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Les pré-repérages à Karachi

MUSLIM RAJPUTS HISTORY - ALL RAJPUT YOUTHWING. Afghans in Karachi. The Karachi Walla. Our Mission. To really understand the world, we need to hear from different people with different perspectives.

Our Mission

Unfortunately, though, conventional media sources in the West often fail to provide an array of diverse viewpoints. Women, minorities, and other marginalized groups in particular continue to be underrepresented in bylines across the industry. In the process, those seeking credible, reliable, quality information are being short-changed. Muftah is dedicated to transforming this situation by producing original content from diverse individuals about global events. Helping the Hazara of Afghanistan and Pakistan. By Saleem H.

Helping the Hazara of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ali and M. Saleem Javed. Pakistan - Statistics. Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated.

Pakistan - Statistics

For the most recent data (including 2013 data), download the State of The World's Children 2015 Country Statistical tables [Excel] and choose a country. You can also download all data tables by thematic area [PDF]. Basic Indicators | Nutrition | Health | HIV/AIDS | Education | Demographic Indicators | Economic Indicators | Women | Child Protection | The Rate Of Progress | Adolescents | Disparities By Residence | Disparities By Household Wealth | Early Childhood Development.

Histoire et relations franco-pakistanaise

Laurent Gayer. The site of a bomb attack that occured in Karachi on polling day Since its first electoral victory in the local body election of 1987, the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has maintained an astoundingly high rate of incumbency in Karachi.

Laurent Gayer

While its detractors attribute these repeated electoral successes to the party’s strong-arm tactics and its propensity to resort to electoral malpractice, it is undeniable that the MQM has retained a strong vote bank over the years. This resistance to the incumbency factor is all the more remarkable as the party has been facing a relentless vilification campaign since its early days, regularly branded as a “fascist” and “terrorist” organisation by its adversaries, while its charismatic leader, Altaf Hussain, has been sitting in exile in London since 1992. It is not that the MQM has not suffered reversals in its political fortunes. Its vote share, indeed, declined steadily between 1990 and 2002. Analysis: Understanding Karachi's killing fields. Read this article in: عربي Mourners wail over a victim of violence in Karachi KARACHI, 24 September 2012 (IRIN) - Mukhtar Ahmed Azmi, 75, along with his son and grandson, was about half way home on 6 September when unknown assailants on motorcycles opened fire on them in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi.

Analysis: Understanding Karachi's killing fields

Only Azmi's grandson survived. Nouvel onglet. Home - - The best deals in town. Ranikot Fort - the Great Wall of Sindh. The Ranikot Fort also known as Dewar-e-Sindh (Great Wall of Sindh), with a circumference of about 26 km or 16 miles, is reputed to be the largest unexplored fort in the world.

Ranikot Fort - the Great Wall of Sindh

Since 1993, it has been on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is located in the Kirthar Range, about 30 km southwest of Sann, in Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. Ranikot is the most talismanic wonder of Sindh. Visible from five kilometers away its massive undulating walls twist and dip over the hills. Its walls, are built with dressed sandstone and reinforced with 45 bastions along the outer wall, of which 7 are rectangular and the remaining are round. The original purpose and architects of Ranikot Fort are unknown. Archaeologists point to 17th century as its time of first construction but now Sindh archaeologists agree that some of the present structure was reconstructed by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur and his brother Mir Murad Ali in 1812 at a cost of 1.2 million rupees (SindhGazetteer, 677). International Islamic University. Download Pashto Mp3 Songs. Pashto phrasebook. Pashto (also transliterated Pukhto or Pushtu) is an Eastern Iranian Indo-European language spoken natively by ~50 million people.

Pashto phrasebook

It is one of the official languages of Afghanistan and a regional language in West and Northwest Pakistan. In the days of the British Raj, Pashto speakers were referred to in English as Pathans. NOTE: Most of the phrases are written as they would be pronounced by people living in the area around Paktia, Logar, Kabul and Nangarhar etc. But if one travels south or east (towards Kandahar or Pakhtunkhwa), the regional dialects change certain speech sounds. Pronunciation guide[edit] Vowels[edit] ə [ه ,ۀ ,زورکى] a central neutral vowel, like 'a' in "above" a [ه ,زبر] like 'u' in "hut" aa [ا] like 'a' in "far"

Karachi travel guide. Best Bakeries & Bake Shops in Karachi at Karachi : Pakistani Citiy Information : Mera Pakistan. Karachi the largest and the most populace city of Pakistan, presents an interesting and colorful combination of the old and new.

Karachi : Pakistani Citiy Information : Mera Pakistan

The narrow twisting lanes and alleys of the old city throb with life alongside wide roads and elegant modern building. Within the city, talented artisans with age-old skills produce handicrafts of exquisite beauty. Karachi offers a variety of pleasant attractions, wide sunny beaches deep-sea fishing. Yachting, golf and horseracing, all year round. Its restaurants cater to a wide choice of Pakistani and Western cuisines. Karachi? This white marble Mausoleum with its curved Moorish arches and copper grills resets on an elevated 54 sq. meters platform.