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Crop top DIY. ¿Tienes unos cuantos retales y te gustaría hacer tu propio crop top? Pues sigue estos pasos para conseguir la réplica del modelo de Balmain clonado por Zara! Es la ocasión perfecta para aprovechar todos esos restos de tela que tienes guardados. El del tutorial está hecho reciclando las piernas de un jean que convertí en short, ¿con qué vas a hacerlo tú? Materiales: TelaPapel de periódico para hacer el patrónVelcroCentímetroTizaRotuladorTijerasAlfileresAguja e hilo o máquina de coser Paso a paso: Cortar el patrón en papel.

Pasar el patrón a la tela y cortar todas las piezas Doblar los tirantes por la mitad, coser y dar la vuelta. Unir dos parejas de partes centrales y coser. Hacer el dobladillo superior a las dos piezas centrales y las laterales. Coser las partes centrales a los tirantes como se ve en la imagen. Coser las partes laterales a los tirantes como se ve en las imagenes. Cortar la parte central por la mitad y hacer el dobladillo en el bajo de toda la pieza. Un abrazo Marta. Farm Fresh Therapy. Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=" powered by Disqus. </a> Puzzle Piece Necklace. These super adorable puzzle piece necklaces are a perfect gift for that special person (or persons) in your life. They are light weight and simple to make and can be customized easily!

These would make excellent end of the year gifts between friends at school. I’d love to show you how easy they are to whip up!! Supplies Needed: Puzzle (500 piece) Metallic Paint Paint brush small tag hole punch jump rings necklaces OK…let’s talk puzzles. I started out by painting the pieces a metallic silver. When those were dry I simply used this “tag hole” punch. Punch your puzzle pieces on one arm of the piece. Add a jump ring with a small pair of pliers. String your necklace through and enjoy! If your daughter has 4 friends that normally hang out together it’d be cute to find 4 pieces that fit together and give each girl one! I am just loving how these turned out! Antrho Gumball Knock Off Necklace Heart Thumbprint Necklace Hand Stamped Washer Necklace Nest Egg Birds Nest Necklace.

Ampersands and amperSAM FELD. My junior year of college is officially over and in about an hour, I'll make my way over to the airport so I can see my sister graduate. Time goes by pretty fast. There's lots to be learned from this sister of mine. Lots concerning mindfulness, creativity, stress relief strategies, and taming curly hair. We share affinities for trashy television, cookies (surprise.), Degrassi, The Spice Girls, and socks. She's an incredible artist and human and sister &&&&&&&&&&&& she's got a permanent spot on my top five list of loveliest souls. Oh, we're crafting? I made you an ampersand ring. DIY Ampersand Ring Materials: four inches of wire, one bead, and pliers. Step One: Slip bead onto one end of the wire and make a loop around it using your pliers.

Step Two: Make another loop about 1/4 inch up from the bead. Step Three: If you're using round-nose pliers this is super simple. Step Four: Grab something to mold your ring around. Step Five: Trim if necessary and make a loop at the end of the wire to finish. DIY Scalloped Skirt | Repupose an old tee. I reallt love new clothes – and what I love even more is clothes you can make out of old clothes. That’s just great! As I told in one of my previous posts I have (like every other girl) an ton of clothes which I never use.

So I’ve decided to sell a lot of it and repurpose the rest Yay! Lovely and “free” clothes which are even eco-freindly. So, I founf this very old tee shirt which I never use. I’ve totally obessed with the new trend; scallops. So I had to add scallops to my new skirt. This easy tutorial can be used for any shirt/ tee etc. with an elastic band in the waist. DIY Scalloped Skirt What you need An old tee/ shirtScissorSewing maschineScallop templateOr you can make your own. Start by cutting the “skirt-part” off. Zig zag around the cut won’t fray. For the next step you need a scallop template. I’m currently working on making a printable template for you. 1) Put some sticky notes on the card board or draw a line to make sure the scallops will end up having the same length.

Tadaaa! Draped cardigan / cárdigan plisado. When I saw the cardigan Angela had made, I knew that I needed one too.I sewed one inspiring me in her tutorial. I made it ​​the quick and easy way using jersey fabric.All you're gonna need is a sewing machine, jersey fabric, matching thread, pins and scissors. Cuando vi el cárdigan que Angela se había hecho, sabía que queria uno también. Lo cosi inspirando me de su tutorial. Lo hice de una manera rápida y sencilla con tejido de jersey.Todo lo que vas a necesitar es una máquina de coser, tela jersey, hilo, alfileres y tijeras. To start you must follow the first part of Angela's tutorial she explains very well how to cut sleeves.Once the sleeves are made, cut a rectangle in your fabric, mine is 40 "x 48" (but I'm tall).

Measure 12 "from the top edge (this part is the neck cardigan) to mark the upper attachment of the sleeves.Fold the rectangle in half and measure 10 "on each side (total 20") this part is the back of the cardigan. Fixed sleeves inside each hole with pins and sew. Customized plastic bracelet / pulsera de plástico personalizada. I've got these plastic bracelets on a "everything-cheap-store". They cost only 50 cents, and I thought at that price I could always do something with. So I customize them with lycra socks ( clean and new one ;). Encontré estos brazaletes de plástico en una "tienda-de-todo-barato". Sólo cuestan 7 pesos, pensé que a ese precio siempre podía hacer algo.

Some explanations: Put the bracelet in the tights and cut each side leaving an edge to seam.Join the two parts of the tights and sew them together.At this point, the bracelet is inside the fabric and the seam is on the outside of the bracelet Turn seam to the inside, and voila! Algunas explicaciones: Coloque la pulsera en la media y cortan de cada lado dejando un borde para la costura.Unir los dos bordes de la media y coser los juntos.En este punto, la pulsera está dentro de la tela y la costura está en el exterior del bracelete.Gire la costura hacia el interior, y ¡voilá! It took me 10 minutes to make. Pasta necklace...again! I know....this is the third post (for those who follow) with pasta necklaces ... I can't stop! We went to Belgium a few weeks ago to visit family but also for my cousin wedding! My sister had a nice long green dress and she wanted a gold necklace to go with! Of course I offered to make her one! I found inspiration on BuzzFeed!

A few months ago one of my necklaces was featured in this article 13 DIY Ideas Straight From New York's Runways. If you want to see previous versions is here and here.Let start with the tutorial: Cut a piece of faux leater like the first picture. I glued first, and tried to pass the chain after...not a good idea! Result is very chic, but you have to be careful with this version of pasta necklace, spaghetti are not glued all over the fabric, so they are more fragile. I also made a pair of earrings to match! And once I had finished my daughter, 3 years old, thought it was a good idea to play hammer on the necklace .... aaaarrrggg! Alana Lacy Scarf, Free Crochet Pattern. Braided Four Strand Bracelet. I saw this tutorial for a beaded necklace and new I needed to try it.

The instructions were easy to follow and it made a great bracelet. I added a gold chain and experimented with both a three strand braid and a four strand braid. I liked both but the four strand braid was a bit harder to work with. I liked adding the gold chain because it gave it a nice touch. For full instructions see the tutorial. If you would like to learn how to braid a four strand braid see video below. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Bow Necklace | Embellish {a blog by Laura Wadsworth} I think a bow is such a cute accent to an outfit! Seeing that I don't have $80+ to purchase this cute Kate Spade necklace (pinned here), I thought I'd gather my craft supplies and DIY a bow necklace! Step 1: Tie a small bow with ribbon.

Choose a ribbon similar to the color of your glitter. Step 2: Dip your bow into fabric stiffener. I gave mine four coatings and quickly dried it in between with a hair dryer. Bow will hold it's shape, but still have a bit of bend in it. Step 3: When completely dry dip the bow into a glue that will dry clear. Step 4: When the second coat dries add a small jewelry jump loop and chain to the bow. There it is! I'm linking this up to the Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Emily, Renee, Sherry, and Katie. DIY: Flower Hair Clip. This week I'm showing you my favorite ways to style the flower pin from the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. Today, I'll show you how to turn the pin into a floral hair clip. HERE'S THE HOW TO:Stuff you'll need: Method: 1. Prepare a flower using the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. 2. Now, all you have to do is add a bit of floral to your 'do: If you missed yesterday's tutorial on how to create a floral headband, be sure to check it out. Grand opening of Tiki's DIYary!!! ^-^ : ~~ Hand-painting a color lined Shirt ~~

So here's the first CRAFTY POST I'm sending out. =D I'm really excited to publish this! ^-^ Actually it's nothing special for you Readers, but since I'm new to the Blogworld, and still got a lot to learn, this Project - or more precisely: its documentation - took me a lot of work and time. The making of the shirt itself, took only a few hours (plus drying time), but it was a long road to the point I'm writing this. Exams in college and the start of a new semester afterwards kinda got me stuck in a whole lot of other things to do than blogging. :/ But as I tried to introduce in the latest post on the whole idea of that DIYary section here, I'm gonna just try to go through the making of that crafty stuff here, documenting what happened, and maybe shouldn't have happened. For the design I roughly played around on Photoshop to get an idea. Here's the raw materials I used. self-adhesive book foil (it's my first try working with this foil as stencil material.

Now to the cutting! Finnally! Morse Code Blue Jean Bangles. Need a gift idea for a casual type? Consider this little number: A Morse code jean bracelet! Ain't it cool? There are lots of Morse code jewels out there, but mostly they use patterns of short-and-long beads. I decided to paint mine instead! Here's the code; see if you can read them. I could tell you how I made them...but then I might have to kill you.

Oh, well, if you're willing to risk it, read on for the Top Secret DIY! What you'll need:old pair o' jeanstwo ribbon crimps (the 1/2" size)jump rings and a clasp bright craft paintsfabric pen or Sharpiea small charm or bead dangle Tools: scissors and a small pair of pliers Ready? Now you need two ribbon crimps. These little darlings come in a 1/2" size - the perfect fit for a jean seam, wahoooooo!!! To attach, simply squoosh the crimps tight with pliers. Next, grab a few jump rings, a pretty clasp and a little bead dangle or charm. Use one jump ring to attach the clasp on one end.

Voila, you now have the basic bangle bracelet. Now, do tell! How to transform a pair of jeans | For most of my life, buying a pair of jeans has been somewhat of an ordeal. It all started in middle school, when I suddenly realized (probably due to the less-than-gracious observation of a classmate) that all of my pants were WAY too short. Determined not to be unfashionable for a single second longer, I dragged my mom to the mall. Several stores and dressing rooms later, we discovered that unless the shop sold pants with different lengths, anything that fit around my waist would have a comically short inseam. On top of finding a size and cut of jeans to fit my gangly preteen body, I had to look for a pair designated as “long”. Now that there’s a much wider range of acceptable jean lengths, I’ve got other problems– if I find a pair of pants that fits around my hips, the odds are pretty good that I’ll have an extra handful of loose, gaping fabric around my waist.

This time, I made sure to take a picture through each step of the transformation. Step One: Select a pair of jeans. DIY Bows Headband | onelmon. Have you ever seen this cute Bow scarf tutorial from the blog Ruffles and Stuff before? When I saw the post a few months ago, I knew I want to make something like that! Reality check, let’s exclude anything to do with fashion statements for now; who would make a scarf here where the cold weather will never ever come? (read: currently living in a 2-season aka tropical country). But just in case if I get a chance to live somewhere there is winter in the future, I did pin the image, linking to to the tutorial, on my Pinterest’s “to-make“ board.

Halo semuanya, pernah lihat tutorial scarf pita dari blog Ruffles and Stuff ini ngga? Elastic lace/ribbon | pita (renda) elastis;Scissors | gunting;Needle & thread or glue | jarum & benang atau lem. Step 1: Cut a long stripe of elastic ribbon, approx. 80 cm in length. Langkah 1: Potong sehelai pita elastis dengan panjang kira-kira 80 cm. Step 2: Starting from one end, fold your ribbon to make the shape of a bow (image above). Step 6: And you are done! How To Make Your Very Own Name Necklace. DIY No Sew Jersey Scarves. Essas Frescurites aí : DIY: Ear Cuff de Lacinho. DIY top & DIY shorts. DIY Crochet Beaded Bracelet.

KNOW AND TELL CRAFTS: YARN BRACELET DIY! - Dream a Little Bigger Craft Blog - Sleeping with Sirens DIY Custom Sneakers. Upcycle: Tin-Can Daisies. Kcw: day 1 // DIY tribal leggings. The Kipi Blog: DIY Project || #18 || Kaleidoscope Earrings. Cooking ala mel: TARDIS Sneakers *Tutorial* Butterfly Jewelry Specimen Pendants. DIY Twig Bracelet | Popsicles & Pinatas. It's always autumn - itsalwaysautumn - easy square top with stamped polka dots. The Three Dollar Secret Tutorial | SvetlanaHillKovich. DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade. DIY Embroidered Sunglasses. Pink Zipper Flip Flops. Pretty Me Up-Probably one of the most chic belts you'll ever make for cheap! Easy To Sew Skirt - Great For Newbies! Tales of the scotts | DIY, Children's Crafts, Home Decor: DIY: "I Love My Husband" T-Shirt. DIY Rope Knot Headband | My Little Secrets | A Canadian DIY and Fashion Blog. Sarita creative: DIY Beaded Friendship Bracelets.

Rock Mosaic: diy gathered high waist skirt. Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet. DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #14 with a customised message | DIY BLOGDIY BLOG. DIY Braided Rhinestone Necklace. 10 No Sew Tshirt Recycling Ideas. 嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片视频,分享你所爱,结识心朋友. Gold Leaf Flecked Acrylic Bangle Tutorial. PLA DIY: Neon-Trimmed Purses. Spring Bling Week – Mixed Media Bracelet. Done! Sequin Top (Part 2) DIY Plastic Canvas Clutch. Upcycled light bulb necklace. DIY J.Crew Necklace. DIY Studded Turban. Woven Wrap Bracelet. DIY TEE-SHIRT WITH A RUFFLE ACROSS THE SHOULDERSDIY BLOG. Cat Face Stenciled Shirt. DIY Rice Beads | onelmon. DIY trio zipped bag. DIY // Bleached St. Patty's Day Slouchy Tank Top. Upcycled Sweater Boots. Recycled bracelets. DIY jewelry from paperclips and tape.

DIY Faceted Clay Rings. MYWHITEIDEA: MARC JACOBS BULLDOG LOAFERS DIY. Pandora's Craft Box: DIY Star Wars X-Wing Jewelry. DIY :: Sheer (Pantyhose) Top | My Little Secrets | Canadian DIY Style Blogger and Fashion Boutique. Diy screenprinted tee // daily buzz style 9×9. Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes | KITTENHOOD.

Girl Loves Glam: WIWW and How to make a simple infinity scarf. Owl dress. Pearls & Scissors: Refashionista: Sweater into Skirt (tutorial) DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet. From T-shirt to scarf | a n n a • e v e r s - DIY Fashion blog. How to Make a T-Shirt Infinity Scarf. Panda-in-Love Sleeping Mask. My Favorite Way to Tie A Scarf Tutorial (It's Easy!) Pearls & Scissors: Refashionista: Sleeves into blouse (tutorial) DIY Leather Knot Bracelet | Whimseybox.

Squirrelly Minds » DIY Sequined Message Shirt. Downton Abbey style hat in 20 minutes! DIY deathly hallows shirt. Printing on Book Paper (For Pendant) | | DIY Nautical Knot Headband. A Spin on our Child’s Skirt Tutorial for Sewing BEGINNERS! :) | couplejones. How To: Harlequin Bangles. Heart Stamped Shirt | Wayward Girls' Crafts. DIY bracelet with old brooches tutorial. Tutorials. Bird nest necklace}

Bow Belt. How to Turn a Soda Can into a Spring Flower Brooch. How to Upcycle a T-Shirt into a Cardigan. Glitter ‘N Glue on StyleCaster: Marni Inspired Plastic Bottle Necklace In Honor Of Earth Day « FaBOOlous DIY: Skeleton Bones Sweatshirt Inspired by McQueen « J - Mod Podge Shoes.

How To Make An Easy and Cheap Shirt From Silk Scarves. Lined Paper Tee Tutorial by Maybe Matilda. Infinity Sandals Tutorial.