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Teabags! Perfect cookie for a Tea Party! For my boss's birthday I made these shortbread tea bags... I was inspired when I saw some wooden tea bags as part of a kid's play food set - I thought hmmm one day I could do shortbread dipped in chocolate! I made little tags with cupcakes and used embroidery thread. I used a round icing tip to punch a little hole in each one before I baked so that I could thread it later. ps... shortbread recipe from: Source Teabags! Perfect cookie for a Tea Party!
Books Acquired, 1.17.2012—Or, Here’s What’s New from Picador This Month Books Acquired, 1.17.2012—Or, Here’s What’s New from Picador This Month The kind people at Picador sent me a box of books, including a memoir (Margaux Fragoso’s Tiger, Tiger), a few novels (The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan; Ralph Sassone’s The Intimates; Alan Glynn’s noir thriller Bloodland; Dieter Schlesak’s The Druggist of Auschwitz, which purports to be a “documentary novel”; and Zoë Heller’s first novel, Everything You Know), and a work of political science (Ari Berman’s Herding Donkeys). A box of books is a bit overwhelming, but I make it a point to spend some time with every book that comes into Biblioklept World Headquarters. Here’s some thoughts on these. I actually ended up reading almost all of The Lover’s Dictionary, despite it having the word “lover” in the title, which, jeez.
Une réplique taille réelle d’Han Solo dans la Carbonite à vendre Geek- Jeudi 10 avril 2014 · Tags: han solo, star wars La fameuse image du pauvre Han Solo prisonnier de la carbonite, maintes fois déclinées en tout et n’importe quoi, est maintenant disponible dans une version taille réelle. Si vous voulez décorer votre salon, le site Sideshow Collectibles vous propose cet objet de plus de 2 mètres de haut proposé au prix de $6,999. La pièce ultime de [...] Geek Geek
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Marjan Teeuwen: Crammed Spaces « 15 Nov Click to enlarge An anxious feeling infiltrates my chest a bit when looking at Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen’s photographs, and yet I find it hard not to be pulled in. These crammed spaces that evoke a sense of claustrophobia and obsession are so jam-packed with objects that in some cases ceilings, floors and walls are hardly recognizable. Some of the photos have the objects set up by function, others by texture and color, but all have them packed in creating an oppressive and confined feeling. Marjan Teeuwen: Crammed Spaces «
Avoiding Traffic Jams LinkScroll down for today's pictures & links. Avoiding Traffic Jams ... in Russia (highly dangerous and illegal, of course). See another method in this video. Link Avoiding Traffic Jams
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October 11, 2010 that autumnal feeling rockin' back inside my heart/bookishness/bouts of Holmesian energy/colour coordination/brisk constitutionals around Malmö/hats & coats & gloves & investigations.Autumn leaves viahere, here, here at 2:12 PM Labels: autumn, books, houses, julee cruise, malmö, sherlock holmes Email ThisBlogThis! that autumnal feeling that autumnal feeling
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PreviousProjectNextProjectHomepage This is an ongoing series of self initiated screen printed posters I produce and put up around the Facebook offices. Some of the quotes, like “move fast and break things,” are mantras at Facebook, others are just personal favorites I’ve picked up from various sources along the way. They are meant to inspire, motivate, and question our internal ideas. Quote Posters | The Graphic Works of Ben Barry Quote Posters | The Graphic Works of Ben Barry
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cat versus human The most common one in my home is the Pillow Takeover. It's okay. As long as they're happy, I guess. A few things: 1. Here's some pics from the Changing Hands Tempe book signing. cat versus human
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