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s2016 pbs unity hdri notes. Un workflow "artist-friendly" pour les panoramiques HDRI - High Fidelity. 127172. Behance. QUILAO Portfolio. Background: These teenage precogs lost 6 years of their lives, as they are isolated from society and stripped of their freedom due to their ability to see violent visions of murders that are about to happen.

QUILAO Portfolio

In order to help them integrate back into society, our team designed DreamED. The Problem: Our task is to solve the educational problem of the future, especially for those individuals in similar situation as the retired precogs from the movie. The Product: DreamED is a wearable device that allows users to learn while sleeping and apply what they learned in a hands-on Virtual Reality classroom. This will allow them to use their unproductive sleeping hours so that they can quickly make up for their lost time. The technology consists of two parts: A patch that users will wear in their sleep and a software that will allow them to access the information they learned from their sleep. VR design template by Kickpush by Alex Deruette - Dribbble. Réalité - Magazine réalité virtuelle et augmentée.