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F U N E N G L I S H: ENGLISH SONGS. PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH DIPHTHONGS. Aaron Martin's TEFL/TESL Website Index. APAC. Associació de Professors i Professores d'Anglès de Catalunya. English. Indonesia and Finland Signed MoU on Cooperation in the Education Sector Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Anies Baswedan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnish Education and Communication Minister, Krista Kuru, at the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture office on Thursday, March 19, 2015.


The aim of the agreement was to strengthen the cooperation in the education sector, particularly in the elementary and secondary education system. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focused on six areas: (1) Information and scientific publication exchanges; (2) Curriculum development; (3) Analysis and discussion on education; (4) Teaching and learning professionalism; (5) School management; and (6) Other education issues agreed between Indonesia and Finland. “From this cooperation, there are many things we can do in our education sector, ” said Anies after signing the MoU. MastersinESL.

Song lyrics. Reading resources for teachers free. Introducing Grammarman: video - Grammarman. Learn Hot English - Free Lessons. Learn English through songs. Learn Languages for Free with Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Learn english by Classroom Posters. Learn English: Listening materials. Free ESL English lessons for non-native English Learners. English Lessons - Niharika. Grammar videos. Skills. General Listening Websites.

英语通(中英合作,免费学英语,多媒体互动,商务英语,英语教学,雅思,四级考试,儿童英语,英语聊天、论坛博客. LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH PICTURES. Learn english through Picture Description. Free English Listening exercises and tests online. LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH PICTURES. LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH PICTURES. Learn english through songs and videos. Listening. American Songs. #sthash.9UHC2gGr. Travel English: 100 sentences you must know. Home - Learn English With Sozo Exchange. English Listening Resources. has created this collection of listening resources to help advanced English learners learn English online.

English Listening Resources

The resources below include free online news and culture broadcasts, online music, online movies, online radio and more. (Most resources work best with high-speed Internet access.) National Public Radio Talk of the Nation - Audio news talk show. Morning Edition - Morning news talk show All Things Considered - Audio talk show on a variety of topics Motley Fool Radio - Personal finance and investing talk show Car Talk - Talk show about cars and more This American Life - Life and culture. BBC Online BBC News Hour BBC Hard Talk - Journalists debate current events. StoryCorps. English Listening Exercises.

Listening to Academic Lectures Online. Listening to Academic Lectures Online. Podcasting. VOA Pronunciation Guide. Pronouncing a person's name As administrator of the VOA Pronunciation Guide, I am constantly asked to provide the "correct" pronunciation of a person's name.

VOA Pronunciation Guide

Phrased as such, the question implies that there is only one "correct" way, to the exclusion of all others. How do we know what is "correct"? Were it a perfect world, we would endeavor to carefully interview each person whose name we wish to learn how to pronounce. We would question him or her about any slight nuances we hear and closely watch the lips move as the sounds are made. Even then, opinions will vary. With this in mind, please be aware that every entry in the VOA Pronunciation Guide database is a compromise, to one degree or the other. Pronouncing a place name At VOA, we treat people and place names differently. However, for place names, we rely upon the Merriam Webster Geographic Dictionary as a first source. Problem areas The guide is not intended to be a language teaching tool.

Jim Tedder July 2003. ABC Services - Podcasts. English as a Second Language Podcast. Listening : Downloadable MP3 Files. There are currently 10192 registered links.Main Page | Links for Students | Links for Teachers | What's New * American Stories in VOA Special English [FRAME] Short stories written by American writers rewritten in VOA Special English * VOA News in Special English - 10 Minute Audio with a Transcript Once a week, this website posts MP3 and RealAudio files plus a transcript. * VOA Special English - Words and Their Stories MP3 files and Text, 5 minutes, once a week, idioms, vocabulary, etc. * VOA Special English Mobile Site This is a good, clean, fast-loading website, not just for mobil devices. * VOA's Agriculture Report (Once a Week) (Voice of America) Downloadable MP3 file or RealAudio file and text.

Listening : Downloadable MP3 Files

Free English podcasts. Listening : Podcasts. P = Easy Online RSS Reader for ESL/EFL Podcasts. Speech accent archive: browse. Songs. Listen to Passages « English Listening. NPR : National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts : NPR. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language.

Learn English for Free with elllo! Links : Listening. Listening to English Links. China Detains 100 Lawyers, Activists. China Detains 100 Lawyers, Activists China has detained or questioned more than 100 human rights lawyers and activists recently.

China Detains 100 Lawyers, Activists

Rights groups are sharply critical of the Chinese government. They are describing its actions as the worst crackdown in 20 years. The China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group reported Monday that 114 human rights lawyers and activists from 18 provinces were called in for questioning. At least 22 are said to remain in police detention. Mass detentions follow lawyer’s disappearance On the morning of July 9, lawyer Wang Yu was taken from her home by police. Not long after Ms. Officials later detained some of those who signed their names to the list, as well as two members of the Beijing Fengrui Law Firm, Zhou Shifeng and Liu Xiaoyuan. One of those questioned was Ge Yongxi, a lawyer from Guangdong. He said “I don’t believe this [crackdown] will cool down people’s attention to Wang Yu’s and Zhou Shifeng’s cases.

Mass arrests under national security law I’m Jim Tedder. Links for listening to spoken English.