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Scottish independence lands on traders' radar. Scottish independence: The new worry for equities.

Scottish independence lands on traders' radar

It always amazes me that equity traders tend not to pay attention to events until they are staring them in the face. EU vows to help nationals 'outside the mainstream' stay in UK. Prisoners and members of the Roma community, along with elderly people and the poorest in society, will be the focus of a new EU push to help Europeans “outside the mainstream” to remain in the UK after Brexit.

EU vows to help nationals 'outside the mainstream' stay in UK

There are concerns that thousands of EU nationals will fail to apply to the Home Office to stay because they lack information or the means to see the digital application process through. The new EU ambassador to the UK, João Vale de Almeida, said Brussels and the embassies of the bloc’s 27 member states in London needed to step up efforts to reach those on the fringes of British society.

Israel election: round three begins as voters head to the polls. Israelis have begun voting in the country’s third election within the space of a year in a fight Benjamin Netanyahu is desperate to win on the eve of a criminal corruption trial against him.

Israel election: round three begins as voters head to the polls

More than 6.3 million people are eligible to cast their votes in polling stations that will close at 10pm (8pm GMT) on Monday, after which exit polls will be reported. For the more than 5,000 Israelis who were under precautionary home isolation after returning from areas of the world affected by coronavirus, special voting booths covered in plastic sheeting had been set up around the country. Ten Israelis have contracted the virus and are quarantined. The health ministry, however, has urged people that it is safe to vote.

Over the weekend, in the final stretch of a campaign that has increasingly descended into mudslinging, Netanyahu and his main rival, the former army chief Benny Gantz, ripped into each other. A harder line: Iran’s parliamentary elections 2020-02-22. The world in brief, February 15th 2020. President Donald Trump tweeted he has the “legal right” to ask his attorney-general, William Barr, to intervene in criminal cases.

The world in brief, February 15th 2020

On Thursday Mr Barr had criticised the president’s use of Twitter to attack the justice system, saying such interventions made it “impossible” for him to do his job. The next day the New York Times reported that Mr Barr plans to review the case of Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to Mr Trump who has pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators. America’s trade office raised tariffs on European aviation equipment, from 10% to 15%. Happy couple? America’s “phase one” trade deal with China 2020-02-14.

Sinn Féin declares victory in Irish general election. Sinn Féin has declared victory in Ireland’s general election and called for talks with other main parties to form a coalition government.

Sinn Féin declares victory in Irish general election

Its leader, Mary Lou McDonald, urged Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to start negotiations with the republican party as the scale of its breakthrough confirmed a realignment of Irish politics. “Sinn Féin has won the election. Ireland election: polls open with Sinn Féin poised to play key role. Voters are going to the polls in Ireland after a tumultuous general election campaign during which Sinn Féin has surged into contention as a potential party of government.

Ireland election: polls open with Sinn Féin poised to play key role

The republican party hopes a rise in popularity among young and urban voters will translate into enough parliamentary gains to make it a kingmaker or participant in Ireland’s next coalition government. Democratic candidates zero in on Buttigieg and Sanders at tense debate. Democratic presidential candidates clashed on Friday night in a tense televised debate that was dominated by attacks against Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, the two candidates who declared victory after the Iowa caucuses.

Democratic candidates zero in on Buttigieg and Sanders at tense debate

In the week that Donald Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial and days ahead of the New Hampshire primary, the competing visions for the Democratic party were on show as moderate candidates challenged the progressives, and those with more Washington experience called out the relative political newcomers. Qassim al-Rimi: US forces killed al-Qaida leader in Yemen, Trump confirms. Donald Trump confirmed on Thursday that a counter-terrorism operation in Yemen killed Qassim al-Rimi, an al-Qaida leader who claimed responsibility for last year’s deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where a Saudi aviation trainee killed three American sailors.

Qassim al-Rimi: US forces killed al-Qaida leader in Yemen, Trump confirms

Unconfirmed reports of his death, including indicative tweets from the president, have been circulating since 31 January, but the neither the Department of Defense nor the CIA had issued official confirmation. Ourselves alone: Ireland’s election 2020-02-07. Trump impeachment: president acquitted on both articles. Donald Trump has been acquitted in his Senate trial on both of the articles of impeachment he faced, ending the threat that he would be removed from office and concluding the impeachment process.

Trump impeachment: president acquitted on both articles

Voting largely along party lines, the senators found Trump not guilty of the first article of impeachment, abuse of power, by a 52-48 tally, and not guilty of the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress, by a 53-47 tally. Message mayhem: Scotland’s budget 2020-02-07. State of the Union: Pelosi expresses her disdain as Trump pitches for re-election. Heaven help them: Argentina’s debt 2020-02-06. Défense européenne en trompe-l’œil, par Philippe Leymarie (Les blogs du Diplo, 31 janvier 2020) «De nombreux pays européens participeront à l’escorte du Charles-de-Gaulle au cours de sa mission », se félicitait par avance Emmanuel Macron dans un tweet du 16 janvier, soulignant au passage que les forces françaises engagées dans l’opération Chammal poursuivent les opérations de lutte contre l’Organisation de l’État islamique (OEI), « dont le califat territorial n’existe plus, mais dont la menace pèse toujours, sous une autre forme, larvée, plus insidieuse ».

Défense européenne en trompe-l’œil, par Philippe Leymarie (Les blogs du Diplo, 31 janvier 2020)

Lire aussi Mireille Court & Chris Den Hond, « L’avenir suspendu du Rojava », Le Monde diplomatique, février 2020. La mission européenne de surveillance du détroit d’Ormuz (European-led Maritime Surveillance Mission in the Strait of Hormuz, EMASOH) est l’autre enfant chéri du président français : « C’est avec fierté que, sur notre initiative, nous avons su convaincre nos partenaires européens pour cette action essentielle », a déclaré M. Comment le vélo redessine la ville, par Philippe Descamps (Le Monde diplomatique, février 2020) Le cliquetis d’une roue libre, un éclat de voix, le cri d’une mouette… Copenhague résonne de sons étranges, devenus inaudibles dans les villes envahies par le bruit des moteurs. Le combat kurde en chiffres et citations (Le Monde diplomatique, février 2020)

Année où la citabelle d’Erbil (Kurdistan irakien) a été inscrite au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité par l’Unesco. Le site de cet édifice fortifié, perché sur un tell en forme d’œuf surplombant la ville, est habité depuis six mille ans. Les premières mentions de la citadelle aparaissent dans les tablettes d’Ebla (Mésopotamie), au IIIe millénaire av. J. Sinn Féin steps up criticism of Irish rivals after shock poll lead. Sinn Féin has stepped up its criticism of Ireland’s political establishment as polls show the party poised for a historic breakthrough in Saturday’s general election. Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin’s leader, said on Tuesday that Irish people wanted a change from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, centrist rivals that have dominated Irish politics for a century.

Boris Johnson promises urgent climate action after stinging criticism. Boris Johnson has promised “urgent action” on the climate crisis, taking personal leadership of this year’s UN climate talks after a blistering attack by the sacked former minister who was to lead them. “Unless we take urgent action, we will get 3C hotter,” the prime minister told a gathering of climate experts, business leaders and civil society groups at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday morning. The world in brief, February 4th 2020. “Quality control” delayed the tallying of Iowa’s caucuses; the state’s Democratic party said it “found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results”.

Seven of the Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination campaigned in Iowa. Bernie Sanders, who almost beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa in 2016, is thought to have a fair chance of taking first place. Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier gave duelling speeches on post-Brexit Britain’s relationship with the European Union. The British prime minister wants a Canada-style free-trade deal, saying Britain would rather have no deal than one imposing EU regulations. The EU’s chief negotiator said that any deal must include a “level playing field”, meaning that free trade required some regulatory convergence.

The world in brief, February 4th 2020. Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with no Palestinian support. Donald Trump has unveiled his vision for Middle East peace in a White House launch that gifted Israel a wishlist of its long-held demands while promising Palestinians a potential “state”, but with severe restrictions. Standing next to the smiling Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump announced details of the 181-page plan to cheers and applause. Palestinian leaders were absent from the launch, having pre-emptively rejected his proposal, citing flagrant bias. “Today, Israel takes a big step towards peace,” Trump said on Tuesday. “I was not elected to do small things or shy away from big problems.” A copy of the plan, released by the White House, said the proposal intended to: Establish Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital, with a potential Palestinian capital to the east and north of the city.Recognise the vast majority of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory as part of the country.

Johnson faces Tory rebellion after allowing Huawei 5G role. Boris Johnson is facing a possible rebellion over his decision to allow China’s Huawei to build part of Britain’s 5G infrastructure. Senior Tories are examining whether they could try to force a Commons vote on tightening restrictions on Huawei or reduce the cap on its market share further from 35% in the coming years.

The culture secretary, Nicky Morgan, toured the airwaves on Wednesday defending the government’s decision, saying the cabinet was “clear-eyed” about the risks of Huawei as a “high-risk vendor” with links to the Chinese state. She argued that Britain’s security services had already been dealing with Huawei in the 4G network for years and therefore it did “not present the security challenge that others are worried about”. The world in brief, January 29th 2020. Irak : trois roquettes frappent l’ambassade américaine à Bagdad. Trois roquettes ont frappé, dimanche 26 janvier, pour la première fois directement, l’ambassade américaine à Bagdad. Quelques heures après les tirs, les Etats-Unis ont « appelé le gouvernement de l’Irak à remplir ses obligations, afin de protéger [leurs] installations diplomatiques ». Ces tirs de roquettes s’ajoutent à la série d’attaques ayant visé ces dernières semaines l’ambassade américaine, située dans la zone verte ultrasécurisée de Bagdad, et des bases irakiennes abritant des soldats américains.

Aucune n’a été revendiquée, mais Washington a plusieurs fois accusé des milices pro-Iran. Trump linked Ukraine aid to Biden inquiry, Bolton book draft says – report. US embassy in Iraq hit by rocket attack, wounding at least one. The world in brief, January 27th 2020. More disruption ahead: French pension reform 2020-01-24. Holy war: America and religious schools 2020-01-22. 4 notions and list of questions Term. Fiche bilan BAC février 2020. Ms Chang's research script .docx. Theresa May on the BBC. Theresa May’s interview to the BBC March 2017 script. Ms Chang's research G PATOIS.

Theresa May’s interview to the BBC March 2017 grid .docx. Grille LV2 Ms chang's research. Grille LV1 Ms chang's research. The Flatmates - Language Point 127. However, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever, whoever - English Grammar Today – Cambridge Dictionary. EVER with WH exercise. Article Refugees crossing into Canada from US on foot despite freezing temperatures. CE questions Refugees crossing .docx. CE taste of metal answers .docx. Vietnam War, nixon and faulkner. Refugees crossing recap. Refugees crossing into Canada Flashcards. EE study question migration to canada. Refugee crossing Class notes .docx.