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Behance. ALIENATED on Behance. Terry Gilliam & Wes Anderson editorial illustrations on Behance. Labyrinthine Drawings of Interconnected Rooms by Mathew Borrett. For this spectacularly detailed series of architecturally influenced drawings, Toronto-based artist Mathew Borrett labored with 005 Pigma Micron pens to create networks of compartmentalized dwellings that appear to be carved into the face of a cliff or dug into the ground with isometric perfection.

Labyrinthine Drawings of Interconnected Rooms by Mathew Borrett

Titled Room Series, the drawings were created in 2003, and Borrett continues to explore imaginary landscapes that appear gently influenced by science fiction and fantasy. You can see more of his work in his website and he has prints available on Fine Art America. Borrett also has a self-published book spanning the last decade. (via Artist a Day) RAWZ. Share what inspires you or what you have done.


We will select the best images for the Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo. Powered by Fusion April 4, 2014 View Original Olivier Desrochers Embed Code <h3>Olivier Desrochers</h3><p class="imgC" ><a href=" src=" /></a></p> thisdifferencebetweenus reblogged this from rawbdzsuperblune likes thiskath-g reblogged this from rawbdzkath-g likes thiscreatedrich likes thisthestatlerandwaldorf reblogged this from rawbdzdoodleradmin likes thiscaptainlomer reblogged this from rawbdzegroeg43 reblogged this from rawbdzwhatsundersamelliottsmustache likes thisivancech reblogged this from rawbdzivancech likes thisOlivier Desrochers submitted this to rawbdz.

Anton Vill. Drawings by Estonia-based artist Anton Vill.

Anton Vill

More below. Anton Vill’s Website. Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle. Digital artist and illustrator Florian Nicolle (previously here and here) blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits that seem to fly off the canvas.

Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle

Over the past few years, Nicolle has been tapped by some of the world’s largest brands including Nike, Adobe, Warner Brothers, and ESPN, but still finds time for personal work. A collection of random drawings 2014 on Behance. 4.18.2014 on Behance. More-Sketchbook-Illustration-Drawings-by-Irina-Vinnik-19. Harriet Lee Merrion. Non, ce n'est pas une illustratrice japonaise, mais anglaise.

Harriet Lee Merrion

Harriet Lee Merrion vit et travaille à Bristol, et c'est mon coup de cœur du jour :-) RAWZ. RAWZ. RAWZ. CHAMAN on Behance. Faramita Swan Drawing4. Kiyoshi Awazu. C'est mon grand fils qui m'a fait découvrir ce graphiste-illustrateur japonais mort en 2009.

Kiyoshi Awazu

Je n'ai pas trouvé grand chose sur ce monsieur qui fut très prolifique dans les années 70, mais, ses réalisations me bluffent par leurs forces et leurs personnalités. Enjoy :-) Alexandra Levasseur. Mixed media paintings by artist Alexandra Levasseur (previously posted here).

Alexandra Levasseur

More below. “Drawing On The Past”: Drawing by Zach Tutor. In case you somehow missed it, we’ve officially launched our latest project, “Drawing On The Past”.

“Drawing On The Past”: Drawing by Zach Tutor

I produced a special bag with my friends at Herschel Supply and we’re releasing it as part of an art project open to anyone! This drawing above is from Zach Tutor, the talented guy behind Supersonic Art. The person, place, or thing that’s positively affected his life is the city of San Francisco. Not only was it the catalyst for starting his blog in the first place, it’s also the reason he met his best friend, and girl friend! So what is it for you? Essam Marouf.

Paintings by Essam Marouf.

Essam Marouf

Works from 2013 to 2014 on Behance. RAWZ. RAWZ. Ken Price. Airbourne on Behance. Cursed Soldiers posters on Behance. Drawings by Evie Cahir. Recent drawings by Melbourne-based artist illustrator Evie Cahir, mostly from her “Mapping Melbourne” project, documenting her favourite spots in her city.

Drawings by Evie Cahir

I love these so much. More work below! Girls Swallowed by Beautiful Vortex of Patterns. David Theron. Drawings and paintings by artist David Theron. Found via the April Reader Submissions post. More images below. David Theron’s Website Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver. Exquisite Drawings by Alfred Basha. Continuing my "Instagram browsing saga" I bumped into some exquisite drawings and I simply had to share them here with you. I'm talking about @alfredbasha, an Italy based artist that has an amazing style. He draws black inked artworks that will grab your attention and will take you beyond the image. Alfred is also a member of a cool art project/brand called Anjavy, where young artists create unique work with ink.

From T-shirts to iPhone cases and mugs, they have some cool stuff at their shop, so take a look. And make sure to follow his Instagram account, it is truly inspiring. Artist CJ Hendry Draws 50 Photorealistic Foods in 50 Days. Starting in February, Brisbane artist CJ Hendry embarked on an ambitious drawing project, the creation of 50 food drawings in 50 days, with a new piece posted to Instagram every 24 hours. Each black pen drawing of a photorealistic food set against the backdrop of an ornate French plate is rendered with a stunning grasp of shading and depth. You can scroll through the entire collection of photos here, and see some of her earlier large-scale drawings on Analogue/

Artist: Raymond Lemstra. Love this new series of drawings called “CRUMBS”, by one of my favourite artists Raymond Lemstra. Lots more images below (warning: LOTS). " Best of 2014: Hybrid Trap by Trap - Dario Puggioni. Fascinatingly strange portraits from Italian born, Berlin based painter Dario Puggioni that portray, according to Puggioni, subjects that exist in a world of complete silence. The result of this existence is an evolutionary step that is also silent: subjects growing plants from their bodies. See more of Puggioni’s paintings below. Dario Puggioni’s Website. Zach Tutor is an artist living in Oxford, Mississippi. He is creator & editor of Supersonic Art. ATP Finals 2013 - Tennis Temple. Fumi Mini Nakamura. Incredible graphite and ink drawings by New York-based artist Fumi Mini Nakamura.

Love these so much. More images below. Fumi Mini Nakamura’s Website Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. Fashion Illustrations by Esra Roise. L’artiste Esra Roise est une illustratrice norvégienne basée à Oslo qui dessine et peint des portraits de belles jeunes femmes sophistiquées. À l’aide d’aquarelles et de crayons, elle les habille de tenues créatives et stylisées avec des effets de textures et des variances de couleurs très visuelles.

À découvrir dans la suite. Ben Grasso. Paintings by artist Ben Grasso. More below. Ben Grasso’s Website Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver. Twilights: New Ink Paintings on Vintage Books by Ekaterina Panikanova. Celestial phenomena, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm210x260. Impersonal verbs, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm 130×110; In my garden flowered a rose, 2014, books, nails, wood, inks, acrylic, cm 210×150. Tree with Haircuts. Coup de cœur pour l’illustrateur anglais Jonny Glover qui a imaginé avec sa dernière série « Tree with Haircuts » ce à quoi les arbres ressembleraient s’ils étaient entre les mains de coiffeurs. Une série d’illustrations amusante à découvrir en détails et uniquement en noir et blanc dans la suite de l’article. Intricacies: A Book of Collaborative Drawings Inspired by Nature.

Intricacies is a forthcoming book of collaborative illustrations between artists Christina Mrozik and Zoe Keller. The black and white drawings of birds, intertwined anatomical studies, and other bits of wildlife stitched with hints of narrative were inspired in part by the rural landscape surrounding their small art studio in Michigan. Each illustration represents 30-50 hours of combined drawing time, with some pieces passed back and forth multiple times between Keller and Mrozik before the piece was finished. The 64-page hardcover book is currently funding over on Kickstarter with just 3 days left. (via Juxtapoz) Sven Kroner. Paintings by Germany-based artist Sven Kroner. Andy Calabozo. Andy Calabozo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Now he’s based in Portugal. Baby Terrors, Illustrator Alex Solis Reimagines Famous Horror Characters As Babies.

Chicago-based illustrator Alex Solis ( previously ), has created this incredible illustration series that features famous monsters and other terrifying characters from horror movies and tales as babies… Alex Solis | alexmdc. RAWZ. Modern Engravings by Olivia Knapp. Ink and watercolor summer 2014 on Behance. Un lapin dans la maison. Super Rad Illustrations by Ronald Wimberly. Out Of The Dark on Behance. Nature And Anatomy Paintings. PORTFOLIO : USUGROW Official Website.