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KARTIKEYA SHARMA: SETTING AN EXAMPLE. Kartikeya Sharma is one of the most influential personalities in India.


He is known to be one of the youngest and most creative entrepreneurs to have accomplished a lot at a very young age. The founder and promoter of India’s biggest media group iTV Network, he continues to astonish everyone by coming up with new innovations frequently. However, just like any brilliant mind in history, Kartikeya Sharma too faced a lot of backlash in the industry and his journey was not an easy one. Media houses all over are constantly criticized for giving false and biased news, and it is not uncommon to see most news networks doing exactly that. In such a negative environment, Sharma made sure to set an example with iTV Network as the most reliable media group out there.

Initial challenges faced by iTV Thanks to its successful run, iTV Network today employs more than 2,000 individuals at their 25 offices across India. Even in its ascendant phase, iTV Network was facing challenges. Launch of NewsX. Ame Gujrat Conclave: Kartikeya Sharma and the Promotion of Growth in Gujarat. Kartikeya Sharma Sunday Guardian Foundation - Capital Dialogue. Towards the end of August, Kartikeya Sharma’s Sunday Guardian Foundation took upon the initiative to organize a day-long conference in Delhi.

Kartikeya Sharma Sunday Guardian Foundation - Capital Dialogue

The purpose of the conclave was to hold a discussion regarding the partnership of defense between India and the United States. Present at the conclave were important government, army officials, policymakers such as Mr. Aditya Tikoo, Mr. R. K. The Success Story of Kartikeya Sharma and NewsX. Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and Promoter of iTV Network and Pro Wrestling League is one the youngest and most successful business executives in India.

The Success Story of Kartikeya Sharma and NewsX

His biggest achievement is that he is the founder of ITV Media Network, which has been booming in terms of both business and popularity ever since its inception. Apart from having established himself in the media business, he has also launched some successful hotels. What most spend their whole lifetimes chasing, he managed to achieve in barely a decade. After getting his degrees from Oxford University and King’s College London, he quickly put them to use and launched his media businesses as well as his sports organisations.

He was soon rewarded for all the hard work: through the accolades and titles that came his way, including the ‘News Television CEO of the Year’ award in 2016. Just a couple of years after he graduated from the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, he founded and promoted ITV Network. Kartikeya Sharma’s ITV Network To Launch World’s First Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant. Star Infranet Founded by Anand Mishra Revolutionizes Indian IT Industry. Anand Mishra Is A Motivation For All Aspiring Entrepreneurs. There is no denying that the Indian web development industry is growing exponentially, but it seems like Anand Mishra has been one of the few young entrepreneurs to take advantage of this fact.

Anand Mishra Is A Motivation For All Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It is true that the demand for web development services is growing throughout the world, but it seems like there are only a few countries where the growth is substantial. This, of course, includes India, which has been navigating towards the digital age for the past decade or so. There really are so many exciting opportunities in an industry like this and India is a prime location for anyone looking to expand their horizons. And, that is exactly what Mishra did. He took this opportunity and turned his life into a complete success story, but he didn’t do it without complications.

Building His Idea What made Anand so successful was that he was able to recognize and identify the transformation right away. Entrepreneur Anand Mishra did not let this deter him. Educating Himself. Star Infranet CEO Anand Mishra Embraces New Challenges in Web Development. Business owners now consider web development services a must-have in their marketing toolkit, prompting Anand Mishra to create Star Infranet, a firm that offers tailor-made strategies for entrepreneurs.

Star Infranet CEO Anand Mishra Embraces New Challenges in Web Development

As the founder and CEO, Anand has witnessed the countless changes in the realm of web development, giving him an edge in offering the highest quality services while finding new ways to boost the online visibility of clients. With humble beginnings as a software programmer in India, Anand Mishra has worked with many local travel companies. This allowed him to understand the need for a solid online presence. His experience, knowledge, and skills eventually led to the foundation of his own company, Star Infranet. Touching The Peak: Anand Mishra, Founder, And CEO Of Star Infranet.