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Stage ABC Microfinance - Gestion de Projets / Organisation : Stage gestion administrative - société. [Réf. offre : ABC Micro finance] Cabinet de Family Office, nous accompagnons un nombre limité de chefs d'entreprise fortunés dans la gestion de leurs intérêts privés, professionnels et patrimoniaux.

Stage ABC Microfinance - Gestion de Projets / Organisation : Stage gestion administrative - société

Par ailleurs, nous avons une activité importante dans l'humanitaire et développons le premier site de microcrédit à destination des pays du Sud.

Fonds d'investissement

Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development. Associate Professional Officer (APO) Programme. What is the Associate Professional Officer Programme The APO Programme involves sponsorship by Member Governments of young University-trained nationals for employment in UN-system Organizations.

Associate Professional Officer (APO) Programme

The Programme was launched in IFAD as early as 1980, hardly three years after its establishment as the 13th Specialized Agency. Sponsorship Agreements have been signed with Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Some donors have been willing to sponsor candidates from developing countries, leading to broader diversity of APO nationalities. The cost of sponsorship corresponds to the P1/P2 levels in the UN salary scales.

The thrust of the Programme is based on mutual benefits and essentially two-fold: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Servicios Microfinancieros. Bienvenidos a Microserfin. Combining the power of microfinance and technology to defeat global poverty. Grameen Aval Colombia - GAC. ACCION Microfinance Jobs & Volunteering. Microlending and Microfinance Organization.

Microfinanzas en América Latina. Grupos de ahorro promovidos por Oxfam en Latinoamérica En el mundo de las microfinanzas crece el énfasis en el ahorro.

Microfinanzas en América Latina

Ello nos alegra y nos da nuevamente la oportunidad para hablar de cosas básicas sobre el ahorro. El ahorro responde a diferentes necesidades de los hogares de escasos recursos. Por ejemplo los productos de ahorro líquido ayudan a los hogares a preservar su dinero de forma más segura, y a presupuestar mejor las finanzas. Por eso es importante que los hogares puedan hacer depósitos y retiros con facilidad, y las cuentas de ahorro líquido tengan bajo costo de mantenimiento y transacción. MFIs in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank Project was born in the village of Jobra, Bangladesh, in 1976.

MFIs in Bangladesh

In 1983 it was transformed into a formal bank under a special law passed for its creation. It is owned by the poor borrowers of the bank who are mostly women. It works exclusively for them. Borrowers of Grameen Bank at ... Read more Grameen Bank Project was born in the village of Jobra, Bangladesh, in 1976. NOTE on DATA:All data entered in MIX Market are taken from Grameen Bank's publicly available audited financial statements and performance information as listed on the website: MIX has used the number of members as the number of savers, which may be an overestimate of the number of voluntary savers.

For 2006 and 2007, data on number of active borrowers, women borrowers, and staff were unavailable. These data have been reclassified to the best of MIX knowledge to fit international reporting standards. Our History - Grameen America. In the United States, nearly 1 in 7 people live in poverty.

Our History - Grameen America

The federal government defines poverty as a family of four living on $23,500 or less. Many of these families work hard to make ends meet, often employed at unpredictable minimum wage jobs. Microfinance Gateway>Scholarships. Scholarships Private foundations and universities offer training and education scholarships for development practitioners.

Microfinance Gateway>Scholarships

Scholarships are often awarded based on demonstrated financial need, previous achievement, or course of study. Check with individual college or university websites for scholarship opportunities not included in the selected list below. Aga Khan Foundation. Microfinance. At a Glance There are an estimated 2.5 billion financially excluded adults today, with almost 80 percent of those living under $2 per day having no accounts at formal financial institutions.


This holds back the fulfillment of the World Bank Group’s goals of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 and increasing the share of income held by the bottom 40 percent of the population. Capetown. Business Planning and Financial Projections with Microfin Cape Town, South Africa, 19 - 23 September 2011 This course uses the new version of our software, Microfin 4.


Note: Register early! The October 2009 course in Cape Town was fully subscribed two months before the course date! Summary. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. Progress out of Poverty: Measuring Progress. Managing Results. Boulder MFT. CAPP: Californians Allied for Patient Protection.


European microfinance platform. Banco Mundial de la Mujer. Micro Insurance Focus. Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund. La structuration des fonds de microfinance - ada Microfinance Expertise. The structuring of microfinance funds - ada Microfinance Expertise. HOME. Microfinance Gateway>Towards “Fair Trade Microfinance”

Towards “Fair Trade Microfinance” Microfinance Gateway Staff Creating a standard to recognize MFIs that serve the poor The Microcredit Summit Campaign recently proposed a new Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance.

Microfinance Gateway>Towards “Fair Trade Microfinance”

Intended as a sort of “fair trade designation” for microfinance institutions, the Seal of Excellence would recognize superior performance by microfinance institutions (MFIs) which combine financial sustainability with both significant outreach among poor clients and a strategic approach to poverty reduction and transformation. Microfinance a Working Solution to Global Poverty. Center for International Development (DCID) Graduate Programs in Sustainable International Development. Recognized globally for training development practitioners and policy makers through an interdisciplinary curriculum based on real world problems, direct field experience and current research on the causes of poverty, environmental degradation, and preventable disease.

Graduate Programs in Sustainable International Development

Training students to address the critical gap between planning and implementation of health programs as policy makers, managers of organizations and government ministries, and advocates for equitable global policies. In addition to the MA and MS, the Programs in Sustainable International Development also offer several dual degree options in conjunction with other programs at the Heller School, Brandeis, and other local graduate schools. Bringing the best research to leaders and policy makers through direct government advising, policy-relevant research and evaluation, and advocacy in partnership with institutions in the U.S. and the developing world. Banking with the Poor Network. Microfinance Investment Resources. U.S. Agency for International Development. Center for American Progress Action Fund. Center for Microfinance Leadership. Center for Microfinance Leadership. Center for Microfinance Leadership. Management Development Training of Trainers.

Center for Microfinance Leadership. WWB LEADers: Lead, Enrich, Advise, Do. WWB LEADers Basic Questionnaire. Women's World Banking. United Nations Capital Development Fund. Welcome to UNCDF's free web-based distance-learning tool. Who should take this course? The Microfinance Distance Learning Course was designed for new entrants to the field of microfinance and has appealed to a broad range of people, including policy makers, donors, practitioners, academics and students.

United Nations Capital Development Fund. International Year of Microcredit 2005. BETA. MicroWorld : Le microcrédit solidaire efficace au service des micro-entrepreneurs.