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Digital Marketing Updates: Tips on Effective Video Ad Marketing. It was in the year 1941 when the first video advertisement was shown to the world.

Digital Marketing Updates: Tips on Effective Video Ad Marketing

Seven decades after that historical moment, video ads are still, arguably, the most effective media commercials on the planet. Mass media, including the Internet, have been used as effective platforms for business video ads for marketing stunts, product endorsements, and awareness campaigns. Why? Because video advertisements are useful. What are the benefits of video marketing?

Digital Marketing Updates: 3 Steps To Email Marketing and Loyal Customers. One way or another, if you don’t have any customers at all, your business will come to its inevitable death.

Digital Marketing Updates: 3 Steps To Email Marketing and Loyal Customers

All business owners know that customers are important. They keep the business alive and well, and gives the business more benefits than disadvantages. But how can you keep these customers loyal to your business? Why food-grade lubricants important in the Food Production – Agricultural Products Updates. There are many fascinating and important components of production that may not be entirely understood by people outside the industry.

Why food-grade lubricants important in the Food Production – Agricultural Products Updates

Food manufacturing, for example, is such a complex and fascinating process with different kinds of machines and functions needed for different kinds of products to be produced. For example, some food processing plants might need grinding machines, while others need canning and mixing machines. However, one common component that many food manufacturing plants use is the lubricant, specifically the food-grade lubricant. #FoodFriday 50: To Make the Hours Less Idle. Every day is a new opportunity to better your life, a chance to improve from where you were before.

#FoodFriday 50: To Make the Hours Less Idle

Even if outside factors, like this current pandemic, are weighing you down, you can always get back up and make an effort to be happy, to make the hours less idle and to produce new and joyful things, be they art, food or even good memories with your loved ones. Welcome to this week’s Food Friday blog. This week, we’ve got a nice collection of vegan cuisine for you to browse through. From the dedicated foodies of IG, we’ve compiled a nice selection of vegan food photos that we hope inspire you on your own food endeavors. Vegan Culinary Cruise. Roll ups are some of the most delectable bite-sized vegan dishes that we’ve savored.

Vegan Culinary Cruise

There’s something so special and hands-on about rolling your ingredients into delectable cuisine. Eggplant is rich in a lot of different nutrients, and would make for tasty roll ups. Here’s the recipe. Portions: 6 2 pcs eggplant, peeled and sliced lengthwise2 tbsp water2 pcs bell pepper red, seeded and chopped1 pcs onion, chopped1 cup carrots, chopped0.5 cup celery, chopped4 cloves garlic, chopped220 gr baby spinach1 tbsp seasoning, salt-free2 cups tomato sauce, low sodium60 gr mozzarella, nondairy Preheat the oven to 180˚C and oil a non-stick baking pan.Arrange eggplant in a single layer in the pan. A Snapshot of the Middle Ages: The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela.

From a Letter of Correspondence in Khazaria. The documents of Jewish history shed light onto the norms, customs and cultures of the places that they were written in, from the papers found in the Cave of Letters to the fascinating artwork and context of the Bird’s Head Haggadah.

From a Letter of Correspondence in Khazaria

Some of our Kosher touring expeditions visit locales described in such historical works and documents. One such locale is Iberia, where the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry took place. How Online Learning Can Help the Filipino Children. The education sector is one of the hardest hit segments of society as COVID-19 continues to spread.

How Online Learning Can Help the Filipino Children

To address this, the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education have pushed for blended learning so that students may continue their studies amid the pandemic. Despite how promising this mode of education is, blended learning, which is a combination of modular instruction and online education, has faced criticism from parents, students, and other concerned groups in the country. On the contrary, other countries see this type of learning as a solution to the educational backlog and teaching issues brought about by the pandemic. Over 1.5 billion students from kindergarten to higher education and educators in other parts of the globe have shifted online to ensure that learning does not stop.

Also, a surge in the availability and popularity of online courses developed by leading institutions on various fields of knowledge have been observed in the past months. Agricultural Products Distributor: How To Choose an Agricultural Products Provider in the Philippines. Are you looking for a Philippines-based agricultural products provider?

Agricultural Products Distributor: How To Choose an Agricultural Products Provider in the Philippines

Why Should You Care About Food Grade Lubricants? – Agricultural Products Updates. Machinery has a big part in the evolution of our everyday life.

Why Should You Care About Food Grade Lubricants? – Agricultural Products Updates

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, machines have been essential for the production of goods and services that we need and utilize in our daily work, such as soap, shoes, canned food and other items. Davao City on Digital Marketing. The internet has more than one billion online users in the Asia-Pacific alone.

Davao City on Digital Marketing

That is a proven fact and no one can deny the potential for marketing expansion. Among these frontline digital economies in the Philippines with over 33 million users. Imagine what you can do with all those people spending time on the internet! In Davao alone, becoming one of the faster growing IT hubs in the Philippines makes this a good opportunity for rapid business expansion. As Dabawenyos are shifting from a slow-paced lifestyle to a city with fast-growing online activities, it is easier for start-up companies to introduce their brands with online viewers in mind.

Advantages of digital marketing Almost everything is done online these days. Getting Virtual Assistants for your Company’s Online Needs. With the current pandemic still ongoing around the world, both big and small businesses have implemented measures to protect their employees, from smaller teams in the office to work-from-home policies for many of their employees. Many more have moved their operations online, and have begun expanding their digital marketing operations.

In these challenging times, it’s important for your company to expand their horizons and hire the expertise of virtual assistants, be they independent contractors or part of a virtual assistant service company. What do virtual assistants do? A virtual assistant is a kind of remote contractor who performs various tasks online, from scheduling meetings, handling emails, and even making blog posts and social media content. Today’s climate makes virtual assistant work more desirable, because it ensures that you won’t have to go through the issue of physical contact to accomplish tasks. What to look for in a real estate developer in Davao City. The current pandemic has truly changed our perspectives on certain things in life. Many people are rethinking about how they will move forward with their plans, rethinking about what they’ve been doing with what was given to them. As most of us are either stuck at home or risking their lives to help others (physicians, nurses, garbagemen, food and grocery delivery, etc), we’re put in a situation where we have to think about our future.

Where will I go once this pandemic is over? Tips To Detoxifying Yourself And Your Household – Top Real Estate Updates. While the quarantine in Davao City is slowly becoming less restrictive, the global pandemic continues to persist, and safety measures are still in place to maintain maximum safety. Even in premiere real estate properties, people are discouraged from traveling unless it’s absolutely necessary, and for some of us, the lack of external socialization has made the quarantine difficult. Coupled by hot afternoons, infuriating social media pages, and general cabin fever, some people are beginning to feel exhausted.

There are healthy ways for a person to relax, to clean themselves and let go of the negativity afflicted them during this quarantine. #TravelTuesday 57: Visiting Familiar Grounds. Have you visited a place that you haven’t been to recently, like a park you used to go to, or the store where you bought your bread? What was it like? What has changed in that place? What has changed in you? Visiting once-familiar grounds can really show you how much things have changed over the course of a few months. Despite the disconnect you may have felt seeing these old places become new to you again, don’t forget that you’ll still have an opportunity to make new memories with such locales. This week, we’ve compiled five great IG photos that feel quite familiar. #TravelTuesday 54: The Austere Aesthetic of the Earth. Rabbi Yosef Caro, Author of the Set Table. Sarah Schenirer, Jewish Educator.