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Le blog deco, Décoration intérieur, mobilier et objet design. Design "Muuuz - Blog Architecture, Design, Trends, Inspiration. Mon blog déco. Blue in the Facade. 10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways. Home Theater Ticket Booth Hidden Door If you are big fan of unique hidden doors and cool home theaters, the Home Theater Ticket Booth Door from Creative Building Resources (CBR) combines the best of both worlds.

10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways

CBR's elaborate hidden door features a programmable, scrolling LED sign built into the top of the frame, while the interior of the hidden door functions like your traditional ticket booth, complete with recessed lighting. On the front of the ticket booth, a detailed wood inlay displays the high level of craftsmanship involved in constructing this hidden passageway, although we'd recommend ditching the frosted comedy and tragedy faces on the front ticket booth glass. Modern rustic barn. Inspiring Interiors. Interior divine. Maison de Campagne - Page 1 - Maison de Campagne. La maison se pare....

Maison de Campagne - Page 1 - Maison de Campagne

Il y avait longtemps, que je n'avais pas pris le temps de redécorer la maison. Une année chargée, 1 mariage avec Mon Amoureux, 1 nouveau travail, 1 livre ! Je manquais de temps !! Mais, me revoilà les pinceaux à la main ! Cet été, nous avons habillé deux de nos murs en gris foncé, pour donner du caractère à la pièce. . * Vase homemade avec une boîte de conserve (voir le DIY dans le livre)* Stickers étoiles blanches* Lampe noire Ikéa* Corail offert par mon Amie Annie* Cache pot acheté chez Merci* Pièce de bois et lettre dorée de chez Bord de Scène Toujours disponible dans toutes les bonnes librairies ! Oliveaux. PORCHLIGHT INTERIORS. LOPPISLIV. Little Emma English Home. Romantiska Hem.

Belle Francaise Interiors. COTE DE TEXAS. LoftLife Magazine - The Loftstyle Guide to Life in the City - Loft Blog. A Beautiful Abode. A Beautiful Abode. White Modern Home Decorating Ideas and Modern Design. Pink wallpaper. Bookshelf Porn. Coco+kelley. Interior Groupie. Vintage Home. Funky Junk Interiors. Birch + Bird Vintage Home Interiors. Vintage simple. Completely Coastal -Beach + Nautical Decor, Interiors, Crafts + more. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design. The Winchester House may be more odd than mysterious.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design

Ghosts, spirits and haunted mansions are what mysteries are made of, and the Winchester house is all that and more — much more. If legend is accurate, the house is a testament to one woman’s heart-wrenching grief and her never-ending quest to remain alive. Welcome to the former home of Sarah Winchester [left], heiress to the Winchester Rifle empire. Legend has it that following the tragic deaths of her infant daughter in 1866, and husband William in 1881, she sought solace from a psychic who told of a curse on the family.

The spirits of those who died from the Winchester weapons were seeking vengeance. And build she did. The door [left] is one of 950 in the home. This view through a door shows a window in the floor that overlooks one of six kitchens. Wooden banisters surround a skylight, one of 52 floor in the house. Her fascination with the number thirteen can be seen throughout the house. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design. My Romantic Home. Living space. Chinoiserie Chic. Ticking and Toile. Bohemian hellhole. {future bathroom be completed with some lovely brassy fringe} When this house was built, the tiny bathroom did not exist.

bohemian hellhole

There was some sort of back porch that led to a coal shaft or something where the sink is now. There was no lowered plastic ceiling, or leaky toilet. The lovely flooring was added sometime in the golden age of the 1980's. What we have now, after many poor remodel choices, is a tiny bathroom that terrifies visitors and smells like a barn**. {this is the flappy ceiling above the toilet area.} A Fanciful Twist. When my sister suggested it was time for evening cocktail hour...

A Fanciful Twist

I knew it was time indeed. Time to bring back those gypsy garden evenings for the season. Music, candles... Light the lanterns in the trees. Trees just beginning to get their leaves. City Cottage. Sfgirlbybay - bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl. Daisy Pink Cupcake. THEPEAKOFCHIC.COM. Room inspiration. 15 Modern Bathtubs. January 14, 2010 by Thomas Hardy Vascabarca Boat Shaped Bathtub Source LTT Illuminated Bathtub Source Cristalli Glass Bathtub Source About the Author Thomas is the Founder of both Work-Killer & Web Designer Help.

15 Modern Bathtubs

Décor de Provence. Interior design « Sharona Design. Via [] Hey!

interior design « Sharona Design

It’s been a while I know, my poor blog has been abandoned since… I don’t know when. I moved back to Barcelona, I found a new job, I’ve changed apartment twice, so you can imagine how busy and tired I’ve been. But I’m back with these lovely pictures from a loft near Barcelona. I’m decorating my new bedroom and I was looking for some inspiration when I found this. DESDE MY VENTANA. 20 Bizarre Hotels by Luggage Online. Are you tired of staying at the same popular hotel and motel chains and resorts everywhere you go?

20 Bizarre Hotels by Luggage Online

Would you like to experience accommodations that are just as much of an adventure as your trip itself? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are hotels around the world that are anything but ordinary! Some of the places you can stay during your travels are so eccentric they may end up being an attraction in themselves. While there are many crazy, eye-brow raising, and out-of-this-world lodgings you can discover on your own, we’ve compiled a list of 20 bizarre hotels that may inspire you to add a little extra spice to your next holiday – or at the very least – will certainly amuse you.