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Tote bag tutorials. 45 Awesome Free Bag Making Tutorials. New Green Mama: Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial. Here's what you will need: Main body -2 pieces of home dec weight fabric or corduroy measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric A) Main body-2 pieces of contrasting home dec weight fabric measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric B) Flap- 1 piece of Fabric A- 12" x 11.5" Flap- 1 piece of Fabric B- 12" x 11.5"

New Green Mama: Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial

Braided Handle Canvas Tote. With Spring here already and Summer just around the corner I decided that I needed to make myself a new warm weather bag.

Braided Handle Canvas Tote

I wanted it to be pretty, but also practical and I did not want to take forever to make it! For the fabric I turned to Carr Textiles Organic Cotton Duck Canvas. Not only is it sturdy, but it's also made with 100% organic cotton and comes in great colors, plus it's 60-inches wide, so even one yard is a lot of fabric. 10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials. Totes make great handmade gifts.

10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials

Here is a Tuesday Ten that shows a round-up of lovely totes. Blog2/september2010/StyleStitches.pdf. Free U-Handbag Bag Pattern. 'For Pleat's Sake Tote'pdf.pdf. PDF Pattern – Quilted Diamond Tote Bag – misusu&more. Please enter your name and email.

PDF Pattern – Quilted Diamond Tote Bag – misusu&more

Don’t worry, your information won’t ever be sold or shared with any 3rd party. I will only send you an occasional email with important news. Today I wanted to share a free downloadable DIY sewing project for the weekend that is going to make you look cool and is super practical at the same time! The Quilted Diamond Tote Bag! I’m a huge fan of tote bags. As some of you might know, I have a small obsession for diamonds at the moment. 10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials. TABLE DECOR. How to Print, Cut & Fold Your Own DIY Hermès Handbag Yay, you can now own the iconic Hermès bag for next to nothing!


There's one catch—it's made of paper. Hermès is currently offering several free downloadable templates for the "Kelly Paper Bag" on the company's Facebook page. Messenger Bags. Tutorial: Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants. Want to make one of these?

Tutorial: Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants

From a pair of these? Here's the tutorial! Materials: 1 pair cargo pants (from the going to Goodwill pile of course) 1/2 yard lining material bias tape (store bought or make your own) thread {1/4" seam allowances throughout} Getting started... Preppy pink plaid messenger from reclaimed fabrics. I love, love, love using old and/or thrifted clothing for bags and totes!

Preppy pink plaid messenger from reclaimed fabrics

For me, the thrift store is like a super discount fabric store. My goal is to use recycled fabrics in such a way that they don't look recycled. This messenger is made from 100% reclaimed fabrics, plus a thrift store zipper. Can you guess what I recycled to make this bag? The shimmery outer pink fabric was a skirt, and the plaid fabric was an ugly granny shirt. I hope you like this (my teen daughter does, and has already claimed it!) Instructions - Messenger Bag Tutorial.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Tutorial: How to make Duct Tape Purses! Over Labor Day weekend, I got to go to my Grandparents’ cabin at Fish Lake, Utah, and it was a BLAST!

Tutorial: How to make Duct Tape Purses!

My Mom, who always plans fun activities for the family, brought the materials to make Duct Tape Purses. Woven Ribbon Heart Card - Tip Junkie Creative Community. Travel Accessories: Plenty of Pockets Tote - Sew4Home. When you're on the road, doesn't it always seems to be the ordinary, everyday things you are suddenly in desperate need of: gum, nail clippers, your headphones?

Travel Accessories: Plenty of Pockets Tote - Sew4Home

I get a little panicky, certain I've left behind the most obvious items... as if perhaps I'm on an arctic expedition and won't see civilization for weeks. But the opportunity for replenishment doesn't matter; I want my stuff close at hand. That's the theory behind our handsome travel tote: plenty o' pockets to stash all your stuff. There are four big outside pockets that wrap front and back plus a deep inside compartment (exactly deep enough for a magazine, I might add!) With its own generous interior pocket. We offer a full set of pattern downloads below for the tote body as well as all the pockets. We recommend using a twin needle to do the decorative stitching on this project. The finished size of the tote is approximately 12½" tall x 11½" wide with 2" deep sides and base.

Contributors Storage Solutions Related Articles. Say YES! to hoboken: DIY Purple Striped Market Tote. Last year I made a striped beach tote and this year I found some perfect purple striped canvas weight fabric at my local fabric outlet for only $4 a yard and knew I wanted to make another version.

say YES! to hoboken: DIY Purple Striped Market Tote

Would you like to learn how to make one too? Okay! Keep reading! 1. Cut two pieces of striped fabric about 17 x 17, heavier weight fabric is better. 9. Wallet-to-Tote On the Go ~ Tutorial. Lorraine from ikat bag is a favorite around here… She has tons of fun tutorials on her blog and she’s joined us before with this wonderful Back to School Pencil Case tutorial. Today Lorraine shares a tutorial for a new summer essential, the On the Go Wallet-to-Tote! Construction includes three main parts: Assembling the Wallet, Assembling the Outer Bag and Making the Lining. The tote zips into a convenient wallet in this unique and handy design. From Lorraine: Hello, Everyone.

Sewing: TriFold Floral Wallet {Tutorial & Pattern} This is the trifold wallet I made by using the embroidery with flower applique couching on it. You can get the pattern and tutorial on the embroidery work here. Design and sew this wallet only took me a night to complete (with the embroidery face ready), but begin a novice in Illustrator, drafting and finalizing the pattern took me days. It was fun playing around with Illustrator that sometimes I discovered and tried on other tools and got distracted from drawing the pattern. Finding possibilities to create and develop is my hobby and passion, that’s why I love creative handmade so much. Kid’s draughtsman’s pouch tutorial « My patchwork. This idea was born of a need to keep drawing notebooks and colouring materials together when travelling. It holds up to 4 A4 notebooks (though really designed for only 3) and 24 pencils/texters. Easy to carry and just folds open. Inside Materials 24 strips of fabric measuring 1.5 x 5 inches each in rainbow colours4 different fabrics for the inside pockets, inside lining, outside, border and handlessome ribbon for the handlescalico fabric for the pencil pockets lining and the inside folder liningmedium weight interfacing Size of the bag The bag can be cusomised to your needs.

To work out the sizes, you need to decide how many notebooks the inside pockets will hold. Place the notebooks on a pile and measure around the narrow part. Measure the notebook height and add 1 inch to it. Fully lined zippered box pouch - pattern and tutorial - it's a Pretty Modern life. I love the look of a zippered box incredibly cute. I found many tutorials on the internet, but was disappointed after making pouches following these tutorials to find that they were not fully lined; looks so much nicer when you open your pouch and there are no seams. Neck tie School Bag. Got lots of neck ties lying around? Use them to make this unique bag! What you need Okay, you'll need a bunch of ties. Mine are all paisleys. A lot of lining fabric - mine is black velveteen. Renske’s minimalist tote bag.

A talented seamstress with a mission, Renske Solkesz decided to create her own wardrobe after finding herself frustrated with high fashion prices. When we saw her chic and modern wardrobe creations, we asked if she’d be willing to create and share a fun accessory tutorial with us. Tutorial ~ Hanging Fabric Baskets Or Pockets. Tutorial: Fabric Bucket/Basket. It’s been a long week! I meant to post this sooner, but other things kept getting in the way. Better late than never? Anyhow, please read through the entire tutorial before you start. I will have a few tips at the end, that may help you to make decisions on the materials that you use. You’ll know what I mean after you read through. Pleated tote (beach bag) tutorial.

Before we went away, I decided that a new bag for the beach was a must – something big and roomy to hold books, magazines, sunscreen, hats, and all that other good stuff. Plastic Bag Bags are where its at. - StumbleUpon. Sew a bag with the free bag pattern. Pleated tote (beach bag) tutorial. 10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials. 45 Awesome Free Bag Making Tutorials.

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