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A HOW-TO GUIDE IN REVERSE: 10 Ways to Ruin Your e-Learning. E-Learning Feeds is ranking and scoring hundreds of Top e-Learning blogs, while helping e-Learning oriented readers to answer the question "What’s happening in the e-Learning industry" on a daily basis based on the Top e-Learning Blogs.

A HOW-TO GUIDE IN REVERSE: 10 Ways to Ruin Your e-Learning

Would you like to share your Top e-Learning Blog Posts with a thriving community of more than 100,000 e-learning readers? Well... then Submit your e-Learning blog’s RSS feed at e-Learning Feeds. Submit your Top e-Learning Blog’s RSS Feed and increase your Top e-Learning Blog’s traffic! The story of e-Learning Feeds. Resumen de utilidades educativas 2.0. Connected Minds. 40ishoracle. » ¿Quién quiere ser profesor?


10 ways schools are teaching internet safety. "The student’s job is to figure out which website is the hoax.

10 ways schools are teaching internet safety

After students have looked at all three websites and figured out which one is the hoax, they share what they found with their classmates," says one reader in describing a hands-on lesson. As internet use has become a daily part of most students’ lives, students must know how to protect themselves and their identity at all times—especially when teachers and parents aren’t there to help them. Teaching students about internet safety has been important for as long as the internet has existed, but it’s in the spotlight this year in particular as schools get ready to apply for 2012 eRate discounts on their telecommunications services and internet access.

Latitude Research° How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] It's clear that today's students rely heavily on electronic devices even when they're not incorporated in the classroom.

How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

In one survey of college students, 38% said they couldn't even go 10 minutes without switching on some sort of electronic device. But how students are using their devices, how technology is affecting their educational experience, and what effect it has on their well-being are questions that are harder to answer. In the infographic below, online higher education database has summed up some of the existing research on these points. CIT: Thoughts on Facebook.

By Tracy Mitrano, April 2006 Introduction Facebook, like much of the Internet, is a great innovation!

CIT: Thoughts on Facebook

It offers you an opportunity to interact with an extraordinarily expansive universe of new people. You can sculpt your on-line identity and learn more about how the Internet and its various programs work to create new relationships and communities. For the entrepreneurially minded, it might be an introduction into business as you think of how to "market" yourself. En busca del mejor ordenador para implementar en las escuelas. PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Objetos de Aprendizaje (learning objects) BurgiSurveyELearning-v3.pdf (application/pdf Objeto) Reviewrandd_2002.pdf (application/pdf Objeto)

El viaje a Grecia. Especial Formación On-line. Los materiales de aprendizaje en ... - Google Books. Internet para ONG. - (·Ab·soo·) Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas - ITE. - norskkurs på nett. An exciting combination of videos, language exercises, recordings and pictures make learning the language an efficient, motivating and inspiring experience. - norskkurs på nett

Varied and interactive content Multimedia dictionary and grammar guide Sound and pronunciation practice Internal messaging system Arena for group work (Chat, E-mail, WEB-cam, discussion groups and more) Study anywhere - whenever you want Migranorsk offers you the possibility to establish your own study plan according to your schedule. It is no longer difficult to combine studies with work and a busy family life.

Use our workbooks You can order our workbooks if you need extra grammar exercises and reading texts. Migranorsk IntroductionIntroductory course describing the contents, principles and functionality of the program in many languages, such as English, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian, Somali and Norwegian. Greta du Velay - Centre de formation continue pour adultes. Canal de transitprojectes. Trànsit Projectes. Learning for Life: The Foundations of Lifelong Learning. Category: Study Posted on 2010-02-27.

Learning for Life: The Foundations of Lifelong Learning

By anonymous. Description David H. Hargreaves, "Learning for Life: The Foundations of Lifelong Learning" Policy Press | 2004 | ISBN: 1861345976 | 114 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB "The foundations of lifelong learning are laid during the school years. " Download Not all books on / appear on the homepage. NO MIRRORS according to the rules Sponsored High Speed Downloads Disclaimer: Contents of this information are indexed from the Internet and not censored. Inclusión digital, desde la perspectiva del sector privado. Just another Around The World with 80 Schools weblog /  Journey Around The World. Observatorio para la CiberSociedad. The Largest Global E-Learning Conference - ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2010. Bases para una formación inicial del profesorado desde una perspectiva 2.0. Informes internacionales, análisis nacionales y el propio sentido común nos indican que la mejora del sistema educativo debe pasar por un cambio importante de la formación inicial del profesorado.

Bases para una formación inicial del profesorado desde una perspectiva 2.0

Es una necesidad evidente el paso de una formación centrada en el saber y basada en la lección magistral hacia un proceso más rico y complejo de construcción de la identidad profesional del futuro docente a través de metodologías activas, críticas y situacionales. Para esta transformación la perspectiva 2.0 puede ser una ayuda indispensable y un factor de motivación para el docente en formación.Sin embargo, como ya expusimos en una entrada anterior, hay datos que nos hacen temer no sólo que esta perspectiva 2.0 esté ausente del currículo de formación inicial del profesorado, sino que las tIC tengan un uso muy restringido en las facultades de educación en nuestro país.

Esto no se debe a dejadez u olvido por parte del profesorado universitario. Sin embargo, la renovación es necesaria. Taylorismo digital: la educación no impedirá que Occidente se empobrezca. Peter Wilby. Los empleados cualificados irán al más bajo postor globalizado.

Taylorismo digital: la educación no impedirá que Occidente se empobrezca. Peter Wilby

Join the open and free course on mobile learning: #MobiMOOC. Mobile learning (mLearning) is all the rage at the moment, but how do you get started and how do you maximize the mLearning plans you have?

Join the open and free course on mobile learning: #MobiMOOC

Simple, follow this free online course facilitated by 7 mobile experts and turn your mLearning knowledge into a practical project. Interested? Join the online google group, the course wiki and enter the mLearning conversation with other peers. Grab your mobile and optimize its useThe MobiMOOC course will run for 6 weeks (2 April – 14 May). The target group for this course is … anyone interested in mLearning. The MobiMOOC course will start with an introduction to mLearning, getting everyone comfortable with some of its key features, and gradually moving into the more complex technical, project planning and philosophical topics. The MOOC formatMobiMOOC is a fully online course, which follows the MOOC (Massive, Open, Online Course) format. ESTÁNDARES PARA EDUCACIÓN EN TECNOLOGÍA. Modulo Estándares TIC para Estudiantes, Docentes y Directivos - DOCENTES TIC > UNESCO. 44 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed. What a week!

44 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

The good folks at Mashable have been working hard to cover the TED talks, the launch of Apple's new iPad 2, and the rest of this week's news. Still, the team has managed to crank out another week's worth of solid tools and resources. Here you can find stories on the hardware behind the new iPad 2, digital trends for 2011, how credit cards fit into the future of e-commerce, and a guide to understanding the social media ROI cycle. Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad C3. Decision makers essentials, Vol. 1 of 3. eLearn Center. eLearn Center Research Paper Series. Journal promoted by eLearn Center of UOC. eLC Research Paper Series promotes research in e-learning from the educational sciences, computer science, economics and multi-focused approach. Each issue of eLC Research Paper Series includes original researches in the field of e-learning. Issue 7 (November 2013). PhD research papers dealing with time issues II Table of Contents.

Informática Educativa Isla&Sam. Gmr2011-summary-es. 112210 (application/pdf Objeto) I Congreso Iberoamericano sobre Redes Sociales. Uocmetic-grupo8 - home. Do you use Facebook or Twitter in the classroom (or know someone who does)? I’ll be presenting examples of classroom uses of social networking tools at the Campus Technology 2011 conference. Do you have a story you would like share? If you’ve used Twitter or Facebook in the classroom successfully, and would be willing to have your story shared here on EmergingEdTech and possibly with CT 2011 conference attendees this summer, please let me know about it. If you know a teacher who has been using these apps, or any other social networking tools in the educational setting, please pass this post on to them.

Why Instructional System Design or ADDIE. Instructional System Design (ISD) is often referred to as ADDIE, which is the acronym for the five phases of ISD — Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. It may be defined as the systematic and iterative method for creating learning experience that develop and enhance skills and knowledge. In the past, ISD and ADDIE were often referred to as a Systems Approach to Training (SAT), (U.S.