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5 Wood Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations for your Next Kitchen Renovation – StylelyLiving. Wood kitchen cabinets have been a staple kitchen design since the 80’s and the 90’s.

5 Wood Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations for your Next Kitchen Renovation – StylelyLiving

The natural look, grain patterns, and beautiful colour variations found in real wood exudes an appealing distinct and unique character. Alterations have been made to wood cabinets like refinishing or painting it to achieve your desired design. To help you find inspiration for your next kitchen renovation, here are wood kitchen cabinet designs you can take a look: 1. Noble Kitchen Vibe with Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinet Embrace earthy kitchen design with natural oak and match it well with concrete or stone to fully achieve that mountain range vibe for your kitchen. Oak represents strength, nobility, and wisdom and one of the most loved trees in the world. If you wanted traditional cabinet styles choosing oak will be the ideal choice. 2. Timber kitchen cabinets are known to be hard-wearing and low maintenance. 3. 4. 5. Maple woods are suitable for stains and painting but can also standout on its own.

Shower Styles: 5 Refreshing Shower Set for your Bathroom. There has been a debate whether to choose a showerbath or a separate shower, well, if you choose separate showering then here are 5 shower styles you can install in your bathroom. 1.

Shower Styles: 5 Refreshing Shower Set for your Bathroom

Matching Overhead Shower & Valve What better way to enjoy your refreshing wash than having 3 choices of water flow. Bathwise Ltd - Bathroom Mix & Match: 5 Colourful Bathroom Sinks & Taps to Achieve your Dream Bathroom. White ceramic sinks and chrome finish bathroom taps is forever a staple in any bathroom design but why not give your bathroom that pop of colour it badly deserves and brighten up your mood every day with a single or two colourful bathroom fixtures.

Bathwise Ltd - Bathroom Mix & Match: 5 Colourful Bathroom Sinks & Taps to Achieve your Dream Bathroom

To spark your journey through the colourful life or maybe just baby steps into the colourful life, here are our top picked mix and match colourful bathroom sinks and taps you can choose from: 1. Bright Yellow Sink + Matt Black Tap. Convenient Bathroom: Showerbath VS Separate Shower. With the coldest months just around the corner, a nice warm soak or shower will allow you to beat that coldness with ease but which should you be installing in your bathroom?

Convenient Bathroom: Showerbath VS Separate Shower

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Either a Showerbath or a Complete Shower Kit 1. What is the size of your bathroom? It is important to know the size of your bathroom to avoid investing on a bathroom fixture that will not go smoothly into your current bathroom set-up. 2. Bathwise Ltd - Inside our Showroom: 5 Inspiring Bathroom Designs Displayed in our Showroom. Have you been missing our shop like we do?

Bathwise Ltd - Inside our Showroom: 5 Inspiring Bathroom Designs Displayed in our Showroom

No worries, here are a few snaps of our beloved bathroom showroom you can take inspiration from for your next bathroom renovation: 1. Warm Rustic Bathroom Design The set-up is simple choose warm tones and complete it with matching accessories, in this case, add in chrome finish brassware to accentuate well with the chosen hue. 11 Convenient New Concepts from Ballerina Kitchens for your Kitchen. Ballerina Kitchens have been a good place to look for inspiration for your kitchen and we at Cattleya Kitchens is a dedicated partner to supply you with only the finest kitchen convenience.

11 Convenient New Concepts from Ballerina Kitchens for your Kitchen

And with their new line set to be released in 2020, let us start to get to know them in advance: 1. Warmly Embrace Nature with Vintage Oak Just the right touch of vintage plus the convenience of a cleverly organised system and modernity. Oak wood used in the pull-out systems of Top 1591 is the perfect combination of comfortability and ease. 2. Bathroom Aesthetics: Getting to Know Bathroom Storage Possibilities. An organised bathroom is a reflection of one’s well-being.

Bathroom Aesthetics: Getting to Know Bathroom Storage Possibilities

And entering a bathroom with organised clutter invites you to take that well-deserved bath. To help you choose the right bathroom storage, here’s our list to start your decluttering: Modular – Stacked and Arranged This type of storage is wall hanging and lets your bathroom needs to stay neatly in the wall. As they are exposed, grimy mold build-up is expected so be sure to maintain it well to keep its appearance.

Bathroom Aesthetics: Embracing Chic Confidence with Mode Matt Black. Elegant finish and timeless trends are making a statement in 2019.

Bathroom Aesthetics: Embracing Chic Confidence with Mode Matt Black

Dark bathrooms are gaining exposure in the bathroom scene providing a new taste in the modern bathing space. 7 Features of a Sustainable Eco House - Infinity Energy Organisation. A Peak in the Future: 5 Innovative Bathroom Mirrors Changing the Game – StylelyLiving. 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ballerina Kitchens for your Next Kitchen Renovation. With our promise to bring you quality kitchens worthy of your investment we’ve come up with reasons why you should be equipping your kitchen with Ballerina Kitchens.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ballerina Kitchens for your Next Kitchen Renovation

Let’s start our list: 1. Various contemporary kitchen designs. 5 Reasons Why the Victorian Style is the Right Choice for your Bathroom Remodel. An old trend is recapturing our hearts and bathrooms with a comeback and a plan to stay for good, the Victorian style.

5 Reasons Why the Victorian Style is the Right Choice for your Bathroom Remodel

With the aim to make its ancestor proud and give the nation back the class and opulence, it embodies. Introduced under the rule of Queen Victoria (r. 1837-1901), the Victorian Era emanate so much power and elegance which then unified Victorian England aesthetics under one style demanding attention from the world. The Victorian style was since a staple interior design choice for bathrooms and even kitchens. Bathwise - London W5 4UA (Greater London), 265-271 Northfield Avenue..., REGISTRATION NO 05967948. Flipping the Fixer-Upper the Affordable Way. Having your own home is a great life goal and you don’t have to spend hugely upfront to have one. Buying your first home is an overwhelming task. The search for an affordable house and lot will require you to look online for answers. Many will be touted as affordable or cheap, but what are actually affordable?

4 Things to do in Imus Cavite This January. Going out of town for a vacation is a great way to start 2018. It broadens your horizons by exposing you to new locales and new activities. Imus, Cavite is a perfect destination to visit this January with its variety of tourist spots and activities. Automatic Voltage Regulator. Why use an Automatic Voltage Regulator? - To regulate input voltage for a safe electrical output - Prolongs the usage life of appliances - High and Low Voltage Protection - Power On Delay (for PVR 2000, PVS 3000 and PVS 5000 only) Buy a House and Lot in Imus Cavite for the Holiday Season. A holiday vacation might need a change of scenery to make it more memorable. It’s only 30 days till Christmas and as early as now, it’s best to plan for the holidays.

A good plan is to buy a house and lot for sale in Imus, Cavite as your vacation home away from Manila to spend your well-deserved vacations there and celebrate amazing Christmas events. Buying a house and lot for sale or just an empty lot in Imus, Cavite has more value than you think. Imus is just a few hours away from Manila, has plenty of tourist spots within its reach, and is closer to the famous Tagaytay city making it a strategic location for real estate or rental business. Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion as Acne Scar Treatment – Juan Lifestyle. Did you know that there are more than 50% of women across Asia that have sensitive face and body skin? One out of two women would not prefer to visit a skin care professional despite their skin condition.

As for the Philippines, 71% of Filipinas are found out to have a sensitive face. This study was from GSK Skin Health Asia Pacific Consumer Report 2014. This is a clear indication that many Filipinas struggle with acne scars and breakouts, and would certainly look for over the counter treatment rather than professional care. 8 Ways to Clean Your Fake Cartier Jewelry at Home. Your fake Cartier jewelry is lovely even if it’s not made of precious gems or heavy chains. The sad news is it can’t take wear-and-tear the same way fine jewelry can.

It tarnishes from water, air exposure and body lotions. It’s hard to keep it looking just as amazing as the day you bought it. 4 Perks of Living in Lancaster New City. Living away from the big city, peering eyes and disruptive noise sounds like a dream. 5 Historical Places You Can Visit From Lancaster New City Cavite. Cavite is named as the “Historical Capital of the Philippines” because it is the cradle of the Philippine Revolution and the birthplace of our independence. 8 Must-Have Qualities of Your Wedding Planner – Brides 101. They say that love gives us a fairytale experience through weddings. Sadly, some dream weddings in the Philippines became nightmares. Their wedding planners ruined their big day, resulting in couples ranting in social media sites and seeking legal help from lawyers. Welcome to Lancaster New City. Things You Need to Know About Uninterruptible Power Supply.

We can’t deny the fact that electricity has a huge impact in our lives. Yet Another Acne Mythbusting Article. Living in the Philippines is an interesting experience. Signature Debuts by the Top Debut Event Planner in the Philippines. Electronics that at Prone to Power Surges – Nancy Summer Marine. It’s easy to disregard the use of an uninterruptible power supply in the Philippines. Most of us would think that it’s a waste of money unless we have a computer for which the UPS can store power for until you can back it up. The problem with this thinking is that a UPS doesn’t only protect electronics from power outages, but it also protects them from power surges. Here are some of your appliances at home that can benefit from a UPS. Cooling Devices It’s no secret that the air condition and the refrigerator cannot be just turned on and off. Washing Machines. 7 Ways to Reach a New Audience in Reddit for your Business.

Reddit has captured the hearts of many garnering almost 1.69 billion users to access the site. Mobile Wallets: 4 Trusted and Available Mobile Payment Apps in the Philippines. Acne Scars: The 3 Major Scars and How to Treat it – Martin Connor. Due deadlines, pressure from work or school, problems at home, problems of the heart, and many other more are what causes a person to feel and look stress. Mobile App Development for iOS & Android in the Philippines.

Hair Restoration in Metro Manila, Philippines. 4 Steps to Start a Lead Generation Campaign for Small Companies in the UK – It's OK in the UK. Achieving Simply Chic Bathroom With the Right Wall and Floor Tile Designs this 2018 – General Blogging. Budget for a Wedding: Different Levels of Weddings – Brides 101. Personalized Wholesale Hip Hop Jewellery: Chinese Zodiac - Styling Life with Beauty. 4 Things To Do For Yourself Before The Wedding Day BY APPLE M. BRUSELAS   5 Debut Themes & Ideas to Watch Out for This 2018 – Charming State of Shapes. How to Choose the Right Type of Floor Tiles for the Different Parts of Your Home - Generalize Views. Debuts 101: How to Plan Your 18th Birthday to a Tee. The Wedding Library: Weddings and Debuts Bridal Fair, Philippines. 7 of The Trendiest Floor Tiles You Should Look Out for in 2018. Wholesale Watches Gift Idea for Him on your UK Holidays ~ People Places Christmas.

7 Uses, Features, and Advantages of Unglazed Tiles - House Management Depot. THE PERFECT TILE PIECE FOR A RETRO MODERN LOOK. Hair Prevention Care and Tips by Svenson Philippines. Clairemont Hills. Prevent Slip & Fall at Home with These Permanent Solutions - Generalize Views. Receding Hairline, Thinning Hair, & Male Pattern Baldness. What to expect at the Burning Man Festival - eGetinnz Blog. 5 Awesome Backyard Water Concepts for your Home – Cloud Thought Things.

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The Contribution of a Home to Self-Actualization and Psychology. 5 Trends That Will Change the Accounting Landscape in 2017. Uninterruptible Power Supply vs. Power Generator: Which Do You Prefer? - Generalize Views. Bling 101: Got Swag like a Rapper - Bling it Up and Glow. CDO DIY: Spooky Shadow Projector – Home DIYS. San Juan City: The smallest City found at the Heart of Manila – Developing Houses. Accounting Due Process: FASAB’s Rules of Procedure. Facts to Images: 3 Inside and Out Computer Maintenance. Enjoy Philippines with Pueblo de Oro – Information Sharer. 12 Awesome Destinations to Explore in the Philippines. Cloud Adoption within the Financial Industry. How the Government Restructure can Affect Cities Outside of NCR – Developing Houses. The Rising Demands of Outsourcing in this Swift-Paced Era. Why Cloud Computing is the new basic to Financial Industry. 4 Ways You Can Ride a Catamaran in the Philippines – Information Sharer.

7 Little Known Facts About Air Freight. OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON THE KIDNAPPING INCIDENT IN UPTOWN CAGAYAN DE ORO. BPO companies in jitters by Duterte’s “separation” statement with US. Photo Ideas for the PPAP Photo Contest. Win Php5,000 with Picture Perfect at Pueblo (PPAP Photo Contest) Pueblo de Oro Launches The Enclave at Pueblo Golf. Digital publishing tools - Concept and mind map - Maps - Quizzes. Accounting Outsourced: 3 Things to look out For – Infographical Compilation. When is the right time to outsource your Accounts Receivables. All Roads Lead to Cagayan de Oro! First Time Home Buyers: Types of homes to own. Halloween ready homes: 5 Ideas to make your home the Spookiest home in your neighborhood – Developing Houses.

The Ballast Water Contamination and How to Solve It. 7 Functional Tips for Every Logistics Company in the Philippines – Information Sharer. Why UPS is better than a direct wall socket plugging - Opening Windows. Why choose The Enclave at Pueblo Golf – Developing Houses. How to be the Very Best, Cagayan de Oro Style – Pokémon Go Tips and Locations - House Mgmt Depot. Choosing the Right Accounting Service Providers.