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Gateway. Alpha2. Actualité des nouvelles technologies : Blog, Nouveautés, Tests et News high tech. The sapphire mines of Madagascar. Strawberry Earth, A blog for creative people who care about the planet. Climb mountains or the Eiffel tower, explore forests or the supermarket.

Strawberry Earth, A blog for creative people who care about the planet

Wherever you plan to go, make sure to bring this Fjällräven Kånken backpack with you and you’ll be alright. Designed to prevent the tiny spines of pupils in Sweden in 1978, nowadays you can carry more than school books alone in the Kånken backpack. This squared bag is a feast for the eye, also because of the wide range of colours. Ice blue, peach pink, ochre yellow and 26 other colors.

Dtours[paper] Sweet Sixteen - Ma Vie dans le XVIe. { feuilleton } King’s Cloak (2012) by Alice Lin. • The week in Finnegans Wake: illustrations by John Vernon Lord for a new Folio Society edition; The Guardian‘s review from 1939; Christina Scholz explores Joyce’s use of the Ant and the Grasshopper fable; Sheng Yun wonders when Dai Congrong will compete the first Chinese translation of the book; Stephanie Boland on riverrun, the latest theatrical adaptation. • It’s Robert Aickman‘s centenary year so Faber are reissuing several volumes of his peerless “strange stories”.

{ feuilleton }

And it’s good to see the great Clark Ashton Smith finally receive the blessing of Penguin Classics. • The Teenage Boyfriend of the Beat Generation: Marcus Ewart slept with Allen Ginsberg (who showed him how to give a proper blowjob), and had an eight-year relationship with William Burroughs. Yet another advocate of shorter work time was JS Mill. Vie de merde : Vos histoires de la vie quotidienne. Art « Macarons-et-talons-hauts's Blog. Why go elsewhere? Bags from Popgloss - a daily womens shopping magazine with the latest and best designed womens clothing, boots, bags, jewelry accessories and makeup. Novövision. Presse-citron - Geek, high-tech, social media, web mobile.