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50 Top Free PSD Flyer Design Templates. The flyer is one important advertising tool for your product, service or an event.

50 Top Free PSD Flyer Design Templates

Distributing flyers is a good option for promoting a new business or an event. But making an excellent flyer from scratch can be a tiresome task for many of us. You need to get a professional flyer maker to achieve the quality of your flyer and it will cost you some money. Here we have gathered a collection of really beautiful flyer templates which you can use to create your own flyers. Everystockphoto - searching free photos. Over 387,906 Free Photos and Textures. 135 Amazing Free PSD Mockup Templates. Mockups are a basic necessity in all business sectors. today one of the most effective and modern way is to use product showcases to grab someone’s attention.

135 Amazing Free PSD Mockup Templates

Brochures, CD covers, bags, stationery, business cards can be a perfect solution for your company identity. Appearance or look of the products is extremely important for capturing the attention of the prospective customers. Thus, mockups are used by designers for gathering opinion and reaction from their clients and making necessary changes before finalizing the designs. We have collected some of the best and most popular mock-up templates for aiding the graphic artists and designers. The use of these templates will increase the productivity of the designers and they will be able to concentrate on their primary task. Here are 115 Free PSD MockUp Templates, ideal to bring life to your design. Picjumbo — free stock images.

Le Flat Design - Applibox. Vous avez peut-être déjà entendu parlé du Flat Design mais vous ne savez peut-être pas ce que c’est ? Non ? Qu’importe, vous êtes au bon endroit Le Flat Design, c’est la “nouvelle” tendance de design web. Littéralement, Flat Design pourrait être traduit par Design à plat. Indirectement sans le savoir, vous avez probablement déjà vu ce type de design : l’interface de Windows 8 (MetroUI) ou alors Google avec, entre autre, l’interface Google+. Le Flat Design est le contraire du Skeuomorphisme. Skeuomorphisme ?? Ha oui le Skeuomorphisme. Le Skeuomorphisme (ou Skeuomorphic Web Design) est, je cite Wikipedia : “Définit un élément de design dont la forme n’est pas directement liée à la fonction, mais qui reproduit de manière ornementale un élément qui était nécessaire dans l’objet d’origine”…… Merci Wikipedia.

9 banques d'images de qualité, libres de droits. « Ne vous contentez jamais de moins que ce que vous valez vraiment », dit la maxime.

9 banques d'images de qualité, libres de droits

Étrangement pourtant, des marketeurs s'obstinent à utiliser des images provenant de banques bas de gamme pour représenter leur marque. Ils prétendent qu'ils n'ont pas le temps de se pencher sur les droits de copyright et de crédit photo, mais ne se rendent absolument pas compte de la (mauvaise) impression qu'ils donnent à leurs prospects.

Or, il est tout à fait possible de se procurer des photos dans des banques d'image de qualité, sans pour autant s’embêter à les créer, perdre du temps et casser sa tirelire. Pour vous le prouver, nous avons compilé une liste de 9 sites exceptionnels, où vous trouverez d'excellentes photos libres de droits. 1) Death to the Stock Photo. Remove Any Image Background With Clipping Magic. When using images for PowerPoint presentations, blog posts and other projects, one may require removing their background so that they may blend in with the colors of your presentation slide, blog or canvas.

Remove Any Image Background With Clipping Magic

However, removing a background image isn’t easy and being a PRO at PhotoShop is not possible for everyone. While you can also remove background of images using PowerPoint, however, this technique does not always yield fruitful results. Clipping Magic is a free web app for quickly and easily removing image backgrounds. Select Image To Remove Background Unlike PhotoShop or Microsoft Paint, this web app provides two easy to use selection tools to help you mark the areas which you wish to retain and remove.

When an image is uploaded, you are provided with some basic instructions regarding this use of Clipping Magic tools. Select Areas To Remove And Retain Refine Edges Using Eraser Download Final Result Once you are satisfied with the result, you can click Download to save the image as a PNG. Take screenshots for your presentations with SnapCrab. There are multiple ways to take screenshots in Windows, especially if you need to use Print Screen key and take a full window screenshot to be used in Photoshop or PowerPoint.

Take screenshots for your presentations with SnapCrab

However, taking full screen screenshots may not be optimal especially when you need to take just a portion of the screen. In this case, there are other software and tools that can be very helpful for this purpose. SnapGrab is just another free alternative that we can use to take screenshots in Windows and capture the screen and then save it as image. This can be very convenient for example if we need to share the screenshot online or embed the screen in PowerPoint. This photo capture software that can capture any part of your screen. Another good feature of this screenshot tool is that it has full compatibility with social networks (this is not supported with the keyboard Print Screen). You can beautifully capture translucent windows and capture even the translucent window of Aero Glass with shading included. Free Online Photo Editor. Online Photo Editor & Collage Maker. Picto for me. Photo Pin : Free Photos for Bloggers via Creative Commons.

PhotoPeach - presentazioni freschi per partire! iPiccy: Free Online Photo Editing for You. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Free photo slideshow maker. - Got a picture? Blabberize it! PicMonkey: Free Online Photo Editing.