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Изюминки Марий Эл Bug Match. Incorrect cards (0) correct cards (0) remaining cards (7) Save retry fix restart shuffle help To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key.

Изюминки Марий Эл Bug Match

Retry the cards in the incorrect box restart all cards Embed Code - If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page. 12 of the Best Ipad 2 Apps for work. Here is a compiled list of the 12 of the Best appz for Ipad.

12 of the Best Ipad 2 Apps for work

This article primarily. focuses on the Ipad, Ipad 2. These 12 apps are generally used in a work environment. We are going to follow up with two more postings of which are the best apps for Ipad creative and another article which Ipad games are the best. Best App for your Todo List: Toodledo Price $3.99 |Version 2.1| Jake Solefsky Do you have a lists of things you need to get done? Buy this App on the Apple App Store: Buy Toodledo. Tips. The 12 Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps Released In 2012. TeachThought and Teachers With Apps are happy to release our list of 12 best children’s educational apps released in 2012!

The 12 Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps Released In 2012

Every app featured in this review has been released in 2012, updates excluded. We wish this list had 12 categories so we could cover all of the wonderful new educational additions to the app store. Since that is not feasible we are limiting this list to learning games only. We will post a list of the 12 Best Book Apps of 2012 soon, as well as a list of the top 12 Educational App Developers. Stay-tuned! ISO-файлы Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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Apps. iPad in the Elementary Music Classroom. I have two iPads now that I am using in my teaching.

iPad in the Elementary Music Classroom

One of which I have started letting my 1st graders use on a daily basis. We are working on reading rhythms so that we can play the drums in our spring concert the end of April. So I loaded up RhythmCat Lite and we have been having a blast! In fact they like it so much that I bought the RhythmCatPro version. Another app we have been using is FlashNote Derby. I’ve included a video to show you how the FlashNote app captures the students attention at the end of the blog post here.

Pearltrees - интерфейс для обмена и поиска контента. Михаил Богданов Pearltrees - новый интерфейс для обмена и поиска контента.

Pearltrees - интерфейс для обмена и поиска контента

Чем же интересен данный сервис, и что такое TreeRank?! Рассмотрим подробнее - сервис предназначен в первую очередь для того, чтобы вы могли собирать, систематизировать и обмениваться информацией. Вообщем ресурс напоминает наш российский аналог - довольно удобный сервис, который дает возможность пользователям хранить закладки адресов сайтов в Интернете, делиться и обмениваться ими с другими пользователями. Но главная особенность "Жемчужного дерева" - это свой уникальный TreeRank. Основной единицей в Pearltrees является жемчужина-закладка, пользователи могут собирать их в деревья - темы и категории. На вопрос, заданный технической службе Pearltrees, по поводу поддержки русского и других языков, сотрудник сервиса ответил, примерно, следующее: "Мы будем переводить Pearltrees на различные языки, но немного позже".

Компания Pearltrees привлекла около 5 млн. евро (6,7 млн. долл. Opening Doors and Turning On Lights. Cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by Tsubaki Kaworu I recently got an iPad 2.

Opening Doors and Turning On Lights

Well, I should say my wife recently got one that I have claimed as my own. Being an Apple guy myself, I was prepared for most of what it had to offer, but was pleasantly surprised by many features I didn’t expect. As I played I found that the iPad, in combination with Google Apps, the iOS5 software upgrade, Dropbox, and Diigo, served MANY purposes for me as a classroom teacher, and it got me thinking… I have been in on conversations about the validity and affordability of setting up every student with an iPad or other tablets. I always have advocated for devices like these in the classroom, the ones our students will be using in their near futures (or for many, right now!). 1) Digital Camera/Video Camera In most schools I have worked in, the school makes a large financial commitment to ensure the school has a number of cameras, for documenting school events, for classroom activities etc.

iPad Apps for School Administrators. iPad. Two Great Blooms Taxonomy Posters for Teachers. Blooms Taxonomy is another topical theme I keep writing about here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning whenever I stumble upon a new resource.

Two Great Blooms Taxonomy Posters for Teachers

I love this taxonomy and I always insist on its importance in learning , particularly in organizing the teaching content in such a way to enhance and promote those higher order thinking skills we all our students to develop. Use it like a roadmap to guide you through the different areas of your lesson planning. If you are a new teacher and need to learn more about this taxonomy I recommend you read this guide first. Today I am sharing with you a really wonderful poster created by iLearn Technology ( one of my favourite EdTech Blogs and one that I highly recommend for you ). Here is what Kelly has to say to you about it : "I want to show teachers that just because these activities help students practice basic skills and remember and understand, there are SO many more options that will reach the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy!