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Jake Hicks Photography. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race Adds Cooke, Dell'Otto, More Covers. Add more covers to the ever-growing The Dark Knight III: The Master Race pile.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race Adds Cooke, Dell'Otto, More Covers

With over 30 retailer variants exclusive to individual comic book shops across the country, virtually every major artist that's worked for DC Comics recently (and even not-so-recently) has been tapped for a new cover. In addition to covers by Brian Bolland, Neal Adams, Gabrielle Dell'Otto, Kelley Jones, and Darwyn Cooke, DC Comics also released new information about the mini-series. The series continues the Dark Knight saga by Frank Miller, and is co-written by Miller and Brian Azzarello. Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson serve as artists for the 8 issue mini-series. Each issue, DC revealed today, will contain a 32-page main story and a 16-page minicomic that solely features one character from that world.

The first issue hits comic shops on November 25, 2015, with a bevy of variant covers. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - 720p BluRay Rip x264 [TDBB] Hungarian subtitles download & detail. Camera Series - Indie Cinema Academy. Sir Paul McCartney - My Valentine (Live Kisses) ~ 1080p HD. 29 Photos That Prove "Breaking Bad" Had The Greatest Cinematography. 129 Of The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History. BIGBANG - 맨정신 (SOBER) M/V. EXO_CALL ME BABY_Music Video.


Cinematography. Must See Landmarks in Hyderabad- A Trip to Another Era! The Nizams did an amazing job with Hyderabad by creating so many memorable monuments and landscapes which stood the test of time and awesomeness alike.

Must See Landmarks in Hyderabad- A Trip to Another Era!

They ensured that you have a jaw dropping moment every time you visit, regardless of number of times. Whether you are new in town or just covering your basics, these are some of the must-visit landmarks in Hyderabad. 1. Luxurious yet secure 4 corners. Staff Me Up. Digital Cinema Society. Focus On Anamorphic Cinematography at Cine Gear Expo 2015 2015 Cinema Lighting Expo NAB 2015 Complete Coverage Professional Aerial Cinematography.

Digital Cinema Society

How to shoot portraits in natural light well explained with amazing examples. As we all know shooting portraits is one of the stiff & daunting tasks for any photographer but it may really ease out once you start to find the ground in this genre of photography.

How to shoot portraits in natural light well explained with amazing examples

Portrait Photography is always interesting for the diversities it can offer and the surprising elements which are expelled while shooting fellow humans. Most importantly, lighting is the essential element to prioritize here because a beautiful model with a bad light will still be called as a bad picture. In this interesting tutorial of ours, I wanted to share some important aspects while considering to shoot portraits in natural light without any artificial interference. Photo Credit: Jimmy O’Donnell Quality of Light.

25 Underseen TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend. By Indiewire | Indiewire July 3, 2015 at 9:30AM Have some downtime?

25 Underseen TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

These 25 shows, classic and current, will solve that problem.


AFC’s Videos on Vimeo. Ping Bin Lee. 14 Pictures That Will Leave You Scratching Your Noggin. Cinematography free download. Big League Cine Summit 2014 Vol. III - Cinematography Event » Vector, Photoshop PSD, Template, 3D, AfterEffects Sources, Tutorials. Big League Cine Summit 2014 Vol.

Big League Cine Summit 2014 Vol. III - Cinematography Event » Vector, Photoshop PSD, Template, 3D, AfterEffects Sources, Tutorials

III - Cinematography Event English | .MP4 | yuv420p, 1280x720, 322 kb/s, 25 fps | aac, 48000 Hz, 2 ch | 3.51 GB Genre: eLearning, Cinematography As filmmaking continues to explode in both entertainment and education (plus, the cost of professional equipment is coming down) the industry is becoming more and more competitive.You can no longer “rest on your laurels”... the key is watching what the master filmmakers and cinematographers are doing. Big League Cine Summit 2014 Vol. 14 Days Free Access to USENET! This Artist Re-Imagines Game of Thrones Ladies as Classic Bombshells.

Tutsplus - Environmental Lighting for Video - CGPersia Forums. The Top 30 Torrent Sites of 2015 - Reader Recommendations. Updated May 11, 2016.

The Top 30 Torrent Sites of 2015 - Reader Recommendations

Disclaimer: does not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please use good judgment when using a torrent file-sharing site. This list is in random order. This list reflects a collection of reader suggestions. continue reading below our video Play Video. SkinCareWithRoss. Welcome to Skin Care with Ross!


This channel is dedicated to helping everyone get the best skin possible and overcome issues like acne, wrinkles, discoloration, premature aging, acne scars, and much more. Here you will find product reviews, tutorials, demonstrations, how-to's, skin care advice, and vlogs by me! Skin Care with Ross: Vitamins for Great Skin: The Details. YouTube. The Art of Perspective and Symmetry in Cinematography. Top image from IMDb One-point perspective and symmetry as an expressive art form in film sometimes overlap.

The Art of Perspective and Symmetry in Cinematography

Professor Louis Thonsgaard from the University of Aarhus has described symmetry as: …material being organized in such a way that it conveys a sense of unity through repetition of one or more elements. Meanwhile, one-point perspective works by placing the camera perspective directly opposite from the horizon line and vanishing point. Waterfall. Continuity of Colors: Matching Exposure and Balance. Continuity is too often an obsession… and there are good reasons for it.

Continuity of Colors: Matching Exposure and Balance

There is this idea that the audience needs to suspend disbelief in order to enter the world of the film and engage with its inhabitants, its conflicts and its emotions. Even within their own inner contrasts, most good films will provide a sense of consistency and balance where the seams have been hidden or stylised. In color correction, this balance and sense of continuity is in the matching. Colorists tend to approach the task of correction and grading through multiple passes.

Vashi Nedomansky. The Power Of Lighting for Film and Video Vol.1,2-3,4 - CGPersia Forums. Class On Demand - Introduction to Lighting for Film and Video - CGPersia Forums. Sorry ;_; - but we must hide our super awesome content to protect it from bots Register Now to view these links/content Class On Demand - Introduction to Lighting for Film and Video English | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 960x540, 25.00 fps(r) | 959MBGenre: E-learning ========== Join CARL GUNDESTRUP, veteran film, television and corporate video gaffer, as he walks you through the basic techniques and tools of motion picture and video lighting.

From lighting instruments, grip tools and 3-Point Lighting both on set and in practical locations, to controlling light, color correction and lighting in layers, Carl teaches the principles used every day by professional lighting technicians. This information-packed DVD is sure to become a trusty reference tool for the beginner who’s never opened a light kit up to even the more seasoned lighting cameraman. Live Events & Online Training for Filmmakers & Artists World-wide. 5 Things Cinematographers Can Do To Make The Editor Happier - Jamuura Blog.


New Voice of Indian Cinema: 30 Unconventional Indian Filmmakers You Should Follow. There’s a quality about traditional Indian cinema that we all recognize. The lavish sets, song-dance sequences that change with the mood of the film, massive marketing campaigns, themes of good vs evil or love against all odds and a well-known star or two – they were all a part of the identity of Indian cinema. For years Indian filmmakers have kept to these conventions, and the very few who did stray away, did not succeed with our audience. Here Are The Best Moments From The BATMAN v SUPERMAN Teaser Trailer In Gif Form.

While the leaked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer received something of a mixed response from fans, the buzz surrounding the officially released version has been very positive so far. It is after all hard not to get excited about seeing Batman and Superman squaring off for the first time, even if it is a scene which is familiar to fans after being teased at last year's Comic-Con. So, in no particular order, here are some of the greatest moments from the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Let us know below if we've missed any of your favourites. A gun? David Fincher, From His Commercials Up to 'Se7en' AMD Support and Game Forums - FX-8350 Overheating. Cs30109- The Core Temp applet should provide pretty accurate core temps in the ~40C-70C range.

5 Books To Learn How To Be A DIT. Learning how to be a DIT can be a tricky thing. For starters there’s a lot to master. You need to know the nuances of how to work with cameras and digital images, you need to know how to manage complex file based workflows and data security, you need to know how to grade like an artist and collaborate with a whole host of other professionals. But everyone needs to start somewhere, and there’s nothing that can’t be learned with a little determination. I’d highly recommend checking out the 12th instalment of How To Be A DIT, a long running series of posts on this blog, opening up the world of the working DIT. In this book review I’ve pulled together 5 new books for DIT’s that can help ground you in the detailed technical resources you will need to grasp in order to perform at a professional standard, as well as be prepared for the politics and pitfalls that can occur on set.

Mastering Film. 12 Must-See Films at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. By Indiewire | Indiewire April 13, 2015 at 12:55PM. 20 free PC programs to ease daily tasks. Attention, Filmmakers: Essential Film Festival Tips. By Indiewire Staff | Indiewire March 25, 2015 at 10:00AM Thinking of applying to festivals or getting ready to take your film to one? Camerimage - International Film Festival.

The Main Competition with the Golden Frog Award has been the most important part of the Festival from its beginning. 8 Essential Steps to Perfect Exposure - The Knowledge any Cameraman Should Have. The Iceman Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman. Documentaries about Mafia. 5 Things Cinematographers Don’t Talk About. Deluts Sets 1,2 & 3 PB. REDCINE-X PRO - RED Digital Cinema.

RED Software License Agreement This agreement is made and entered into as of the electronic acceptance click (CLICK AGREE), by and between RED.COM, INC. dba RED Digital Cinema. Photography Tutorials and News by  SLR Lounge. GUIDE: RAW on 5D mark III with Magic Lantern. Yes, the source for the still above is a 1080p 14bit RAW shot with the 5D mark III with Magic Lantern!!! Contact C5D e.U. Magic Bullet 12 - Introducing Real Film Stock Emulation! Asus Republic Of Gamers G501 Notebook Is Under An Inch Thick With A 4K Display. Fstoppers - Photography News and Community for Creative Professionals. 6 Books That WILL Make You More Creative. Digital Filmmaking News & Reviews. The Film Lab - Lighting Basics Ep. 1: Rembrandt Lighting.

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Producer Adi Shankar's 13 Rules For Breaking Into Hollywood. Filmschoolcomments. Ken Rockwell's Camera and Lens Reviews. Lift Gamma Gain - The Colorist & Color Grading Forum. American Cinematographer: Folk Implosion. Want to Learn How to Write a Screenplay? This Slideshow Gives You a Great Crash Course. Recreating the Shot: a Lesson in Lighting Through 'Blade Runner' 5 Excellent Books on Cinematography and Lighting. Locke BSC Q & A with Haris Zambarloukos BSC & Guy Heeley in conversation with Barry Ackroyd BSC. Batman Vol 2. FREE HDR Tutorial (40 minutes) - For the special event of Trey's "Complete HDR Tutorial"