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Marghoob bin Safdar

Marghoob bin Safdar is a writer and editor, and he has written many articles on travel and leisure category and always brings unique ideas with great information in his published stuff.

Who Was The Abdullah Bin Umar R.A - 3 January 2017 - Blog - Marghoob Bin Safdar. Abdullah bin Umar was the son of Caliph Umar bin Khitab R.A.

Who Was The Abdullah Bin Umar R.A - 3 January 2017 - Blog - Marghoob Bin Safdar

Abdullah bin Umar was among those kids, who accepted Islam in their premature ages. He remained for the most part in following the Sunnah e Muhammad, peace be upon him, i.e., offering prayer at every spot he found Muhammad, peace be upon him, praying. In 73 A.H he died at age of eighty four years. Things The Pilgrims Must Remember During Hajj. Among the significant pillars of the Islam, Hajj is also one, on which the building of the religion is based.

Things The Pilgrims Must Remember During Hajj

It is, certainly, mandatory for the Muslims go to the Hajj to the Makkah, at least once in their lifetime, for this, are best. The compulsion is only for those Muslims who are proficient to carry out it. A huge sum of the Muslims arrives at the Makkah for commission of the Hajj, once a year from all the four corners of the world, in the holy month of Zill Hijjah. It is the major responsibility in the lives of the Muslims. Marghoob Bin Safdar. Muslims throughout the world, commend two notable celebrations as the year advancement: Eid Al Fitarand Eid Al Adha.

Marghoob Bin Safdar

Eid Al Fitar is celebrated at the end of the prominent, sacred, month of Ramadan, while Eid Al Adha is commenced after the Muslims have over with a standout amongst the most vital, most sacred type of love, and blessed of all dedications, Hajj. Eid Al Adha is commended on the 10th of Zil Hajj, constantly. Devotions Of Muslims Towards The Jerusalem - The city which is known as Jerusalem is in Arabic called as Al-Quds or Baitul-Maqdis ("The Noble, Sacred Place").

Devotions Of Muslims Towards The Jerusalem -

The city of Jerusalem, perhaps, is the only city in the world which is not only significant for the jews, Muslims and the Christians alike. Many wonders that why is the Jerusalem considered as the holy city in Islam and what is the reason of its importance for the Muslims. Although, the city has been known as to be the land of many Prophets, but, the Muslims revere all these Prophets, including, Ibrahim, Daud, Moses, Suleman and the Jesus. How To Perform Hajj With The Umrah - marghoobbinsafdar’s diary. Marghoob Bin Safdar — The Role Of The Mosques In An Islamic Society. Umrah Obligation Known As The Small Pilgrimage - Marghoob bin Safdar​ What Are The Kinds Of The Hajj: marghoob_safdar. Prophets In Islam And Their Purpose. Allah is the Create he know what to do and how to deal with his mankind.

Prophets In Islam And Their Purpose

He sends many prophets, first was Adam and last is Prophet Muhammad(PBHU). An animated book requires a teacher to comprehend and teach its meanings. Universe is a capacity. Each creature is a verdict, a word or a letter. Marghoob bin Safdar: The Sacred Day Friday And Its Importance. Friday is very Blessed day for the Muslims.

Marghoob bin Safdar: The Sacred Day Friday And Its Importance

Friday is the sixth day in Islamic week. The precise meaning of Friday is audience. In Islam, this day is given the most position than any other days of the week. Every Friday, Prayer of Friday is obtainable and for this prayer unusual time is taken. Imams of all masjids deliver speeches on a special topic every Friday. Marghoob bin Safdar: Hajj And Umrah: The Spiritual Journey. The Hajj is important to Muslims because it helps to impart them about their true energy on Earth, to feel connection to Allah, to snag with their friends and sisters on the voyage, to find their self-effacement, to assistance them strengthen worship approaches and to classify the equality of all people.

Marghoob bin Safdar: Hajj And Umrah: The Spiritual Journey

All people are equivalent on the journey since there are no suggestions of wealth, socioeconomic status, or pride in living or other makings. Its blessed journey towards Makkah and Medina. Significant Pillars Of Umrah And Hajj - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. Umrah Services Tour Plan For 2017 - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. Islam, umrahDecember 1, 2016 Umrah is mystical journey.

Umrah Services Tour Plan For 2017 - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog

For your enjoyable spiritual knowledge, we provide you a Travel that carries the best Umrah Services 2017 arrangements in UK. Marghoob bin Safdar: The Stone Of The Heaven. Hajar al-Aswad (The Black Stone), which is set in the eastern corner of the Ka’bah.

Marghoob bin Safdar: The Stone Of The Heaven

Tawaf starts and ends opposite this holy stone. Through the ages, uncountable people counting many of the Prophets (PBUH), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, the Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them), pious natures and millions of Muslims who have did Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage have placed their holy lips on it with cheapest hajj packages. Rendering to an important and true narration, Hajr-e-Aswad is the pebble that is transported down to earth from Jannah and has been connected in Ka’ba by our adored Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and his child Prophet Ismail (PBUH). Marghoob bin Safdar: Prophet Jonah (PBHU) Prophet Yunus bin Matta also mentioned to as Jonah, was sent by Allah to the persons of Nineveh, an urban in the area of Mawsil in north Iraq.

Marghoob bin Safdar: Prophet Jonah (PBHU)

Makkah and Medina Iraq all places are blessed for Muslim where Prophet Died. He named his people to the communication with Allah and reality, but initially they rejected his message and persisted in their disbelief and wrongdoings. Islam Provide A Complete Code Of Life. There are different holy prophets were raised across the ages, in all nations. All of them transported the different message for the spread of Islam, that is, the way that was exposed to man on the first day of his existence. All of them had the same task: they known men to Islam to bow to to Allah alone, asked those who recognized the Divine law, and for putting an end to all deviations from the true path. Many people, however, declined to receive their leadership and many of those who did accept this slowly drifted away from their initial commitment. Every Muslims should perform Umrah by Cheap Umrah Packages every year for complete rituals of Islam.

Worth Of Women Before Islam. Marghoob bin Safdar: Islamic View Of Human Life. The important quality of Islam is that this creates no variation among secular and spiritual life. The important aim is to make both society and individual life as a whole in ways that will promise that the kingdom of Allah almighty. The Islamic thought of life is thus founded on a solitary concept of man’s place in the universe. That is why this is necessary that, before we thoughtful the moral, social, political and economic systems of Islam, one must have a clear idea of what that concept is.

Quran’s Guideline For Human Being - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. If Allah is the creator of the worlds, the Prophet is the messenger for the universe and the Quran is provided as a reminder to the worlds, then what is the necessary of the Quranic message to the world? How can the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, alike, advantage from the universal message of a universal and sympathetic Allah?

Can non-Muslims practice exquisitely have revealed values without acknowledging their original source and without adhering to the total divine call? Consulter le sujet - Beliefs And Practice Of Islam. Muslims trust that there is One Highest God, last day, angles of god, holy Quran and the holy prophet and gives zakat and offered prayer at five time a day. Our prophet said Islam has been built upon five things and declaring that there is no God but Allah. Allah is created this universal and destroy this universe on day. so every should obey of Allah. Muslims believe that NO one shares Allah's divinity that is neither angel nor human.

Allah makes beautiful places and things for human beings like mecca and medina and every Muslim perform umrah to these places by December umrah packages at the end of the year. Muslims do not believe that Allah sleeps, gets tired, or dies. Muslims believe that there is no midway who will take any one earlier to Allah or beg on anyone's behalf.

Meaning Of Islam - Marghoob bin Safdar​ The Great Value Of Patience - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. This is because patience is so valuable which all religions offer us models to follow. Obligation Of The Five Daily Prayers. Marghoob bin Safdar: Aspects Of Islam. Islam Does Not Against Observation, Learning And Science. Modern Concept Of Women Liberalization In Islam. Long ago, there was not any modern concept of women liberalization. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAS alert us of the status, value as well as honor of women. He SAAS trained the real meanings of Islam and the meaning of a woman's role in the society. Rasool Allah SAAS unconventional women by giving them equal chance to study, groom as well as pray in front of Allah almighty.

They equal utilize rights of Islam such as you can see today, they perform hajj by hajj packages 2016. Marghoob bin Safdar: Ritual Worship And Traditions In Sunni Islam. Sunni Muslims are true trusts in the Quran and have placed their faith and worship above everything else. Basic Purpose Of Worship Of GodAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. Quranist Muslims Beliefs And Practices. Stoning women is NOT in the Holy Quran, the Quranist Muslims are those who are peaceful, and none of them are terrorists. All the others are Sunni Muslims, I'm not saying that all Sunni Muslims are bad, but just that those terrorist are not Quranist Muslims. Quranist Muslims do NOT believe in: head cover for women is a duty since the word (khimar/khimorehena) means in the Arabic dictionary and NOT a head cover in particular as Sunni Muslims claim. beating women since the word (edribohon) has plenty of meanings in the Arabic dictionary (ignore them) O attacking anyone who did not attack first since GOD orders (do not attack, he does not like attackers) and also orders (enter into peace all) marriage to more than one (except for any orphan's sake) since the man used to be the only money provider in old ages, women back then didn't really work not like today when all can depend on themselves by GOD's mercy.

. , you can book hajj packages and perform hajj at very affordable rate. Misinterpreting Of Islam. Zakat And Qurbani Serve Humanity Without Discrimination. There are different people in this world who do not have access to basic human wants for example food, clothing and shelter. Marghoob bin Safdar: Get Mercy Of Allah By Performing Sacred Duties Of Hajj. Hajj Journey With Reference Of Quran - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. What Is Quran. The Blessing Of Allah - PlanetZapp Support Forum. Marghoob bin Safdar: Qualities Of Allah Swt The One And Only. Importance Of Astaghfaar Repentance In Islam - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. Tips For Umrah In Ramadan – Marghoob Bin Safdar. Marghoob bin Safdar: How Saudi Arabia Manages Million While Perform Hajj.

Wastage Of Water: An Islamic perspective - Marghoob bin Safdar​ Marghoob Bin Safdar — Miracles Of Quran: Surah Fateha. Islam: Spiritual, Intellect and Aesthetic Aspects of Life: marghoob_safdar. Marghoob bin Safdar: Basic Human Rights And Islam. Virtues And Blessings Of Durood Sharif – Marghoob Bin Safdar. Visit The Holy City : Madina-Ul-Munawarah - Alhijaz Travel Official BlogAlhijaz Travel Official Blog. Performing Hajj And Umrah In MeccaAlhijaz Travel Official Blog.