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- Welcome to Wooden Toy - WEDNESDAY 15 JUNE 2011 // MEGGS x ZERO COOL GALLERY x LONDON Hosted by VNA Magazine and Zero Cool gallery comes our Melbourne mate MEGGS solo exhibition INNER DEMONS.

- Welcome to Wooden Toy -

If you're not familiar with Meggs work then puh-leease do yourself a HUGE favour and check out his work. He's one part of the infamous Melbourne crew EVERFRESH STUDIO and Backwoods Gallery and has worked on collaborative projects with brands such as Addict, red Bull and Stussy to name but a few. The show opens next week from 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Thursday 23 June at Red Bull Studios, 155-171 Tooley St, London Bridge. Be there or be square! OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles from OFFF, let's feed the future on Vimeo. Ok ladeez and gents, it's been rather quiet on the Wooden Toy front the past week as I've been in Barcelona speaking at this years amazing OFFF Creative Festival. Friday 10 (Day 2): Was D-Day for me with my talk at 3:30pm in the afternoon where i was bowled off stage because i ran out of time. So there you have it. 16 Design Blogs For Learning Illustrator. There’s a lack of good illustrator blogs out their at the moment, so I’ve decided to compile a roundup of a 16 of my own personal favourite design blogs for learning how to use illustrator.

If of missed any from the list it would great if you could share it with us in the comments below. Vector tuts is one of the best vector sites at the moment its updated regularly and its got good content offering new tutorials and freebies for readers regularly through out the week. The best illustrator website for weekly vector inspiration, it also has useful tutorials and freebies for its readers. The editor is Ryan Putnam whose an awesome illustrator who also writes for vector tuts. 40 Breathtaking Graphic Design Examples. Graphic design refers to various artistic, inventive and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication, production, and presentation for its audience.

40 Breathtaking Graphic Design Examples

There are many techniques graphic designers use to create and blend words, symbols, and images to form a visual representation that conveys a certain idea or message. Some of these techniques include typography, photo manipulation and icon design. In this post, we’re giving you a closer look to 4 of the most popular graphic design techniques which are vector design, photo manipulation, typography and icon design. And we’ve given you 10 examples of each technique for your inspiration and pleasure!

Table of Contents. Blog. Create a Quick and Easy 3D Type Effect Clean and modern 3D type is a cool effect, and it’s surprisingly quick and easy to create.


With the combination of Photoshop and Illustrator, this effect is can be created in minutes. Let’s take a look at how it’s done. Create a Painted Portrait Effect in Illustrator Using the Bristle Brush In the past, when I wanted to create a paint-like effect, I always opened Photoshop and relied on the trusty old bitmap graphic. Illustrator Quick Tip: Create Decorative Swirls in Minutes Using the Width Tool I’ve always been a huge fan of Si Scott. 5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures in Photoshop I take a lot of texture photos. Blog.SpoonGraphics. Business Card Templates. Business Cards. Inside portuguese graphic design. Contains Scenes of a Visual Nature. Design Inspiration. Dirty Mouse. FFFFOUND! Fudgegraphics. Illustration Pages. Illustrator « Layers Magazine Layers Magazine. LINDA ZACKS : art & typography. Keep on the lookout for my Holler posters as they pop up in the NYC subway tunnels…there’s a bunch of different versions teeming with Tupac lyrics…YESSSSSSS!

LINDA ZACKS : art & typography

More wood bread buttered with paint OR short stack of woodcakes with paint syrup? More Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology by Barrie Tullett, will be published later this month. The book features 180 illustrations of work by typewriter artists from around the world! More Working on a bunch of visuals and lettering for Holler If Ya Hear Me, a new musical inspired by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur coming to Broadway this summer…check out the billboard if you are roaming around Times Square! Fucking high quality inspiration. Mózgowiem i Tabletem. Not.In - The Collection - home. Patternbank - Inspiration for Print, Pattern & Graphics. Robimy Śluby - strona 4. Komiksowe chmurki – zrób to sam Kilka dni temu pokazaliśmy Wam wrześniową sesję dwóch par – Ani i Marcina oraz Justyny i Grzegorza.

Robimy Śluby - strona 4

Elementem wyróżniającym tą sesję są komiksowe dymki – pomysł prosty, podpatrzony w sieci Kilka arkuszy tektury i bristolu, marker i nożyczki. Zobaczcie sami. I Konferencja Branży Ślubnej Wczoraj w Katowicach odbyła się I Konferencja Branży Ślubnej pod hasłem „Młoda Para XXI wieku – kim jest? Mówiliśmy między innymi o tym, jak konstruować swoją ofertęi wyróżnić się spośród konkurencji oraz skąd czerpać insporacje.

Cała konferencja była na bardzo wysokim poziomie, mogliśmy posłuchać specjalistów w różnych odcinkach naszej branży. Tymczasem chcieliśmy pochwalić się certyfikatem Dziękujemy , wszystkim Prelegentom oraz Uczestnikom za bardzo cenne doświadczenie. Jesienna sesja z chmurkami – Anna&Marcin oraz Jutyna&Grzegorz Ostatnie promienie wrześniowego słońca wykorzystaliśmy na podwójną sesję zdjęciową. SeptemberIndustry - The best in international graphic design and everything in between every week.

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