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Curation Startup Says It Captures 10,000 Links a Day. French startup Pearltrees offers a very unique interface for organizing and sharing collections of links from around the web.

Curation Startup Says It Captures 10,000 Links a Day

Tomorrow the company will release a new, faster version of its application and announce that it has passed 2 million links curated in 7 months since going live. That means an average of 10,000 links have been bookmarked in Pearltrees every day since launch, and presumably many more now that the site has grown. Last month the company announced that it raised $1.6 million in venture funding. I love what Pearltrees is trying to do, most people I talk to love the idea, and it's good to hear the service is getting so much traction. I'm waiting until the promised iPad version comes out before getting too excited about it. It's hard to know what percentage of those thousands of links are pulled in automatically from synced Twitter accounts.

What do you think about Pearltrees? Have you found yourself using the service regularly, though? Pearltrees: A Design Interface for Remapping the Web. It's rare to look at a bookmarking tool and feel convinced that it's going to win a design award.

Pearltrees: A Design Interface for Remapping the Web

Pearltrees is such a product. The French site offers us a new way to explore and contextualize the web. In what looks like a mind map structure, users collect "pearls" (links to articles, videos and web pages) and drag and drop them to form a body of knowledge that folds and expands upon itself. In an interview with Pearltrees CEO Patrice Lamothe, ReadWriteWeb found that company already has a loyal user base including our friends at ReadWriteFrance. Said Lamothe, "We wanted a type of game play that was playful to use and map the web...and the fact that you can group and ungroup content easily means that you can re-catalogue it and keep it current. " Rather than looking at the web as a series of linear pages, this service lets us build tree graphs of connecting arguments, share them and then break them at any time. The Future of Touch Interfaces. Pearltrees Beta Launches on Wednesday: Will Let You Archive the Links You Share on Twitter.

At this year's LeWeb conference, Pearltrees will launch the beta version of its bookmarking and curation service.

Pearltrees Beta Launches on Wednesday: Will Let You Archive the Links You Share on Twitter

In this beta, Pearltrees will introduce some interesting features for Twitter users. Starting Wednesday, Pearltrees users will be able to connect their Twitter accounts to the service. Pearltrees will continuously scan your Twitter account and index every link you share on Twitter. Currently, shared links on Twitter are often quickly forgotten, but thanks to the new Pearltrees connection, you will be able to easily create an archive of all the links you have shared with your friends. We got a chance to discuss Pearltrees and its upcoming launch with the company's CEO Patrice Lamothe in the startup's Paris offices today. Thanks to the new Twitter feature, which will put all of the links you share on Twitter into a drop box on Pearltrees, you can now easily create a complete archive of all the content you share. Also Coming This Week: Real-Time Updates. Pearltrees Launches Embeds - Makes Bookmarks More Useful.

Online bookmarking tools haven't really changed much over the last few years.

Pearltrees Launches Embeds - Makes Bookmarks More Useful

Most services still present you with a basic list of tagged links. Pearltrees, however, is taking a radically different approach. The Paris-based company organizes links as a collection of "pearls" that are connected by a mind map-like tree graph. Starting today, you can also embed these collections in your own blog posts. Pearltrees Embeds The company, which launched a new beta version of its service last month, notes that these new embeds will give bloggers and journalists the ability to present their readers with a new way to explore a topic in depth.

A tool like this can come in handy when you want to show the research that went into a longer article, for example, or whenever you want to give your readers more background and context than you could pack into a simple list of links in a blog post. To get started, simply sign up for an account here. Social curation finds an audience: Pearltrees reaches 10M pageviews.

With its slick visual interface for bookmarking content, Pearltrees is unique enough that I’ve been both impressed and slightly skeptical that a mass audience will actually use it.

Social curation finds an audience: Pearltrees reaches 10M pageviews

But it looks like the site has found plenty of users. The French startup just announced that it crossed two big milestones in March: It has more than 100,000 users curating links, and it received more than 10 million pageviews. Not only does that show the concept is resonating, but it also suggests Pearltrees could reach the scale where it can build a real business around advertising or by offering premium accounts for publishers. Pearltrees /magic /date pearltrees. Pearltrees - Techmeme Search. Techmeme Search finds "items", i.e. blog posts, news stories and tweets, that have appeared as headlines on Techmeme.

pearltrees - Techmeme Search

Items listed only in the "More" areas are excluded from results. By default, only the title and first few sentences are searched. Unchecking "Search title & summary only" extends the search to the full body text. Quoted phrases, wildcards, and standard search operators like + (plus), - (minus), AND, OR, NOT, and parenthesis are all supported. Narrowing searches based on url, author, date, and other attributes is also possible.

Note: all operators that take urls will accept simple domain names, which match any item at that domain, or complete item urls. Marshall Kirkpatrick - Google+ - Has anyone else tried the new Pearltrees iPad app? It's…

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