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Grammar across the curriculum. Untitled. CLIL Projects and Materials (ready to be used) / Actividades y materiales CLIL - listos para usar / - Cambridge International Book Centre - EFL / ELT / ESL / EAL / ESOL / TEFL / TESOL Books. Isabel's ESL Site: English as a Foreign/Second Language in Secondary Education. Simple Present.

[VERB] + s/es in third person Examples: You speak English.

Simple Present

Do you speak English? You do not speak English. Complete List of Simple Present Forms USE 1 Repeated Actions Use the Simple Present to express the idea that an action is repeated or usual. I play tennis. USE 2 Facts or Generalizations The Simple Present can also indicate the speaker believes that a fact was true before, is true now, and will be true in the future.

Cats like milk. USE 3 Scheduled Events in the Near Future Speakers occasionally use Simple Present to talk about scheduled events in the near future. The train leaves tonight at 6 PM. USE 4 Now (Non-Continuous Verbs) Speakers sometimes use the Simple Present to express the idea that an action is happening or is not happening now. I am here now. The examples below show the placement for grammar adverbs such as: always, only, never, ever, still, just, etc. You only speak English. Once a week, Tom cleans the car. More About Active / Passive Forms. English online exercises. Elovivo - Dictionary. Phonics Game. Autotick Cheat-Proof English Grammar Test Worksheets Helps My Children and Students Score ‘A’s in English Grammar Tests. Learn English - Beginner Lesson #1 - How’s It Going? Audio Lesson Archives Video Lesson Archives Download Audio and Video Lessons Add Lesson to Dashboard Basic Lesson Checklist Premium Lesson Checklist The Review Track Dialogue Only Track Mark This Lesson Complete Mark This Lesson as Favorite Kanji Close Up PDF Lesson Notes Pop Out Audio Player My Notes Control Audio Speed Glorious Fullscreen Video.

Learn English - Beginner Lesson #1 - How’s It Going?

Autotick-English-grammar-worksheets-level-1-to-3-free-sample.pdf. English Daily - Learn American idioms, English conversation. ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources. Things for ESL/EFL Teachers. Things for ESL/EFL TeachersFrom The Internet TESL Journal Optimized for SpeedNo Advertising, No Images, Minimal HTML, No Nonsense.

Things for ESL/EFL Teachers

Home | Articles | Lessons | Techniques | Questions | Games | Jokes | Things for Teachers | Links | Activities for ESL Students Projects These are all projects that teachers can add materials to. Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study) Marbelys's library. EFL Assessment sheets. ELT Resources: Classroom Management. 10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses. Over the summer I was running a number of two week ICT in language teaching courses for teachers from around the world.

10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses

The courses were part of the Bell summer campus at Homerton College Cambridge. This was the first time in a while I had been asked to teach such long courses and i thought it was a great opportunity to see if I could fundamentally change the way the teachers related to technology, not just in the classroom as a tool for teaching learners, but as a tool within their everyday working practice. As sub goals I set out to run the course with absolutely no paper. That meant no photocopied handouts and no paper based note taking from trainees. I wanted to push these teachers to the point where they could work totally in the digital medium and where paper became totally unnecessary.

I would like to add that this course took place in a computer room with 1 Internet connected computer per teacher. TodaysMeet This was my fundamental communication tool. Related links: Best Nik Peachey. Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus Online. LanguageTool Style and Grammar Check. Transl8it! - understand SMS text message slang & chat lingo shorthand. Sitemap. English Pronunciation.

Documento sin título. Descargar tu Pack de Bienvenida. Grammar, Vocabulary & Culture quizzes. Better Writing Made Easy. Inglês Fluente - Aprenda Inglês Online. Clases conversación inglés Skype Audio Curso Ingles Rapido Mp3.

Business English Grammar Lessons. Rewriting sentences. Weekly Writing tasks, sample answers, video lessons and more! Support for Cambridge English: First (FCE) Writing skills. Preparing for the First Certificate Examination for Free. Cambridge University's First Certificate Examination (FCE) is probably the most widely respected English learning certificate outside of the United States.

Preparing for the First Certificate Examination for Free

Examination centres around the world offer the First Certificate Exam twice a year; once in December and once in June. In fact, the First Certificate is only one of a number of Cambridge examinations aimed at levels from young learners to business English. However, the FCE is certainly the most popular. The tests are given in Cambridge University approved exam centres using Cambridge University approved examiners. Studying for the First Certificate Exam usually involves a long course. Reading Writing Use of English Listening Speaking Up until now, there have been few resources on the Internet for First Certificate preparation. What is the First Certificate Examination? Before beginning to study for the First Certificate, it is a good idea to understand the philosophy and purpose behind this standardized test. Reading. Telephoning. If the person you want to speak to answers the call, this part is simple.


If the receiver gives her name when he answers your call, you can skip to the next stage. If the receiver does not give his name, you can confirm that you have the right person: Hello, is that Mr Lau? More often the number that you have will connect you to an operator or secretary. In this case you will have to ask to speak to Mr.

Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr. If Mr. Could you tell me when he will be available? If the person you are calling has a busy schedule, you may have to call several times. Telephoning.