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New Connexion Pacific Northwest's Journal of Conscious Living. Reinhabit sandiego. The Magazine for Evolutionaries. Government Assets by Jim Davies. By Jim Davies Previously by Jim Davies: Diamonds in the Mud Recently there's been a deal of talk about "sovereign default", ie the possibility that whole governments might go belly-up.

Government Assets by Jim Davies

That would be (alas) only in the sense of deciding not to pay their financial obligations. Something that's not supposed to happen, because every time you and I go to visit our money we are reassured by that pretty sticker on the teller's window, about how bank accounts are well insured. All backed by the "full faith and credit" of the FedGov. So what are the assets of any government? A real entity such as a company of people who agreed to pool resources and engage in peaceful enterprise has both assets and liabilities. That equilibrium can be disturbed, by some unexpected expense. But if something unpredicted happens to a government, how can it cope?

Two aspects of this power to tax are worth exploring: where it came from, and whether it has any limits. So much for America. Untitled. 14A002 Five Eyes, No Sight by Jim Davies, 4/12/2014 Five weeks ago one of the world's finest and largest aircraft vanished, taking 239 people with it.


The mystery of what went wrong continues to intrigue, and I noticed that from the start, a wide range of people were skeptical not just about the ability of the Malaysian government to explain what took place and locate the airplane, but also its honesty in handling information. Typical comments held that "they know more than they are saying. " Such skepticism was applied also to the governments of China, Vietnam, Indonesia and notably the USA, since this country is reputed to have the best surveillance system of all.

Five former members of the British Empire - the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand - have in fact allied to spy on almost everyone, almost everywhere. So one might imagine this formidable surveillance network could not allow a Boeing 777 to slip through. What of the future, when governments have evaporated? Jim Davies: [ home | resume | contact | science | art | personal | email ] Generally I am available on Fridays during the school year, and anytime during vacations and the summer.

Jim Davies:

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