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Efecto Texto en 3D,Photoshop

Hoy les triago los tutoriales para crear en efecto Bokeh o Buken en Photoshop, claro, de la version CS4 en adelante... Primero, el tutorial de efecto Bokeh sobre el efecto o delante de la capa de fondo: link: O tambien podemos aplicar el efecto en el fondo de nuestra imagen: link: recomiendo que en este tutorial salten hasta el minuto 3:07, desde ahi comienza lo que realmente nos importa, lo anterior son algunas recomendaciones de fotografia para lograr imagenes con el efecto, como las que compartiré a continuación... Acá las imágenes: Estas son algunas imagenes, si necesiten algunas más, contactenme por Mensaje Privado y les paso un .rar Saludos gente!

El contenido del post es de mi autoría, y/o, es un recopilación de distintas fuentes. Tutoriales Photoshop ordenados por temas 3ª parte(01/09/07) - Ph. Tutoriales Photoshop ordenados por temas 2ªParte (01/09/07) - Ph. Tutoriales Photoshop ordenados por temas (01/09/07) - Photoshop. Christmas ornaments wallpaper. December 7th, 2007 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Designing Gradient’s parameters: Selecting the Line Tool (U), it’s possible to draw the thread of white color the toy hangs up with.

Christmas ornaments wallpaper

Getting a better result is possible when combine in a group all the layers composing the toy decoration on its thread (press Ctrl button to mark out the necessary layers and hold on left mouse’s button when taking down the marked layers on Create a new group option). Make two copies of the last made group and choose Free Transform option to make some changes on the copies’ sizes, placing them the way shown next picture: Try to draw now the light reflection on the decorations, applying the Ellipse Tool (U) for representing the reflection on the most distant toy.

The layer’s parameters: Opacity 50% Blending Options>Gradient Overlay Gradient’s parameters: Using the Ellipse Tool (U) is possible to represent a vertical fillet of white color which shape may be corrected with the Convert Point Tool. Post Pages: 1 2. Photoshop Contests And Tutorials - Show Your Art - Night Before Christmas : Photoshop Tutorial And WallPaper. As I saw everybody enjoyed previous Christmas related tutorial, I decided to keep it that way and now I am offering You the next Photoshop task.

Night Before Christmas : Photoshop Tutorial And WallPaper

Tutorial creation took me about 4 hours, so You could do this in 30min or an hour. I wish You good luck and please provide us with Your outcomes! We will use many different and useful techniques here so read everything carefully and ask if You don’t understand something. And now I wish You good luck – and keep Your Christmas spirit going! We will create something like this, click on the image to see full preview: Step 1: Document Creation And Sky Create a new document, I wanted this image to use later as wallpaper, so I used 1920×1200 resolution, 72 dpi.

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