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How to Design and Vector a Set of Character Poses for a Video Game. Portraits / Caricatures - The Art of David Boudreau. Enlightenment I, Part 1 - Introduction Course - Trinfinity Academy. Since time immemorial, humankind has worshipped and attempted to realize and embody that ever-elusive and supposedly liberating “Greater Self.”

Enlightenment I, Part 1 - Introduction Course - Trinfinity Academy

It has been called by many names in various cultures and disciplines around the world. My goal for Trinfinity Academy is to keep things as practical, experiential, scientific, and as universally accessible as possible. For this reason, I refer to Greater Self as: Presence, Presence-Consciousness, Beingness, or Beingness-Consciousness—words that point to the actual experience of the Greater Self, rather than other terms open to wider interpretation. I am interested in facilitating the direct experience of liberation, not just the concept of it. Album - Portugal - xavier boutin dessins. Images droles à découvrir sur VDR Nation - Images drôles. Tips To Cleanse the Five Elements: Essential Bhuta Shuddhi. Sadhguru gives us tips to cleanse each of the five elements within us, which when practiced regularly, can lead to a sense of rejuvenation and wellbeing within.

Tips To Cleanse the Five Elements: Essential Bhuta Shuddhi

Sadhguru: Before you attempt anything that is considered as a mystical process, it is very important to stabilize the five fundamental elements within you. These are known as pancha bhutas or maha tatwas in the yogic science. The body, the very earth, the universe, and the cosmos, all are just a play of five elements. The body’s composition is such that most of it is water. DANIEL SMITH KB Watercolor Color Chart. Canvas : écran à stylet et totems interactifs.

The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours - Jane Blundell - Artist. My 10-colour palette of Daniel Smith watercolours. The Daniel Smith watercolours are now loaded into my small Bijou box.

My 10-colour palette of Daniel Smith watercolours

Not my box of preference because the mixing area is quite small, but I've no other box. These are the 10 colours that I've chose. Lemon Yellow (PY175) - Transparent, Low staining, Granulating, LF ExcellentNew Gamboge (PY153) - Transparent, Low staining, LF ExcellentQuinacridone Red (PV19) - Transparent, Medium staining, LF ExcellentQuinacridone Magenta (PR202) - Transparent, Medium staining, LF ExcellentViridian (PG18) - Transparent, Granulating, LF ExcellentSap Green (PO49 PG7) - Transparent, Medium staining, Granulating LF ExcellentFrench Ultramarine (PG29) - Transparent, Medium staining, Granulating, LF ExcellentPhthalo Blue GS (PB15) - Transparent, Medium staining, LF ExcellentItalian Burnt Sienna (PBr7) - Semi-transparent, Granulating, LF ExcellentPermanent Brown (PBr25) - Transparent, Medium staining, LF Excellent Most of these are single pigment paints, except Sap Green.

If you look at the colour index, i.e. Too. Colours to Pick for a 12-pan Watercolour Palette. This article is written for beginners who want to have more control over their palettes rather than getting standard off-the-shelf watercolour box sets.

Colours to Pick for a 12-pan Watercolour Palette

With an empty watercolour box, you have the flexibility to put in specific colours that you like. You select the type of pigment to include, the quality and can even use colours from different brands in the same box. I've asked several artists and sketchers to include the colours they would pick for a 12-pan palette. Before I interviewed the following artists, I thought they would be listing rather similar colours. But it didn't turn out the way I imagined. Jane Blundell Jane has written a lot about colours on her informative blog that I highly recommend you go through to get an intense knowledge of colours.

The current palette and brush. I’ve been looking forward to writing a more detailed post about the colours on my palette after Parkablogs asked the question a few weeks ago.

The current palette and brush

It’s grey and damp in Montreal (January thaw) so instead of getting out to sketch, I made a little schematic of what I am currently using. This comes with a few disclaimers: 1: There are no rights and wrongs with colour. Colour choices can be very personal and different people have success with different pigments. For example, I rarely use Phthalo or Prussian blue because they just don’t work for me. Or rather I can’t make them work. Jane Blundell Artist. DESCHAMPS Christine. MOSTLY MONTREAL, MOST OF THE TIME. Day Five of #OneWeek100People2017: it’s done!


What an adventure this has been. An exhausting one, but exciting and gratifying too. Thanks to Marc Holmes and Liz Steel who launched this insane challenge and congrats to everyone who participated, whether you drew one person, one hundred, or something in between. For me the challenge has helped in many ways. It has given me the confidence to introduce myself to people, ask them if I can draw their portraits and even learn a little something about them. Liz Steel. Le blog de yal - Fais des carnets de voyages quand je pars en voyage, et fais des pastiches de carnets de voyage quand je ne pars pas en voyage. James Richards Sketchbook. Chaque jour, les meilleurs tweets de Twitter sélectionnés pour vous.

Benefits of Onion Juice to Hair Loss - Hidden Wellness. Onion, a plant that has hollow, bluish-green leaves and its bulb at the base of the plant.

Benefits of Onion Juice to Hair Loss - Hidden Wellness

The bulbs of an onion consist of shortened, compressed, underground stems. During the autumn season, the foliage dies down and the outer layers of the bulb become dry and brittle. The crop is harvested and dried and the onions are ready for use or storage. In 2002, published its findings of the effect of Onion Juice to hair loss. The result revealed that 86.9% of the patients who took part in the study actually experienced hair growth within just six weeks. Additionally, Onion Juice for hair loss has significantly increased the volume of the hair in just 8 weeks. Benefits of Onion Juice to Hair Loss Onion Juice main active ingredient is Sulphur, the primary building block of hair follicles.Anti-bacterial properties also contribute to the effectiveness of Onion Juice to Hair Loss Treatment.Helps fights against dandruff.

Blog. AD Aquarellist Brushes v1.1 Reference Sheet. Digital Brushes. Alex Dukal Store - AD Cartoonist Brushes. More than Two hundred professional brushes & tools for graphic artists, cartoonists, animators and everyone that loves to draw with black inks, water and experimental materials.The cartoonist brushes includes from classic clear lines to the emulation of vintage line styles (Searle, Provensen, Pratt, DePatie, Breccia, etc.), from the dirtiness of the Dry Point technique to the AMAZING and never more realistic “INK WASHING” effect!

Alex Dukal Store - AD Cartoonist Brushes

And more… crosshatching, fountain pens, sumi-e, splatters, texturing, etc. You’ll find yourself enjoying and making your job more effective with these proven tools. With the purchase of this pack you will receive all future updates to this set for FREE. This set of brushes was created with the idea of emulating some styles used primarily in black and white comic strips, using black ink and washes, and I’ve added a lot of extra brushes that complement very well the set. The Splatter Brushes (included): Branding & UX Design Agency. The Outline. Free Photoshop Brushes of The Week #108 - Pinup Arena: Archive. Man-PACK Classic 2.0 (Olive // Right Shoulder) - Man-PACK® Login for Price Product Description The Man-PACK® Classic 2.0 is a sling-style concealed carry pack.

Man-PACK Classic 2.0 (Olive // Right Shoulder) - Man-PACK®

With a simple and stylish design, it's made from 600D Pack Cloth for superior durability and water resistance, and the large padded main compartment is big enough for iPads, Kindles and small laptops. The chest strap is adjustable with a quick release strap, and a multitude of pockets make it easy to carry everything you need, with a special compartment for a concealed firearm. Best of all - it can fit the Man-PACK® bulletproof insert to protect you while out in the wilderness.

Product Details Materials 600 D Polyester Pu Measurements 13.5"L x 11.5"W x 3.5"H. Your ability to focus has probably peaked—Here’s how to stay sharp. Men Canvas Travel Hiking Crossbody Bag Casual Chest Bag is worth buying - NewChic. Default keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop. Les brushes Photoshop : comment les utiliser pour le dessin et la colorisation ? - FR Pencil Guru. Les brushes Photoshop : voici un sujet de préoccupation majeure pour tout dessinateur ou graphiste qui veut travailler à la tablette graphique.

Les brushes Photoshop : comment les utiliser pour le dessin et la colorisation ? - FR Pencil Guru

Living Lines Library. UI Pattern Documentation Review. Introduction User interface (UI) patterns have the potential to make software development more efficient. The prospect of such efficiency gains has led to interest in user interface (UI) patterns by individuals and organizations looking for ways to increase quality while at the same time reducing the costs associated with software development. Search All the GIFs & Make Your Own Animated GIF. FRANK MACCHIA. Society of Visual Storytelling. UI Movement - The best UI design inspiration, every day.

Natural Media Brush Pack for Photoshop. Bootstrap Studio. Resources - iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Cam Kendell. ArtStation. Comics Coast To Coast - A Weekly WebComic Podcast With Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan & Matthew Ducharme. Top Ways to Boost WiFi Signals & Improve Performance. Equipped with a wireless router from your ISP, most WiFi networks are usually fairly efficient. For at-home setups, a quality router will usually be more than enough to run a decent network. After all, even your close neighbors can normally see your wireless network. Of course, there are some exceptions. If you live in a very large house or your ISP installed your router in a strange location like your closet, your WiFi signal may not reach every part of the house adequately.

When it comes to streaming media, a weak WiFi signal result in extreme lag and choppy videos. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to help boost WiFi signal strength. If your Internet connection is slow, check out my article that talks about the many ways you can boost your Internet speed. Use Latest WiFi Protocol Wireless AC has pretty much become the standard, but if you have not yet upgraded to a Wireless AC router and are still using Wireless G or N, you may want to consider upgrading. Call Your ISP. BrushBox - A better preset manager for Adobe Photoshop.

SupportsWindows and MacPhotoshop CC 2015.1 and above (more version support on the way!) If you need CS version support, do not order for now. Stay tuned for future updates! Moleskine Large Watercolour Notebook : Moleskine : 9788883705625. Graphisme Archives - Blographisme. Affiches de films détournées par Stouf & Jean-Ouf - Blographisme. Stash. GifMe. Système Wi-Fi maison intégrale Orbi AC3000 Mesh de NETGEAR (RBK50-100CNS) - Paquet de 2 : Réseau maillé Wi-Fi maison intégrale.

Survol Dites adieu aux problèmes de connexion Wi-Fi avec l'Orbi de NETGEAR. Ce système Wi-Fi maison intégrale novateur couvre jusqu’à 4000 pi² avec un puissant signal sans fil AC. Behance. Afnizar Nur Ghifari - Dribbble. SPA Studios - Sergio Pablos Animation Studios - Animation and multimedia. Rasmus' sketch blog?! Artworks of Jeffrey M. Thompson. Quick, Draw! Joe Draws Stuff. Doodles. Hello Everyone! Long time no blog~ I’ve been incredibly busy these past few months but I crawled out of my cave to announce a little somethin’-somethin’~ The Project for Awesome is here!! Woop woop! Some of you might be aware already, but the Project for Awesome is an Indiegogo campaign that happens every year during December in order to raise money for charity and decrease world suck.

This year I was very honored to have a chance to donate 45 posters of my Fault in Our Stars fan art which you can get by donating to the “Nerdfighter Art” tier along with thousands of submissions by other artists in the community. The art of Gus Batts. Schweizercomics.tumblr. 20 Tips and Tweaks for the Google Chromecast - Pixel Dynamo.

To celebrate the launch of Pixel Dynamo, you can win one of three Google Chromecasts, one of our favourite gadgets of 2013. Click here for details. Once you’ve got your Chromecast plugged in and running, you’re probably wondering what else you can do with it. DuckDuckGo. Icons - Material Design. Liz Steel. Chris Wahl Illustration Blog. Blog. The Hilarious (And Dead On) Celebrity Caricatures Of Cartoonist Pete Emslie. When I was a kid, my favorite part of my family’s summer trips to Walt Disney World was when my parents would be released from the detaining area after they’d try to run on restaurant checks.

Make Your Own Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Skin. Lamy Pen Tutorial. [Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated to the Lamy Company, so please be aware that the information given on this site might not be accurate or up to date.] Richmond Illustration Inc. Chromecast Apps for Windows 8 and Windows 10. Reuters TV: Live Breaking News, US, World, Business, Finance. Photoshop Art Brushes Complete - 250 brushes from Brittany Myers. LuigiL's DeviantArt Gallery. YOON's portfolio. Gravity Falls (TV series)/Gallery. Art-by-randy. FABIEN MENSE. Character Design Page. FerdinandKreozot's DeviantArt Gallery. Skillshare. Art-Crobatics. Denis Zilber Art Blog.

Chameleon Marker Pens. Zac Retz Art. Art Of Victorior. MM. Character Designer Illustrator United Kingdom. MeoMai (Jessica Madorran) - DeviantArt. - JOE BLUHM - Checkout best practice 101: guest checkout. Ecommerce product pages: where to place 30 elements and why. Tour - Mural. The SPA Studios Blog. Paintable How to Use Layers in Digital Painting: 50 Essential Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts. The Surface Studio Story: How Microsoft Reimagined The Desktop PC For Creativity.