des variations de vocalisations et certains indices physiques pour exprimer à l’homme ce qu’ils veulent. Pour les chats, nous sommes des imbéciles, des singes imprévisibles qui ne les comprennent pas réellement. Par exemple, si un chien se comporte mal et qu’il se fait gronder, il comprend qu’il a fait une bêtise. Les chats sont quelque peu différents, et voici un guide utile pour savoir ce qu’ils tentent de vous dire. Comment comprendre ce que votre chat essaie de dire : Ces araignées surprenantes réalisent une majestueuse parade nuptiale au péril de leur vie ! Chez les araignées paons, le mâle se révèle être un danseur hors norme quand il s’agit de s’attirer les faveurs de sa dulcinée.

Ces araignées surprenantes réalisent une majestueuse parade nuptiale au péril de leur vie !

Cela n’est cependant pas sans risques, car la femelle choisira alors de s’accoupler avec lui ou bien de le… dévorer ! SooCurious vous invite à découvrir cette parade nuptiale à haut risque L’araignée paon est une espèce minuscule de 4 cm qu’on trouve principalement en Australie. Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que malgré sa petite taille, elle ne passe pas inaperçue. En effet, le mâle est orné de couleurs extrêmement vives, notamment au niveau de l’abdomen, qui resplendissent au moment de la parade nuptiale, cette danse qu’il effectue pour charmer les femelles. Scava una buca per 11 ore e il motivo è straziante.