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Christmas quiz. Untitled. Halloween word search. Halloween. Christmasaroundtheworld-digitalliteracy. Christmas Murder Mystery by thecaz - UK Teaching Resources. Mr. Christmas - a short documentary. A Social Network Christmas. Who is Santa Claus? English (ESL) Lesson - Facts about Christmas & Santa Claus. Best of Christmas 6-9. Background What’s Christmas Really About A mix of movie clips (Year 6-9)The History Of Christmas – Part 1, Over an hour long, old video about everything you ever need to know about the history of X-mas and Part 2 The History of Santa Claus Warm-up Santa’s Elves Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys2015 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show (11:04) Beware of the music, not everybody’s cup of tea.

Best of Christmas 6-9

Christmas Stories. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from American Literature!

Christmas Stories

Enjoy Christmas with your family! Here are some favorite Christmas stories for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season. The Little Match Girl - Hans Christian Andersen The Gift of the Magi - O. Henry. Thanksgivingday. Addams Family Thanksgiving. Valentine's Day - Facts, Origin, Meaning & Videos - This is Britain Bonfire Night. Festivals and traditions. Short Scary Stories. Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A. Making Jack-o'-lanterns. Halloween is a festival that takes place every year on October 31.

Making Jack-o'-lanterns

It is a time when children and adults dress up in costumes, go trick or treating and make jack-o-lanterns from empty pumpkins . Halloween goes back to the customs and traditions of the Celts , who lived between Ireland and Northern France about 2000 years ago. They were pagans who did not believe in god. They thought that witches , demons and the spirits of dead people wandered around the world on the evening before November 1.

They lit bonfires to scare them away and they tried to confuse these demons by wearing the same clothes that they did. In ancient Rome the festival of Pomona was held in honour of the Roman goddess of fruits and gardens. Today Halloween is celebrated mainly by children who dress up as ghosts, witches and other evil spirits . Halloween in The USA - Video Listening Quiz. Halloween - Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets. Christmas Day in the UK. December is here and many people are starting to think about Christmas.

Christmas Day in the UK

In some places preparations for Christmas such as displays in shops and lights in the streets start as early as October! I am living in Spain at the moment, last year I spent Christmas in Finland and this year I will be spending Christmas with my family in the UK. It is very interesting to experience the different traditions in different countries during Christmas time. In my family, we usually get up very early on Christmas day and open our presents. My mother likes French food, so we have a French style breakfast with bread, croissants and lots of different cheeses. Some people go to church at Christmas and I go on my own because I am the only Christian in my family. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember the meaning of Christmas. ESL Listening activity - This is America. Thanksgiving - What is it? Valentine's Day - Facts, Origin, Meaning & Videos -

L.O.V.E. – activity/lesson plan. St.

L.O.V.E. – activity/lesson plan

Valentine’s day is approaching so here’s a lesson plan on the topic of love and friendship. Students warm up by playing a word game (stages 4-5) that encourages them to think deeper about what they read into a range of concepts related to love and friendship andpushes them to recall vocabulary on these topics The lesson ends in a discussion activity (stage 6). Level: B1-C1Length: 30-60 min (depending on whether you do the discussion activity)Focus: speaking (a conversation class)Materials: Worksheet Stage One. (Collage produced using [Optional] If the students came up with the topic of St. Say ‘I’m thinking of one of these pictures. Unitysupportfriendshipvow (for a B2-C1 class) Get the students to quiz each other in new pairs: one person chooses a picture and says their associations, the second guesses which picture is being described; listen in an board some of the students’ associations.

THEMES/ HOLIDAYS. Learn American Holidays - Halloween. The First Thanksgiving Student Activities for Grades PreK-12. Other holidays and celebrations. Seasons and traditions. My English Blog. John Lennon - Happy Christmas - Lyrics. The Snowman Full Version HQ. Download.php?lesson=3016&file=lektion-se_3016_April_Fools_Day_Quiz. Christmas Quiz 2014. Love poems. In this lesson students will collaborate in a creative writing task.

Love poems

First they will listen to a song and write down words and phrases they hear. Then they will work in groups to write a poem, following some simple guidelines and using their collective words and phrases as a starting point. The learners will write a love poem that is ‘corny' (overly sentimental) on purpose. This technique removes common reservations that some learners have about writing poetry.

Learners will read their poems at the end of the lesson. Topic: Love poems Aims: To encourage students to collaborate in a group projectTo develop students’ creative writing skillsTo show students that creative writing can be fun Age group: Teenagers and young adults Level: A2-B2 Time: 50-60 minutes Materials: An audio recording of a songLesson plan (download below) By Katherine Bilsborough.