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SAY OR TELL REP SPEECH. Reported speech Quiz. Choose the correct reported speech version of each statement.

Reported speech Quiz

Each question has only one correct answer. When you are finished click on the "Next Question" button. There are 20 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 1 minute per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback. Teachers: Printable version of this Reported Speech quiz for in-class use This overview of reported speech provides a guide on which transformations are required to use the form.

General Grammar Review by Level Beginning English Grammar ReviewLower Intermediate English Grammar ReviewIntermediate Grammar ReviewAdvanced English Grammar Review Verb Form Quizzes Past Tenses 1Verb Forms 1Verb Forms 2Past or Perfect 1Conditional Forms 1 Prepositions Prepositions ReviewPrepositional Phrases Quiz 1Prepositional Phrases Quiz 2Prepositional Phrases Quiz 3 Other Grammar Review A, An, The - Definite and Indefinite Article Review QuizTime Expressions ReviewReported SpeechAuxiliary Verb ReviewMore Quizzes. ┬┐NECESITO : 10 direct questions to indirect question. DIRECT : What is Gaius doing?

┬┐NECESITO : 10 direct questions to indirect question

INDIRECT: They ask what Gaius is doing. DIRECT: What did Gaius do? INDIRECT:They ask what Gaius did. DIRECT: What will Gaius do? INDIRECT:They asked what Gaius would do. DIRECT: What have you done? DIRECT: What had you done? DIRECT: What do you like doing in your free time? DIRECT: Are you going to the film tomorrow? DIRECT: The buyer asked, "Are the goods ready to be shipped?

" DIRECT: The boss asked, "What are they doing? " DIR IND QUESTIONS GOOD. Form and meaning If we do not begin a question directly, but begin it with something like Can you tell me...?


Do you know...? I wonder if...? The word order is the same as in an affirmative statement. Direct question: What is he doing? Ideas for teaching indirect questions How do you teach indirect questions? Rude: Tell me what time it is! Rude: Give me a pen! Rude: Move! So lesson is: 1) be rude, 2) what can we say to be polite (Could you..., I was wondering if...?) Getting students to transform real questions into indirect questions is very confusing for them - and artificial since the basic underlying sentence is a command, not a question.

Direct and indirect questions exercises, rules. Online exercises with answers Test 1 exercise 1 Test 2 exercise 1 | exercise 2 If we want to make questions in the English language, we can do it by changing the word order (Is he your brother?

Direct and indirect questions exercises, rules

The indirect questions are not normal questions. Compare the following direct and indirect questions: Direct: What did she want? We can use many other introductory phrases to start such questions, e. g. We use the indirect questions similarly in the reported speech, but we have to make some other changes in the Reported questions. Look at more examples to understand how we change the direct questions:How much is it? These questions are more common in English than in some other languages. Our tip. TENSES SENTENCES.