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Diaporama LELE LVA 29 01 14. L’anglais en série L : des pistes pour entraîner et évaluer en LELE et LVA. School Radio - Primary teaching resources: Audio and sound clips for KS1 and KS2 primary curriculum. Editable old newspaper template. Editable old newspaper template. Editable Newspaper Template – Portrait. Jazz chants. Miles Craven presents a series of short jazz chants – a fun way to practise stress and rhythm in the classroom, to help your students sound more natural when they speak English.

Jazz chants

How to use Jazz Chants in the classroom You can use these jazz chants in a variety of fun ways. You can practice stress and rhythm with your class, to help your students sound more natural when they speak English. Also, because each jazz chant focuses on different vocabulary and grammar, you can also use them to review important words and structures! Here are some ideas on how to use these jazz chants with your class. Practice stress and rhythm Choose a jazz chant you want to use and make one copy of the chant for every pair of students in your class. Review vocabulary Check the vocabulary focus for each jazz chant and choose one you want to review. Review grammar. Plan du site - [ LA CLASSE D'ANGLAIS] Free Images - FreeJPG. In freejpg can find images with three different types of license: License Basic You can: No Mention Author - No attribution to the original author .

Free Images - FreeJPG

Edit image - to adapt the work . Commercial Use - use this picture for commercial purposes. You can not: You can not sell, license, sublicense, rent, transfer or distribute this image exactly as it is without alteration .. Free License Creative Commons 2.0 detailed License License Public Domain detailed License FreeJpg not responsible for infringing intellectual property rights and / or people. Vecteurs gratuits et autres fichiers graphiques. Images gratuites - Pixabay.

Gallica. Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse. That means everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways.

Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

The Library now makes it possible to download such items in the highest resolution available directly from the Digital Collections website. Search Digital Collections No permission required. No restrictions on use. Below you'll find tools, projects, and explorations designed to inspire your own creations—go forth and reuse! Visualize the Public Domain An experiment by NYPL Labs to help patrons understand and explore what is contained in this release.

Discover the Collections Learn more about our public domain release. Apply for the Remix Residency To promote transformative, interesting, and creative new uses of our Digital Collections and data, NYPL is now accepting applications for a Remix Residency program. Use Our Data and Utilities Our digitized collections are available as machine-readable data: over one million records for you to search, crawl and compute. Navigating the Green Books. The Public Domain Review. BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing and Collage Maker. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design – Canva. Whiteboard App for iPad Create Collaborate Presentation App. Advent Calendar - AdventMyFriend.

SmartSubs : Apprenez du vocabulaire avec vos films et séries préférés. Teaandscones - blog d'anglais collège. Carte mentale des outils numeriques. Learning Resources. “My beard grows to my toes, I never wear no clothes, I wraps my hair Around my bare, And down the road I goes.” – “My Beard” Where the Sidewalk Ends “Needles and pins, Needles and pins, Sew me a sail To catch me the wind.” – from “Needles and Pins” Falling Up “Millie McDeevit screamed a scream So loud it made her eyebrows steam.” – from “Screamin’ Millie” Falling Up “I will not play at tug o’ war.

Learning Resources

I’d rather play at hug o’ war” – from “Hug O’ War” Where the Sidewalk Ends “If you are a dreamer, come in.” – from “Invitation” Where the Sidewalk Ends “Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can be.” – from “Listen to the Mustn’ts" Where the Sidewalk Ends “Balancing my ABCs Takes from noon to half past three. I don’t have time to grab a T Or even stop to take a P.” – “Alphabalance” Falling Up “Last night I had a crazy dream That I was teachin’ school.