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Free Online Courses - Open Education Database. Log in. Prezi - Ideas matter. How to Use Prezi. Best Case Prezi. Strategy First - Dangerous Waters. Cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer modes allow controllable submarine, surface, and air platforms to battle it out in the definitive naval combat experience.

Strategy First - Dangerous Waters

Players can command a platform on their own in multiplayer, or collaborate with multiple players in "Multi-station Mode" as they each operate individual crew-stations and strive to work together as a team on the SAME platform. By assigning certain crew stations to be manned by the "virtual crewmen" the player can hand off various functions for the simulation to manage. This allows the player to tailor the game's difficulty level to their liking and the precise level of involvement and micro management that they wish.

The player could choose to monitor every single crew station himself or choose to just command the platform and to let the A.I. do the rest. Autocrew control is dynamic so the player can enable or disable this feature for every crew station modeled in the game. Extensive worldwide database provided by the U.S. Can vocational skills be developed using games? The influence that computer games have over the human mind is undeniable.

Can vocational skills be developed using games?

North American children spend an average of four hours per day, on screens and much of this is gaming. What is it about gaming that is so engaging and addictive? Imagine if that time and effort was spent on homework or career training? Can we apply these magic game qualities to training and self improvement? Whenever the word “Game” is uttered in vocational training circles the baby boomers roll their eyes. Serious games are powerful tools that can shorten the time to competency of complex vocational skills. Many struggle with defining the difference between games and simulations. In skills that require repetition training in order for long term retention there is rarely enough training time during a traditional course to become competent.

The Launch Game was designed for the Oil and Gas industry. The ‘launch game’ challenges the trainee to practice the launching steps rapidly in order to beat Buddy’s time. Digital Camera News, Reviews, Tips and Techniques. Depth of Field in a Nutshell. If you are new to photography, you have probably heard the term depth of field being mentioned in various photography websites, blogs or forums.

Depth of Field in a Nutshell

You would probably be wondering what depth of field means and how it can help you in taking better pictures. Whether you are into portrait, landscape, sports, wedding or other forms of photography, depth of field is an important concept you have to understand. Living Landscapes – A Guide To Stunning Landscape Photography. Macro. Exposure rounding whilst using Triggertrap Long Exposure modes. The below post is beyond über-geeky, and was meant to be an entry in our Triggertrap Mobile FAQ. However, it turns out I have quite a lot of things to say about the topic, so I’m posting it here as a separate post as well. It’s worth a read if you’re getting unexpected results with our long-exposure modes, as it can help explain what is going on. Q: I am getting unexpected results using HDR and Bulb Ramping. What’s going on? Bird_photography_cheat_sheet. In pictures: 31 pictures of birds in flight. We gave you our top 10 tips for photographing birds in flight, now here’s some inspiration in pictures to get you raring to go out and snap some shots of your own.

In pictures: 31 pictures of birds in flight

Rocket Landing, by Morkel Erasmus Ruby Throated Hummingbird, by Richard Dummounil Jackal & Vulture, by Stephen Earle Aerial Play, by Octavio Campos Salles. Macro Photography Course, Tutorials & Workshops from MyPhotoSchool. Equipment For macro outside Preferably a DSLR camera with a macro lens, but close-up filters or extension tubes with a standard lens will also work A tripod will give consistently better results for static subjects Useful accessories.

Macro Photography Course, Tutorials & Workshops from MyPhotoSchool

Do You Evaluate Your Maritime Training? You Should. Here's Why, and How. Teaching evaluations are a necessary and critical part of any maritime training program.

Do You Evaluate Your Maritime Training? You Should. Here's Why, and How.

Yet surprisingly, not everyone does them! And even when they are done, it is often the case that they are not used to their full advantage. The Ultimate Guide to Ship Sizes. Merchant ships are broadly classified on the basis of their sizes and areas of operation.

The Ultimate Guide to Ship Sizes

The classification of the ship is decided right at the design stage on the basis of route of operation and purpose of the ship. The ship’s dimensions play an important part in determining the areas of operation of any type of merchant vessel. A variety of parameters such as draft, beam, length overall, gross tonnage, dead weight tonnage etc. are taken into consideration while designing and constructing a merchant ship. For e.g. for designing a ship that would be able to pass through the Suez Canal, the dimensions of the ship would be decided in such a way that the ship is able to smoothly transit through the narrowest and shallowest areas of the canal, in both fully loading and unloading conditions. Making Vessel-Specific Training Effective and Practical Using Adaptive Learning. It is difficult and expensive to do vessel-specific training well - which is probably why it is under specified, and in many cases poorly implemented - often via job shadowing.

Making Vessel-Specific Training Effective and Practical Using Adaptive Learning

But there is a technology called "adaptive learning" that every vessel operator should be aware of as an excellent tool for vessel-specific training. This article looks at what adaptive learning is, and examines one vessel operator’s deployment of it to facilitate vessel-specific training across its fleet of 35 vessels. Blog Notifications: For notifications of new maritime training articles, please Follow this blog.

Maritime Mentoring: International Maritime Mentoring Community - Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor Introduction. Find and Create Online Courses. Create engaging online courses quickly with Curatr. Maritime Vessel Traffic Services - VTS. Maritime Vessel Traffic Services - VTS.