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Best Organization Tricks of 2015 - Home Organizing Ideas to Try. 15 diy ideas to refresh your living room 13 - Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine. Get DOORganized! – design finch. Happy National Get Organized Week, y’all! Yes, apparently it’s a real holiday that takes place each year throughout the first week of October. Despite the lack of cake or time off from work, any excuse to organize something is a celebration in my opinion. So, in the spirit of getting organized, I want to share some ways to instantly gain tons of storage space in almost any home by simply utilizing the backs of doors to their fullest potential.

Time Out for Women - {DIY} The PERFECT Reading Nook! DIY: Sew a Kids Bean Bag Chair in 30 Minutes. All kids deserve a snuggly spot to call their own.

DIY: Sew a Kids Bean Bag Chair in 30 Minutes

Whether it’s for lounging, movie nights or just curling up with a good book, a pint-sized bean bag chair fits the bill. And while there are many of these available in stores, wouldn’t you rather make one as unique as your child? Complicated bean bag tutorials can be intimidating with all their sections and circle-ness. But what if I told you that with two pieces of fabric, one zipper and a straight stitch you could have an adorable kids bean bag chair in 30 minutes—would you believe me? Materials: two pieces of fabric (upholstery weight fabric is preferable), one 22″ zipper, 3.5 cubic feet of bean bag filling In the following directions, all seam allowances are 5/8″. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 Design Ideas For Your Dream Loft.

Build a Easiest Hanging Daybed. I've had these plans drawn up for quite a while now, and just haven't posted them.

Build a Easiest Hanging Daybed

Because I thought that they were too simple. Imagine that, too simple. I wondered how the hanging daybed would look. And then a major media company called and asked if I would build this bed and photograph it for them. So I enlisted the hubs help and we started building it one evening. 1. You get the idea. 41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your Child's Playroom. For the playroom? 41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your Child's Playroom. Painting a Lockwood. 15 Oct 2015 After last week’s feature on Tracy Murphy’s renovated Lockwood, we received a few queries on how to prep and paint the original vanished walls and ceiling of a Lockwood.

Painting a Lockwood

The technical experts at Resene give this advice: Clean down the surfaces to be painted with Resene Interior Paint Cleaner. For best results, sand with 220 grit sandpaper and then apply a coat of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer – this helps adhesion of subsequent coats of paint; it’s not designed to give a thick paint film. Its job is just to help make sure the topcoats have something to grip onto. When Tracy did her Lockwood she also filled every join in the timber with a flexible sealant and also sealed the knots in the timber to stop them bleeding through. Resene Total Colour Awards announced: Enduring solutions win.

24 Sep 2015 Timeless colours were clear winners in this year’s Resene Total Colour Awards, announced last night.

Resene Total Colour Awards announced: Enduring solutions win

The Residential Interior award went to Lisa Day and Scott Donnell of Donnell & Day Architecture for a small Paparoa house where a simple colour palette of Resene Blue Bayoux, Resene Blumine, Resene Nepal, Resene Tasman, Resene Alabaster and Resene Half Barely There were used to link to the environment of sand, sea, sky and stone colours so that spaces would flow together as you journey through the house. The judges commented that “the scheme understands the changing of light, the effect of natural light and reflection on colour. 15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality: A breath of fresh air. Thrifty and Chic - DIY Projects and Home Decor. This post is in collaboration with

Thrifty and Chic - DIY Projects and Home Decor

All thoughts, opinions and projects ideas are my own. Would be a cute idea to do with little ones while they are home from school to learn to sew. Share0G+2 28.5K 25 It’s a brilliant idea for you to make your own rug at home with some useful DIY ideas.

Today we are here to give you some practical DIY projects and ideas. You can check the post out and see what you want. The homemade rug can be made from various materials, but it must be comfortable for your home. Pinterest. Weekend Project: Ping Pong Ball Pendant. How to Create a Whole Home Color Palette. I’m well aware that this post was promised yesterday, but I was busy searching the world wide web for 2 posts that had gone missing.

How to Create a Whole Home Color Palette

Technical problems are not my friend. But I found them, and now I’m here to talk about creating a whole home color palette. It is one of the best ways to focus your decorating decisions. Promise Besides the fact that model homes have absolutely no clutter (or toys strewn about) there is a reason why they feel so good, and the reason is color. 12 Awesome Beds in Tiny Spaces.

They Make A Light Fixture You're Going To Want In Your Home. $2 Chalk Paint Recipe - In My Own Style. Today I am going to share with you the least expensive way to make DIY chalk paint…and one that will answer many questions that I receive about making it.

$2 Chalk Paint Recipe - In My Own Style

Before I get to that though, I wanted to tell you about some site issues I have been having. If you have been experiencing problems getting onto my site or very slow page loading, I know there is a problem and I am working to get this fixed. Over the weekend, there was an attack on my web server. I don’t like to use the word “hate” but when it comes to hackers it is the only word that comes to mind. They did not get in, but the sheer force of their trying led to the slowness of my site over the past few days. No Sew Roman Shade from Mini Blinds. ***UPDATE: I’ve received so many great questions about this project that I did a second post on no sew roman shade from a mini blind FAQs You may have seen a few versions of this floating around blogland and Pinterest, and being so sewing challenged, I am all for anything involving fabric that is “no sew”.

No Sew Roman Shade from Mini Blinds

Give me a drill or a saw and I’m all set. Sewing machines?