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Fun at Work Fundamental: Study. Millennial job seekers just wanna have fun, and employers looking to recruit and retain recent graduates should make workplace fun a “central focus of recruiting efforts,” according to recent academic research.

Fun at Work Fundamental: Study

The findings hold up even at a time when a sluggish economy is leaving many graduates under- or unemployed, says John W. Michel, Ph.D., assistant professor of management at Loyola University Maryland. In fact, during difficult economic times when workers are asked to do more for less, “fun may be particularly relevant” in the workplace, suggest Michel and co-researchers Michael J.

Tews, Ph.D., and Albert Bartlett, Ph.D., in their paper, The Fundamental Role of Workplace Fun in Applicant Attraction. The paper appeared in the Jan. 19, 2012 issue of Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. They conducted the fall 2011 study at three large U.S. universities with 374 undergraduate students, in their final semester, who were actively seeking full-time employment upon graduation. Games and your brain: how to use gamification to stop procrastinating. 1.4K Flares 1.4K Flares × It is Thursday afternoon.

Games and your brain: how to use gamification to stop procrastinating

How Can You Gamify The Job Search? Smartificial. Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification. Gamification is a hot new trend in business.

Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification

As with any emerging trend, the best practices are still emerging. Some businesses are taking a “chocolate covered broccoli” approach by simply adding points, badges, and leaderboards to their applications and calling them gamified. This article offers another approach. 6 Tips for Getting Employees to Accept Your Gamification System. Having Employees Accept Gamification Can be Tricky.

6 Tips for Getting Employees to Accept Your Gamification System

How to Measure the ROI of Gamification. A Guide for Measuring the ROI of Gamification Measuring ROI is an elusive task: you have external factors that affect the results; measuring the baseline is a subjective process; forecasting future impact is hard and even calculating the actual investment is a project by itself.

How to Measure the ROI of Gamification

That said, one can measure almost anything (I recommend reading the book How to Measure Anything). Research shows gamification produces valid data. UK — Soft gamification techniques can produce more valid data than a standard survey according to a study from MMR Research Worldwide.

Research shows gamification produces valid data

The research company claimed that soft gamification provided a “directional improvement” in terms of data validity allowing respondents to better reflect and access what they would do in reality. With Oxford Brookes University student Hollie Kernohan, MMR looked at the consumer behaviour surrounding an average weekly grocery shop using standard questions and gamified question wording in an online survey. In a gamified condition, 79% of respondents were more likely to accurately predict their spend compared with 63% in the standard survey. In addition, the application of soft gamification saw the average number of words given in participants’ responses increases by almost ten from 5.68 to 13.77. The importance of feedback loops (infographic) Game Plan. Top 10 Social Gamification Examples that will Literally Save the World.

(This is the Gamification Framework that I am most known for.

Top 10 Social Gamification Examples that will Literally Save the World

Within a year, it was translated into 9 different languages and became classic teaching literature in the gamification space in the US, Europe, Australia and South America.) 6 reasons to get on board with gamification. Editor's note: This story and video clip are taken from Ragan's new distance-learning portal . The site contains more than 200 hours of case studies, video presentations, and interactive courses. For membership information, please click here . A TV show called "The Aviators" once posed the question: Can a 12-year-old with no formal training land a 737 at a major airport?

Producers grabbed a youngster named Rodney and plopped him down in a flight simulator of the sort that professional pilots use, says Gabe Zichermann , author and chair of the Gamification Summit. Zichermann isn't a guy you'd call in midair if the pilot gets sick from eating bad fish, he says. These whippersnappers, with their videogame knowhow, are displaying "fluid intelligence"—the ability to solve problems in novel situations. . [ RELATED: Hear Fortune 500 companies' intranet case studies at Expedia's HQ in June.] Gamification is transforming business strategies across organizations large and small. Why Gamification Design Should be Individual-Focused. Understanding Gamification’s Capabilities is Key While there are many benefits to gamification and many businesses are using this practice to make their website more engaging, the methods used by practicing businesses could often be more effective.

Many businesses who integrate game dynamics within their company are often too focused on a corporate level, rather than the gamification of individuals. Because people play games for their own enjoyment, gamification that is too general is often ineffective due to its irrelevance to customers or employees. Conheça a gamificação, que transforma suas tarefas cotidianas em games. 6 Easy Steps to Use Gamification in Your Classroom. Is Gamification Just a Fad? Is Your Company Ready For Gamification? Here’s How To Find Out.

Ever heard the quote: “Life’s a game, all you have to do is know how to play it”?

Is Your Company Ready For Gamification? Here’s How To Find Out

Sure you have. But who would have guessed it would become the battle cry for an increasing number of companies. At least that’s the way it seems with all the buzz about gamification. Enterprises far and wide are now hoping that adding game mechanics to interactions with employees, customers, and prospects will drive engagement and energize business results. Versu. Video: “Gamification of Everything” Panel at Churchill Club Features CEO Patrick Salyer « Gigya's Blog. Last week, CEO Patrick Salyer joined panelists from Bunchball, UC Santa Cruz, and the Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games to discuss gamification‘s impact on innovation and growth across sectors from healthcare and fitness to travel, commerce, and more.

Video: “Gamification of Everything” Panel at Churchill Club Features CEO Patrick Salyer « Gigya's Blog

IDEO Behavioral Economist David Fetherstonhaugh moderated the conversation, as participants discussed gamification’s influence on habit formation and behavior change, frameworks for gamification, and more. Silicon Valley Business Journal covered the event, highlighting Salyer’s assertion that “the term ‘gamification’ is the worst thing to happen to gamification.” According to Salyer, gamification isn’t simply play: rather, it’s more about providing incentives for and reinforcing desired behaviors with rewards. Check out the full article here, and see the video below for the full panel: -Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya Recommend this story Looking for more? Request a Demo.