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What´s SamyRoad? GoVenture World. Startup of the Week – Itembase: the online inventory service that's conquering the US. Keeping track of receipts and purchases might not be the sexiest concept for a startup but there’s no denying that it’s appealing for other reasons: Practical, effective and time-saving are words that spring to mind when looking at Berlin-based startup Itembase.

Startup of the Week – Itembase: the online inventory service that's conquering the US

These traits are arguably ones that will get the team of three cofounders further than their flashier counterparts. Itembase wants to be users “online inventory for everything”, giving consumers the ability to organise their online purchase plus providing post-purchase support. And so far it’s working: Itembase has lured close to 100,000 users to the service since launching last August. Confirmación del registro. Click Post.

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Challenge accepted. Berlin Startup Jobs. Rocket Internet. Drew Houston, Dropbox - Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur. Big Art Mob. LaunchRock - Set up a “Launching Soon” page in minutes. Rocket Internet. Online Marketing Manager. Digital Marketing Guides and Other Free Marketing Resources. 54 Quotes from Startup Leaders on How to Improve Conversions. Large and small companies alike invest a lot of time and money working on improving their conversion rates.

54 Quotes from Startup Leaders on How to Improve Conversions

And as we all know, there are countless “experts” and websites all trying to sell you their advice on how to improve conversions. In this blog post, I'm going to take a different spin on this conversion topic... I surveyed 54 companies and asked each of them one question: "What is the one thing that you did that had the strongest positive impact on conversions? " 54 companies below share with us what has worked for them.

Backblaze "Backblaze is an online backup service where we backup all data on laptops/desktops for $5/month. To do this, our homepage previously had "Download" or "Start Backing Up" as the call-to-action. However, we found that after people downloaded the application, many people seemed to lose the file and not run the installer...or to run the installer but not enter an email/password, thus not creating an account and backing up data. Before After BeCouply BetterDoctor 1. 5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read. As marketers and business owners, you will most likely come to deal with the process of pricing your products or services.

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read

The thing is, many folks struggle with this process because although they understand their customer’s needs, they aren’t experienced with what to charge people for their work. A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising - Learn How To Make It Work For Your Business! As a savvy internet user you might think no one clicks on Facebook ads.

A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising - Learn How To Make It Work For Your Business!

Wrong. Facebook is on track to make over $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising. Someone’s clicking. How do you get them to click your ads? More importantly, how do you get them to buy your product? Many marketers who have tried Facebook ads, especially in their early days, decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. If you’re totally new to Facebook, start with this Facebook Marketing Guide. In this guide, you’ll learn which businesses are the best fit for Facebook ads and how to run successful campaigns. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing. Starting a business is exhilarating.

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

Unfortunately, the “build it and they will come” theory doesn’t hold much weight and those overnight success stories you hear about are often the result of behind the scenes years of hard work. Simply put, startup marketing is a unique challenge often times because of the limited resources, whether it’s time, money or talent. You have to be sure every effort, no matter how small, is well-planned and flawlessly executed. And to make it even more difficult, the traditional marketing strategies don’t always work. Startup marketing is a whole different science. So, starting from the beginning, here’s the complete Startup Marketing Manual. Foundation Before you start laying bricks, you need a solid foundation. Anyone can change the world. Barcoo - Scan Dich glücklich! Apps That Boost Your Productivity.

Monthly radioshow about startups in Berlin. Incubadora de empresas en Valencia. Startups y emprendedores. Ya ha pasado más de un mes desde que llegamos de nuestra aventura en la carretera.

Incubadora de empresas en Valencia. Startups y emprendedores

Ahora tenemos una mejor perspectiva de qué hicimos, porqué lo hicimos y de para qué nos ha servido. Ha sido un ejercicio duro. Intenso tanto física como mentalmente. 10 herramientas imprescindibles para emprendedores. « Antonio Torres. Cuando empezamos una startup una de las primeras cosas que nos preguntamos es cómo le vamos a hacer para administrar la empresa y qué herramientas vamos a usar para esto, sin dejar de pensar que tenemos poco dinero y queremos ahorrar en todo lo que se pueda.

10 herramientas imprescindibles para emprendedores. « Antonio Torres

En este post les comparto 10 aplicaciones que se han vuelto imprescindibles para la mayoría de los emprendedores y la mejor parte es que son gratuitas. Administra tu empresa con Google Apps. Para mi Google Apps es la herramienta por excelencia para starups, te permite tener tus correos con tu dominio pero bajo la infraestructura de GMAIL con una capacidad de más de 7GB por cuenta. Además de ofrecerte todos los productos de Google como son, Google Docs (hoja de cálculo, procesador de textos, formularios y aplicación para hacer presentaciones), Google Reader (para organizar feeds), Calendarios, Grupos, etc. Url: MissTechin, tecnología, internet y entretenimiento digital. Entrepreneurship: Which magazines cover European startups.