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La transformation numérique : les clés du succès. Qu’est-ce que la transformation numérique ?

La transformation numérique : les clés du succès

Quelles sont les clés du succès de ceux qui y parviennent ? Comme celui de "ville intelligente", le concept de transformation numérique est utilisé indifféremment que l’on parle de fin – améliorer les produits et services proposés à ses clients – ou de moyens – stratégie, outils, process, ressources,…. Par où commencer ? Comment traiter globalement des sujets qui chacun mériteraient une présentation à part entière ? Comme souvent lorsque je me sens un peu perdu sur un sujet, je commence par le "pourquoi ? ". Transforming an Analog Company into a Digital Company: The Case of BBVA. Banks must urgently undertake a far-reaching technological and cultural transformation.

Transforming an Analog Company into a Digital Company: The Case of BBVA

The industry is swiftly advancing towards a new ecosystem. The emerging new competitors—mostly spilling over from the internet—are unburdened by cost legacies and closely aligned with the needs and characteristics of new “digital” customers. To survive and thrive in that environment, banks must leverage their key competitive edge, namely, the information they already have about their customers, turning it into knowledge to deliver a better customer experience. BBVA began its transformation towards knowledge-driven banking seven years ago.

Digital transformation: What can we learn from Spain’s BBVA bank? UK banks are at a crossroads.

Digital transformation: What can we learn from Spain’s BBVA bank?

Consumers are increasingly banking online or on mobile, digital services have grown by more than 200% over the last four years, while in-branch footfall is falling 10% per year. However, attempts to close under-used branches cause outcry, particularly in rural areas and among older customers. In this post I'll explain why banks must invest in customer experience as wide scale branch closures look inevitable. Fortunately, Spain’s BBVA bank may provide an indication as to what the solution is. In the future, BBVA will be a software company - Francisco Gonzalez. Fresh from his forecasts last month that half of the world's banks would get left behind by the digital revolution in financial services, BBVA chairman Francisco González has mapped out a new future for his organisation, not as a bank, but as a software company.

In the future, BBVA will be a software company - Francisco Gonzalez

González pointed out the dramatic impact that technology is having on the transformation of the financial sector during a speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The digital transformation of the BBVA bank. Press Room - BBVA changes its structure to accelerate transformation and boost results. The Board of Directors of BBVA named Carlos Torres Vila president & COO to start a new phase in which digital transformation becomes the main strategic priority for the GroupThe new structure adds at the highest level critical digital disciplines required to compete in the new landscape, bringing in global talent with proven experience in such fieldsA new function is created with full dedication over the management of networks and operations in the countries to increase the results of the franchises of the Group.

Press Room - BBVA changes its structure to accelerate transformation and boost results

Vicente Rodero, with extensive experience in the management of the BBVA Group franchises in Spain and South America, will lead the new function The Board of Directors of BBVA named Carlos Torres Vila president & COO at a meeting held today in Madrid, replacing Ángel Cano. How Five Companies Launched Digital Transformations. How Five Companies Launched Digital Transformations Transformation & Turnaround, Technology & Digital Add To Interests SAVE CONTENT PRINT PDF Increase font size.

How Five Companies Launched Digital Transformations

Downloadasset.2013-04-apr-09-12.asian-paints-mobility-pdf.html. 4 / 6 ©2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company.


All rights reserved. SAP Business Transformation Study | Chemicals | Asian Paints. The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation. Digital transformation–the use of technology to radically improve performance–is a hot topic.

The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media, and smart embedded devices, as well as improving their use of technologies such as ERP, to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. Infographic: China Digital Transformation - The Internet’s Impact On Productivity And Growth - Advangent. Today China’s consumer-focused Internet is transforming into a more business-oriented Internet.

Infographic: China Digital Transformation - The Internet’s Impact On Productivity And Growth - Advangent

This next wave of digital development promises to have an even deeper impact on China’s economy—contributing not only to faster GDP growth but to growth that is based on productivity, innovation, and consumption. The report published by the McKinsey Global Institute China’s Digital Transformation – The Internet’s Impact On Productivity And Growth examines six representative sectors of China’s economy and analyzes the transformations that are taking place within them as new Internet. * You’re welcome to use the content of my blog posts but please quote the source.

All copy writes belong to the author unless specified otherwise. Digital_Vortex_06182015. An Innovation-Led, Digital Transformation Partner. By Georgios Achillias Director of Strategy, Wipro Digital@Thibetian Why do some companies seem to rely on their brand as a sole and key value, while others are praised in the headlines, for all the right reasons?

An Innovation-Led, Digital Transformation Partner

Why do some companies look like they’re stuck in the past while others are shaping the way to the future? In today’s world, one of the most frequently used buzzwords is “transformation.” Everybody has a plan to transform his business and big companies are setting the stage for consumer-oriented and digitized ways of interacting with customers and delivering services and products. The increasing trend of focusing on changing, improving and radically transforming business denotes a growing awareness about how society has been evolving and is impacted by innovation coming from areas like technology and digital. Larger companies are used to spending far too much time planning. Tagged: Digital Transformation. Burberry includes consumers in Shanghai journey with social media. Twitter photo from Burberry British fashion label Burberry is celebrating the opening of its Shanghai flagship store with an immersive theatrical event. To connect with consumers in the store’s market, the brand will be posting content on Chinese messaging platform WeChat, with which Burberry has a digital innovation partnership.

Leading up to the event, Burberry has included its global followers in the preparation, posting a series of photos of the journey from London to Shanghai. “Burberry is trying to tell an interesting story by capturing the journey from London to Shanghai as opposed to just saying, we’ve opened a new store with a press release,” said Brian Honigman, New York-based content marketing consultant and social media marketer. “The brand is trying to spread awareness of the new store, distribute relevant content across their social accounts, drive interactions around its opening and tell a memorable story to help bring a narrative to the store opening,” he said.

Mr. Digital Transformation: Agility and Innovation Best Practice Guide. Overview The Digital Transformation: Agility and Innovation Best Practice Guide explores how well companies are adapting to the increasing need for organizational agility, and applying that to the service of innovation. The report is based on a series of in-depth interviews with a range of senior digital and non-digital marketers, academics and practitioners across different sectors and markets. Written by experienced blogger, writer and consultant Neil Perkin, the report makes best practice recommendations and provides useful frameworks for identifying the key building blocks of achieving greater agility, enhanced innovation, and organizational change. About the report. How L'Oreal's Chief Digital Officer Plans 'Transformation' Top leadership at L'Oreal is heavy on seniority in the company and the beauty industry. So it came as a surprise last year when it not only became the first big beauty player to name a chief digital officer, but also added an outsider with no beauty experience to its executive committee -- Bulgarian-born and French-educated Lubomira Rochet, now 37.

Ms. Rochet's charge, as Chairman-CEO Jean-Paul Agon put it at the time, is to "accelerate L'Oreal's digital transformation regarding consumer experience, service-based innovation, customer service and technology platforms. " It's a tall order that has big implications for marketing. The beauty giant, with global sales of $25 billion, ranks as the third largest global marketing spender with $5.9 billion, according to the Ad Age Datacenter. Retailers are adopting a programmatic approach to marketing. Strategic principles for competing in the digital age. The board of a large European insurer was pressing management for answers. A company known mostly for its online channel had begun to undercut premiums in a number of markets and was doing so without agents, building on its dazzling brand reputation online and using new technologies to engage buyers.

Some of the insurer’s senior managers were sure the threat would abate. Sephora gets a high-tech makeover. Inside an unmarked warehouse in San Francisco's Dogpatch district, beauty retailer Sephora has created an exact replica of its chain cosmetic store. Open Forum - How can we understand the digital transformation of business? - Sephora Incorporates Digital Technology Beautifully. The beauty retailer has built a presence online and used technology to up the ante in stores. Shopping for cosmetics is rife with a familiar set of pain points. You walk into the store and are overwhelmed with a sea of products, each in fifty different shades, offered by a crowd of brands both new and old. Is it eyeliner that you need? You wonder, what’s the difference between pencil, gel, liquid? Open Forum - How can we understand the digital transformation of business? - Sephora's Integration of the Digital and Physical World.

Sephora has used its website, mobile app, social media, and innovative technology to grow its business both online and in its physical retail locations. Smartphones, tablets mean ‘digital multi-tasking’ January 21, 2013 Consumers worldwide are embracing myriad new ways to consume digital media content, while appetite for media in its traditional forms seems as robust as ever. With smartphones and tablets becoming ever more popular and technology companies enabling a wealth of new content, consumers worldwide want more media experiences, on more devices which means consumers are becoming ‘digital multi-taskers’, a global KPMG survey claims.

KPMG’s Digital Debate Report surveyed more than 9,000 consumers across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America to understand how consumers are allocating their time and budgets to media in all forms. 2014-Consumer-Survey-China_EN. 10 nouveaux métiers qui existeront demain. 1 - Expert en gamification C'est quoi ? Si les jeux sont de plus en plus reconnus comme étant un bon moyen d'apprendre tout en s'amusant, et ce, quel que soit l'âge, les compétences permettant de rendre notre environnement plus compréhensible et ludique sont encore rares. Total-retail-2015.pdf. Xiaomi dipping its toe into the US with accessories but not smartphones. The digital war in China goes global. The world’s largest telecom market by number of users, formed the basis of technological power giants China, which are respectively Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, creating an intense rivalry within the country.

However, following a series of major acquisitions, these three companies do not have much room for growth in their domestic markets. These companies then look increasingly toward what the world has to offer, potentially seeking to compete with the Western giants. 2014 in particular saw the media IPO of Alibaba at Wall Street. Digitally empower your CEOs - or China will leave you behind - Arena Media.