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Manish Sharma

My name is Manish Sharma. I am a Digital Marketing Analyst at BR Softech is a Cryptocurrency Software Development Company. I am managing digital content to build a relationship for the company. Die-hard passionate with the profession and believe in simple living high thinking.

Cryptocurrency Development Company. BR Softech immense presence across diverse industries and vigorous high tech experience helps us to support the companies globally by offering them the latest and modern cryptocurrency software development with advance features and with this reason we are known as a best cryptocurrency development company. We offer a highly secured, optimised and scalable software to our customers through all stages of cryptocurrency wallet development, development of proof of concepts and cryptocoin development.

Our team offers a wide range of cryptocurrency development services to meet the objectives of our clients which includes Cryptocoin Creation, Mining, Wallet development, and Cryptocoin Exchange Platform development. Create Your Independent Cryptocurrency Development Software. Step by Step Guide to Build The Best Courier Delivery Application. The explosion of technology transforming the courier business rapidly.

Step by Step Guide to Build The Best Courier Delivery Application

Nowadays, the internet has made life easy regardless of the day, time, and location courier delivery services give customers with incredible services. The boom in the e-commerce industry, helping Courier App Development, and courier services to grow and cover the market with outstanding services. The industry is expected to grow at 17% per annum to Rs. 20,000 crores in the next three years. Courier business provide with the complete solution to deliver goods all over the world by helping customers to get an urgent shipment to their desired location.

Currently, there are approx 2300 courier companies in India. Total revenue of Global Courier & Delivery Services in 2018 is $272 billion. Pill Reminder - Medication Tracker App Development Key Features & Cost. Staying on track with your medication is a lot easier now with an app for medication tracking & pill reminder.

Pill Reminder - Medication Tracker App Development Key Features & Cost

It simplifies the daily process and allows you to plan your medication no matter how complex it is for you to remember. Stay safe with your meds and keep track of your pulse rate, glucose, and blood pressure and other significant measurements. With the advancement of technology, the healthcare market has become one of the fastest growing markets.

It has a lot of potential for business purpose while benefiting people around the globe. Just enter the details of each medication you take and experience greater medication management. Millions of people use pill reminder and medication tracker app on a daily basis. The global mHealth solutions market is expected to reach USD 90.49 Billion by 2022. There are approx 272 medication apps out of which 152 are exclusively available on google play and 87 are on iTunes, and there are 33 apps which are available on both stores. Unleash the New Version of Android Studio 3.4. Recently Google has launched the latest Android Studio 3.4 the latest version of the integrated development environment.

Unleash the New Version of Android Studio 3.4

It has come up with some lucrative features that address core developers workflow for app building and resource management. This updated version allows the developers to focus on building unique and high-quality apps. After months of hard work, this updated version is ready for download with an extensive set of features.

Not just that in android app development It includes an updated Project Structure Dialog (PSD), R8 replacing Proguard as the default code shrinker and obfuscator, a new app resource management tool, and an updated Android Emulator with Android Q Beta support. Instant RunIntelligent Code Editor Speedy & feature-rich EmulatorRobust & Flexible Build SystemConditional Delivery For Dynamic Feature Modules: – Conditional delivery allows you to set device configuration downloaded automatically. Develop Build Project Structure DialogR8 by Default Test.

Flutter App Development for Beginners. Flutter applications are the advanced mobile apps for Smart devices.

Flutter App Development for Beginners

The flutter mobile application development takes the mobile apps to the next level of the technologies. The flutter apps are based on advanced, modern and innovative features. In future, the mobile applications based on flutter language will going to rule the app development market. So, today we will provide you, an in depth knowledge of flutter app development programming language. Flutter Applications are based on the Google’s mobile SDK and it is known for the high quality interfaces on Android and iOS. Advantages of Flutter app programing language: Free and open source Object oriented programming language Easy to learn High performance rendering engine CustomizableFaster writing code Less testing Faster process app Appealing designs How to Create Flutter App?

If you choose to hire developer then also should know the steps How to Deploy Flutter App To deploy the app in the device, you will require some additional tools.